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Listening to the Intuitive Voice, Part I

With just a little bit of self reflection, tuning into how we are feeling in the moment, we can easily know when things are not quite “right,” when we’re feeling a bit “off.” If we ignore the subtle inner whispers, over a certain period of time the residue of what we ignore can build up to toxic proportions, physically/emotionally/spiritually…and then we wonder how and why our lives get turned upside down when we are hit by challenges of health, relationships, finances, etc.

When we are feeling “off our game,” a bit down and perhaps outright sad/depressed, we oftentimes may not consider the energetic “webs” of what keeps us “stewing in our juices.” These webs are the thought and feeling patterns that we have mindlessly allowed to play out over and over in our lives.

These webs are vibratory in nature and can be dissolved and expelled from our lives…when we learn to tune into and feel their sticky/yucky nature. Now, we know when something is off in our lives. Tuning into and releasing the residue of toxic energy just takes a bit of time, using whatever practice makes most sense to you: chi kung, taichi, meditation, smudging, dance, etc.

The important point in any practice is to get to the point of feeling the shift of energies/frequencies/consciousness when the webs/toxic energies are released. It is a wonderful experience to actually feel the transformation that takes place when this happens. It is like an opening up of an energetic spigot in the body, allowing breath and energy to flow more freely!

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The Great Transformation is Happening Now!

The Great Transformation is happening now! Your bodies are adjusting to accommodate the cosmic energies that are moving through the planet at this time. This increase in the vibratory field can be disconcerting to many people and can be a cause for contraction and fear…or it can be a cause for massive expansion in the heart’s ability to receive Love.

Sometimes it can feel like more than what the body can handle and yet when you allow yourselves to relax into the Divine Field, it becomes much easier to navigate those vastly wider dimensions.

Allow transformation to happen now! Get out of the way of what is wanting to manifest. The flow of creativity is unstoppable when you relax and “let loose” the immense Beauty that wishes to express freely in your lives! Relax, listen within, not only with the ears, but with the finest feelings of every cell of the body.

Move, dance and sing with the flow of what comes forth! Such Beauty is wanting to be born! Can you feel this? There is never a time when you are away from this Power! It is so very close, waiting to be set free through your deep letting go.

Just start writing, drawing, or dancing (or whatever creative play you are called to do)…going deeper and deeper. Embrace it all— the pain as well as the bliss. The unfettered heart has an infinite capacity to divinely transform all that comes through its doors. It knows no boundary of limitation and creates pathways to Beauty wherever the attention is placed.

It is time to shine your light, to receive the gifts that have been yours from the beginning and to step into the resonance of Higher Self! Remember, it begins with a deep listening, feeling with the most sublime and subtle sensitivity.  Immerse yourself in the finest vibrations of the body and heart and allow it all to move through the Field of Being and into the oceanic expanse of Love’s Radiance! Can you feel this? The Great Transformation is happening Now!

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Ancient Alchemy – Transforming Sadness into Joy

In times and cultures long gone, the art of Ancient Alchemy sought to discover–among many other things–a way to turn base metals into gold, and to create a “Panacea,” or “Elixer of Life” that would purportedly cure any illness and prolong life indefinitely. However, may there have been a spiritual and life transforming practice of Ancient Alchemy known to the wise ones? Perhaps one that is at once sublime and yet so practical, like transforming sadness into joy?

Isn’t it interesting that when feeling sad or stuck in one of Life’s unsolvable predicaments, some of the images and language that the mind uses are quite descriptive of what is felt: stuck in the mud; stuck in a rut; spinning our tires; backed into a corner; back against the wall; trying to swim in quicksand; caught in a straightjacket; swimming upstream, etc., etc. ..and the metaphors go on and on.

Feeling the frustrations of stuckness I know all too well. The mind gets to a place where certain thoughts of limitation revolve round and round until the energy level gets trapped beneath a dark veil that — like a Black Hole –- sucks all energy and hope into a seemingly bottomless pit that threatens no escape. When the mind gets caught in this repeating loop of pernicious thinking, moods can strike with amazing swiftness. It is like an oppressive door that opens to let in all manner of negativity and fear…

And yet I also know that these moods and feelings do not last forever; they do not even last very long. It’s just “yucky” when going through the experience. However, having the presence of mind to watch and observe while going through these moods serves greatly to help me move through those dark moments.

The point is to short-circuit the barrage of worry thoughts by observing and listening deeply on the inside. When the feelings are thus observed (without the sirens of thoughts barking within), the perspective of Self as observer comes to the fore and the feelings are seen in their raw nakedness, as energy or vibration that is neutral, a kind of inner beacon that is simply broadcasting vibratory patterns that appear to emit from certain parts of the body –- perhaps from the heart and solar plexus areas.

As we continue observing, the feelings become non-local, as though our bodies have expanded beyond the form we are accustomed to. At that point, the feelings that we may have previously labeled as “bad” or “horrible” may revert back to its neutral state, just “feelings” without the mental stories attached to them. It also may just so happen that as we release the verbiage behind our “bad” feelings, the energy is allowed to flow and the awareness is given insight into the fine line between sadness and joy and the energy component behind both.

As you watch the vibration of sadness in the body (without thinking about it), you may find that its energy begins to move, and then you also see its connection with the movement of bubbling joy that is part of the same Universal Electricity. Observing the feelings of sadness then becomes a steppingstone to the awareness of our connectedness to the One Energy Source. This is the secret alchemy that the ancient wise ones practiced, more valuable than turning base metals into gold!

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