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Covid-19 and Global Transformation—We Are “No Longer In Kansas!” Part II

There is a global/collective focus on Covid-19 that has caught the attention of the entire world, holding us mesmerized by the “invisible” threat that it represents. Strangers, neighbors, relatives, all pose as potential carriers of this “unseen enemy.” And so we hunker down, shelter-in-place, doing our best to adjust to a life that will not be “business-as-usual” for the unforeseeable future.

As mentioned in the previous post, I believe there is so much more going on below the surface than what is presented by our collective focus and fight with Covid-19.

In my opinion, although this pandemic is not an “extinction level” event, it does represent a global “wake-up” call, a “shot-across-the-bow” so-to-speak.

It is a full-on “Stop!”…a kind of “two-by-four” across the head that is meant to shake us out of the collective trance that keeps us walking in lock-step with the insatiable corporate machines of avarice and greed! Like vampiric entities, they feed upon our life force!

In a bizarre kind of way, Covid-19 is perhaps Nature’s way of saying, “Stop the madness now!” We have gone so far down the tracks of our collective psychoses, so deeply out of balance with Nature and Spirit that it seems to require a severe shaking to stop us in our tracks! Will we listen? Will we reevaluate our directions in life? That is for each of us to ponder.

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