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Kundalini Divine Nectar, Part III

Any position/posture of the body can be explored to infinite nuance of sensations…and by relaxing and surrendering to the fine vibrations/currents moving through the body, the Divine Dance of micro movements is activated. There is then a noticing of the body moving/dancing, adjusting automatically to the rise and fall of energy.

As the mind/attention focuses upon the current, there is also a noticing of how the mind is drawn inwardly, as though “captured” by the current. It is important to notice and acknowledge the dynamics of what happens when the mind focuses upon subtle sensations, upon the inner current of Life Force.

Another way of thinking about how the mind can be “captured,” is to understand and experience the mind going into trance when using repetition and rhythm…such as when chanting or singing; or when losing oneself in dance.

Ordinarily we don’t pay much attention to what happens when the mind gets drawn into repetitive drumming, or when we surrender ourselves in dance; or when going on long runs. However, if there is an intention to witness the body/mind/psyche going into trance, then the experience of noticing subtle shifts of awareness becomes an open pathway where each subtlety of sensation is like a “breadcrumb” leading to the next subtlety of sensation.

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Expanding Consciousness – Using Rhythm and Sound to Entrain the Mind (Part II)

There is power in focused repetition. Can this also be used for expanding consciousness? In learning any new skill, practice and repetition will make the most difficult actions seem natural and second nature. Some of the techniques that you learned in playing the bass guitar at one point seemed beyond your capacity to master, and yet those skills seem quite simple now. The constant repetition and practice has pushed you to new levels in playing. All that was required was to see and hear how to perform the techniques. The rest was practice. Isn’t it interesting that the fingers now seem to know what to do without much effort on your part? Can you understand that there is no ceiling in what can be accomplished in any areas of human endeavor? For expanding consciousness, the use of rhythm and sound are especially helpful.

I would like greater access to dimensions beyond the earthly. How can I use the gifts that I already have to help me in this?

Again, repetition and the practice of letting go of mental attachments to body and sensory impressions is necessary. Use rhythm and sound to merge your consciousness into the field of the Universal Mind. You’re getting an inkling regarding what this means.

Everything you do can be a practice of immersion into the Cosmic Stream because all things reflect rhythm and sound. You can then use this knowledge to achieve deep states of consciousness. For example, the very practice of writing generates rhythm and sound, a kind of resonance that takes the mind and body into deep states of awareness, especially when the act of writing is approached as a form of meditation. In this way, subtle layers of thought can be accessed, allowing creativity to go in any direction.

Remember, focus and repetition are essential, but the resulting state of trance that is created is the power that actually creates for you. Use the repetition of any activity to help focus and center the mind to drive your consciousness deeper and deeper into the Creative Ocean. There really is no end to what can be manifested!

Focusing upon the breath as the nexus of awareness is a powerful practice because it is the most repetitive of all actions. Chanting and the use of mantra are also ways of using the vibration of sound and breath to create what you want. Jogging, dancing and walking are other ways to use the power of rhythm and repetition to generate dynamic magnetism.

If you find yourself caught in a certain narrow constraint of circumstance, it just requires a change in the pattern of thoughts and actions that keeps you locked in the repetitive loop of a narrow existence. Use the vibration of rhythm and sound to shake the foundations of your present limitation! You can literally “dance” and “sing” your troubles away! When the mind slows down through use of rhythm and sound, you will then have access to layers of creativity that will shift you to new dimensions.

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