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Dance of Micromovements, Elixir of Bliss Part II

It is easy enough to feel, while sitting still, the underlying vibration of the body. At the same time, because this vibration is so familiar to us, we may not be inclined to explore deeper into the subtlety that is just below the surface…because of the mind’s natural inclination to remain in the default habitual patterns of what it has grown used to.

The mind is easily hemmed in by the day-to-day, familiar patterns and so it may put up resistance to, or not consider the possibilities of exploring the subtle sensations that can be apprehended as delicate waves and eddies of fine vibrations…like a deep underground hum.

Feel deeply into the core of the overall sensation felt in the body. Breathe into it, observe, be with that very fine, subtle “humming” sensation. You may find that the body naturally adjusts in fine micromovements as a way for it to accommodate the flow of what moves through…and what moves through is felt as a coiling, pulsating radiation, so very subtle and sometimes “thread-like.”

What is meant here is that when connecting, feeling into subtle sensations, the body has a way of “squeezing” the energy, whether in the spine or elsewhere. This squeezing, combined with the feelings of coiling energies creates the experience of exquisitely fine/thin strands of energies that feel “thread-like”…and like a fly-fisherman/woman casting his/her lines out into the lake/river, these vibratory strands can be cast far out into the wide energetic space surrounding the body!

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Lizard Energy – Learning to Be Still With Awareness

Messages from the Lizard

Yesterday, Patty and I saw a beautiful lizard outside near our stairs. As always, whenever we see certain types of creatures, we stop what we are doing at the moment to be still and to receive the beauty that is offered. The lizard was around 12 inches long with magnificent markings. It stayed long enough that I was able to get quite close to take pictures of it and to receive whatever messages it wished to impart:

“I am the spiraling energy within that is awake and ready to propel you forward to manifest the dreams you have for this life. I come to remind you to take time to rest in stillness while observing all things within and without; and then to connect with the earthen energies when it is time to move and act. Connect your intentions to the “serpent” of electricity as it moves through your body, that your dreams gain in power and velocity! Can you feel the coiling motions within?

Messages from the Lizard

“I come to remind you of this power. Spiral energies, like the overtones that ring out from your voice can be embedded within your intentions and dreams. Explore the use of overtones as a way to generate great powers of manifestation. Use this energy as a way to focus and project. When you learn to feel the subtle energies within your heart and spine, you will then know how to shift your awareness to flow with the vibrations that permeate every part of Creation.

Messages from the Lizard

Lizard energy, when in its natural habitat, blends in easily and can remain still for long periods of time as it observes the world. Sometimes it will sleep and dream, believing itself unseen and unheard, when in fact it is being observed by friends and foe alike, as its power to blend into the background depends upon its ability to choose its place of rest wisely.

Lizard’s message to you is to embrace the power of your path, of the gifts you were meant to manifest on earth. Be like the Lizard that rests in its power, at one with the environment, observing all things from the vantage point of its deep connection to the Earth. When Lizard shows itself, it is a reminder for you to learn the art of inner stillness, to observe with calmness the lake of Consciousness. Lizard energy reminds you to know your environment, to know friends and foe, to understand the paths that are open and accepting of your gifts and to also know when to scurry away from minds and environments that are not yet friendly to your gifts.

Yesterday, Lizard came out to show you the beauty of its presence, to reveal its power to dream and observe from the perspective of stillness. And yet from stillness it is able to move quickly in waves and spirals to disappear once again into the Earth from whence it came.

Lizard is asking you to connect with the spiraling earth energies that can help you move in all dimensions without fear, without harm.


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