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Creativity – Entering Trance States Through Rhythmic Entrainment

Bruce Playing Singing Bowl

Try this out whenever you feel stuck or in a rut: I have mentioned this elsewhere on the blog, but it bares repeating. Just start writing…or drawing. No editing, no letting up with the flow of energy that is being expressed. Allow it to move, to gain momentum, to gain velocity and power. For this to occur, a deep letting go is required; a letting go of the desire to have things just right, releasing all attachments to how you think things “should be.” Of course the whole purpose is to get the creative juices flowing. Sometimes it just needs a kick-start.

Just a sidenote: a lot of what gets expressed may be meaningless drivel…and that’s ok. You will find this exercise to be lots of fun and becomes easier with practice. The mind falls into a rhythm that takes the consciousness into a deep trance state. The energy gets relaxed and yet awareness is heightened.

This is similar to “stream of consciousness” or “automatic” writing. The power comes from getting into the vibration or rhythm of the experience. It is a form of meditation wherein the awareness drops into a state of just enjoying the moment…observing the energy as it expresses.

It is also similar to shamanic drumming, merging with the constant beat of the drum and allowing the mind to enter the deep states of trance. A lot of creative work can then be done from that mental framework.

Repetitive use of mantras and affirmations are other rhythmic means to access the inner states. This all ties in with the concept of “entrainment” wherein different states of awareness are influenced and “entrained” or brought into vibratory “resonance” with whatever rhythmic means are used.

If you don’t have a drum (or bells), try clapping the hands in rhythmic fashion (usually around 4 beats per second) to entrain the mind to enter the relaxed “alpha” and “theta” states.

Of course, there are infinite variations that shamans and healers use to prepare the body and mind, and there are certain rituals and protocols that can be used. Just find what works for you. Conscious walking or dancing can work. Again, the idea is to use rhythm to entrain the mind. The purpose is to use this mental state to generate the required energetic grid to magnetically attract what you envision or pray for.

I remember in high school running for the cross country team. We would spend hours running everyday. It did not slip my attention that during those moments and through each day, I always felt so good. I did not fall into moods for the most part. I wondered about this even then, attributing it somehow to the constant and hypnotic rhythm of our breath and the repetitive pattering of feet on the earth. Even now, one of my favorite forms of exercise is walking and jogging. My practice, however, involves the conscious use of rhythm, entraining the mind to revolve around certain sounds such as “Ah” or “Om.” Or I might use the repetition of a prayer or mantra. With practice you find the prayer going by itself, as though you’re just observing the energy move of itself. It’s fun and relaxing, never something “I have to practice.” It’s a great way to just be in the moment.

The idea of “runners’ high” is generally understood by people, that long distance runners create certain amounts of endorphins that give them feelings of well being. In a sense, runners seem to enter into a kind of trance state, getting into the “zone” as many athletes refer to.

In any type of practice where you consciously use techniques of entrainment to enter trance states, it requires a certain openness of mind that allows the possibilities that different states of consciousness and even different dimensions can be accessed beyond the ordinary and familiar states that seem to be so hardwired in our day to day awareness. In a lot of ways it is like learning to become as a child again, where magical creatures and spirits can be seen in places an adult might consider just “ho-hum.” In the world of the child, swaying trees can become dear friends that they love to climb upon and spend hours with. And through the eyes of the child, it is so easy to see mystical creatures and faces in the play of wind and leaves.

Whatever modality of entrainment is used, drumming, chanting, running, singing, writing, drawing, etc., another layer of awareness seems to open up which involves an intersection between dimensions of waking and dream states and also the dissolution of time itself. More on this later…


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Expanding Consciousness – Using Rhythm and Sound to Entrain the Mind (Part I)

Explore deeply the use of rhythm and sound to entrain the body and mind to dimensions beyond the veils of your present dream. The ongoing panorama of thoughts are but a certain kind of resonance that you have grown accustomed to.

Why does it continue on with such regularity?

Your consciousness—as filtered through body, mind and environment has grown accustomed to a certain spectrum of experience. Just as you have learned how to play the bass guitar (or any other skill such as reading and writing), you can understand that there are levels of mind and thought that must be mastered before moving on to the more subtle and difficult lessons. There seems to be no upper limit to what can be reached.

Sometimes what may seem to be an impossible lesson to master slowly comes to be a natural embrace of what you aspire to learn as you practice and absorb each lesson that is required. In this way, you can see that on the level of earthly achievements, the requisite expansion of consciousness, which includes body and mind memory tunes you to a different and higher level and vibration of existence.

You are wanting to experience the wider perspective and dimension of life, to understand the very ground of your Being. At the same time, you wish to attract the things that will help fulfill the purpose of your life.

I don’t want to waste the opportunities or gifts I have been given. Not at this point.

Throw off the veils of disbelief that blind you to the path you are meant to walk. You believe yourself stuck, not knowing how to change the momentum of your present existence.

Your circumstances are not the problem! The lost opportunity to experience and learn the lessons that each moment presents is the problem. If life feels like a repeating nightmare, it is because the Universe is allowing you to see the obvious patterns that you draw to yourself. When you finally “get” the lessons, then the circumstances may (or may not) change, but the “feel” of the nightmare will change as you will have changed at the deepest and most fundamental level.

We understand your frustrations…the world is drunk with the nightmare drink of wars and fears, running here and there, fighting and struggling…The default existence of hardship and drama is foisted on most of those who struggle to just get by each day. Like sleepwalkers caught in the horror movie of suffering, the majority of people go through life without asking the basic questions regarding their purpose here.

The prospect of continuing to do work that does not satisfy or support my dream is horrifying. That is why I seem to fight…to struggle each step of the way!

Even in this the fight is the pattern you are only too familiar with, and it distracts you from just Being. Your freedom lies in opening up to and receiving the gifts of the moment…and this moment contains the whole spectrum of human experience: from joy and laughter to pain and tears. When you open yourself to the fullness of each moment, you will find freedom. It is a freedom that is not an escape from pain, but rather an acceptance of all that is part of the human experience.

Allow the inner dreamscape–along with the light and dark–to unfold its secrets to you. Relax into the dimension where the spirits of Nature are your teachers.

You may not like the pattern of your life and yet it continues to haunt you year after year! All circumstances have their roots in consciousness, and the patterns of consciousness can be rearranged by introducing different thoughts and feelings that shift the frequencies of the circumstances that hold the pattern. It is like using heat to melt the frozen patterns of ice cubes and then refreezing the melted ice into other forms. With consciousness the “heat” can be sound or harmonics combined with the powerful focus of what you want.

Make use of the gifts you were given! Remember that you are an explorer of consciousness. It is only when you forget and fall back into familiar patterns of thinking and feeling that you lose yourself in the world of survival. Work with consciousness! That is your path. The power of vocal harmonics will change the frequency of your circumstances which are no more than solidified frequencies of thought forms held together by consciousness. Change the thought forms if you wish to change your circumstances.

(To Be Continued) 

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