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Listening to the Voice of the Heart

Listening to the voice of the heart is about attuning ourselves to subtle vibrations and feelings, learning to listen not only with the ears but with our whole Being; with our bones, organs and every fiber. In this kind of listening lies the answer to prayers and the fulfillment of all of our intentions.

Answers and resources can appear from seemingly nowhere. The Universe doesn’t need to work in linear, logical ways. When you connect with intentions on an energetic level, then answers to prayers can appear from “out of the blue.” You must still do your part, but there really is no challenge that is insurmountable.

Your part is to remain in the openness and receptivity of the inner flow of energy and consciousness that is always connected with the Creative Source. This may mean sometimes having to take little steps without the assurance of knowing the details of the larger picture. Sometimes it may seem that you are only given pieces of a jigsaw puzzle without the benefit of knowing what the finished piece looks like. Trust in the wisdom of your heart that will let you know if you are on course or off-course when you learn to feel and listen to the vibration of its voice.

As you listen and feel on the inside, the consciousness becomes aware of the physical vibrations within and around you. As the mind and feelings grow calm, the awareness begins to apprehend more and more subtle vibrations of thoughts, feeling and movements of energy within the body. The inner sounds become more predominant and external noises may seem to meld with the internal ones. A sense of expansion occurs in which the feeling of bodily location is widened, as though the limbs have become very large, or have dissolved all together into the vastness of space.

In the Sacred Space wherein the mind and body are deeply relaxed, intrusive thoughts and the process of thinking have less opportunity to be entertained. There is no small place in the mind to let them revolve around in. They just come; and then they go. They are observed as though from a great distance, without attachment, without the usual emotional strings that keep us bouncing around like puppets on a marionettes’ stage.

In the vibration of your Heart’s Voice, the incessant chattering of mind falls away, allowing for the magnetic energy of Love to manifest and fulfill your intentions and prayers. In this sublime state, you can be in any company or crowd and send out the attracting vibration to embrace all people as beautiful souls. Those whose hearts are ready to receive will begin to resonate with and gravitate to you. When you become the frequency of Love, that vibration will change the hearts of those stuck in self-created darkness. In this way individuals learn to be a blessing to those around them without expectation of return or acknowledgment.

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Exercise in Mindfulness – Dimensions in Stillness and Subtlety

For those of you who have gotten your arses kicked and dragged up and down Life’s thoroughfares (probably all of you, to one degree or another), the following post is Higher Self’s response to questions about learning how to deal with the mind that gets so caught up in distractions and habits of fears and doubts. This post speaks to issues of mindfulness along with some exercises that help to develop sensitivity to and awareness of subtlety and stillness.

Our shaking you up is never meant to frighten or harm you. On the contrary, we only wish to awaken you to your own power and light. The deeper your slumber, the harder we sometimes need to shake. The energy patterns of your consciousness have ossified into certain ways of thinking and believing that have become narrow and limiting. We are here to help change the patterns of thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. Please understand that there are other dimensions of consciousness that are far more in line with the gifts and talents you are meant to express in life. We want to awaken you once and for all time!

The momentum of your thoughts have been going down certain pathways for so long that it is difficult for you to switch tracks, or to rather do away with the limitations of tracks altogether. Learn to release the patterns of thinking that push you down alleys of narrowness. Break out of the straight jacket of small thinking! Awaken now and breathe in your own power. Believe in and receive the gifts of Freedom! If you continue seeking in narrow avenues of what you believe is required for survival in the world, then you cut yourself off from the infinite resources and powers that are available. Stop force-fitting yourself into work that does not make use of your gifts and that only perpetuates the nightmare of separation and delusion.

Ok, Ok, I know I’m to make use of my strengths and talents, to create from the depths of my soul! The challenge is in not getting stuck, in moving forward while being receptive to the voice of Spirit. But once again, I seem to fall back into patterns of doing work that serves only the task of helping to pay the bills but which do not serve the wider purpose of expanding beyond the small shell of limited thinking…I want to express the gifts of the heart that wish to be given birth in the world! What is going on with this? I’m listening and creating, but somehow I’m not getting the message clearly about manifesting.

The answers are with you now in the very environment. You are getting in your own way! The logical mind wants to continue making sense of the world. This is fine and necessary to a certain degree, but you can also allow it to rest as you become aware of the more subtle layers of consciousness that can bring forth the very atoms of creation to manifest for you! You won’t lose your mind or balance!

Listen and feel for what is behind the thoughts. There is so much that is there, but it gets lost in the busy-ness of mental thought forms and “chatter” that dictate how you are to act, think and survive in the world. Don’t get sidetracked or distracted while partaking in the dance of “making a living.” So much more is available in the realms of Consciousness. There is unimaginable power in calm awareness! Allow yourself access to this energy and just watch how quickly circumstances change!

As your body and thoughts slow down, and as you continue to just observe the rise and fall of the breath, a wider experience of your Self comes into the awareness, a Self that is unencumbered by the restraints of time and bodily limitations. In the consciousness of Self, the wider perspective allows for a broader sense of the energy field that you are. The energy does not get stuck or stagnant and can be used to propel your intentions and dreams forward.

Allow yourself to experience the fullness of breath and the vastness of a consciousness that is not limited or attached to one place or object of thought. Wherever you are, just observe the thoughts with eyes closed or open; it does not matter. Calmly allow them to be released without attaching yourself or creating further “stories” around them. Feel the vastness of a consciousness that is calm and at peace.

Calm awareness is not a state of mindlessness; and neither is it a state of boredom. It is, rather, a state of absorption in the field of mindfulness that is connected intimately with the consciousness of the Great Spirit, beyond the narrow perceptions and distractions of bodily attachments.

Sit quietly and observe. Feel the vibrations of thoughts and feelings as they play across the screen of awareness. Take note of how thoughts come and go and allow them to do so without struggling or fighting to keep them at bay. Feel the backdrop of consciousness wherein thoughts seem to rise and fall. In apprehending subtlety, intimations of the Eternal Observer can be felt!

The above exercise in mindfulness is a play of stillness, a dance of the most subtle awareness, wherein you, the observer, begin to apprehend the Grand Observer behind the curtain of consciousness. It is a wide embrace of the cosmic identity that holds the entire Universe in its folds of Divine Love!


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Higher Self – How to See the Giants


Dear Higher Self, please tell me more about the Giants.

Just start writing. Don’t wait for the right thoughts to come, or think that you need to be in the proper writing mood. Get the energy moving and then get out of the way! As you drop to your center and allow the writing to happen, you will find that the thoughts quickly flow and distractions fall away. You will be with your Self and enjoy the flow of energy that is no longer weighed down.

When you feel you can go no further, go to your drawings or go deeper within and just listen. There is no end to inspiration! All fogginess of mind drops away as the energy moves of itself.

In all things get out of your own way! When worried, it is like a blanket of fog thrown over your head and you cannot see the path. Keep to your Center! Watch the breath and feel the flow of what lives within. The Great Consciousness behind your identification with self is the real life that courses through your thoughts and feelings. Tune into the subtlety of the finest feelings and thoughts. Stay in the moment and observe the impressions as they arise, moment to moment. It is all moment!

How far can you follow the threads of thought or feeling? Whence do they arise? Where do they go? Normally they bounce around and give rise to myriad associated thoughts. What would happen if you were to drop the habitual preoccupation with thinking? Can you switch places? Instead of being the perpetual thinker, can you be the listener/observer, just watching all that happens without judgment or mental commentary? As the observer you can even watch yourself dispassionately as the thinker. It is a change of perspective, a major shift in how you interact with the Universe.

As Observer you are no longer caught in the spin-cycle of repeating thoughts that keep so many souls encased in narrow worlds. As you identify with Observer, you no longer are blinded to wider dimensions of infinite possibilities and can explore all realms. Possibilities are now endless because the constantly thinking mind is no longer in the way. As Observer, the flow of energy is balanced and strong in the body because you are aware of the signals coming from the body and environment.

The Observer is at peace and watches all that happens dispassionately and receives a greater exchange of energy from the environment, and doesn’t create stories around what is observed.

The constant merry-go-’round of thinking and remaining stuck in the mind loop gets tiring and frustrating because the soul wishes to be free, to explore all realms and all dimensions. It wishes to fly and explore lands beyond the small island of self. The soul wishes to travel to places like the land of the Giants! But to do that, it must release attachments to its mind-habits.

To see the Giants the individual must be willing to “lose” his or her mind, to lose the habitual way of thinking and perceiving. As the Observer, you open up to dimensions that would frighten those not yet ready to experience realms far different than what they now are able to believe.

As the Observer, you will not lose your minds. In fact, you will be able to make greater use of it when needed. You will come to respect it for the powerful instrument it is without getting enmeshed in the wires of its powers.

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