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Focusing Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part XIII

In any practice of meditation technique, there can be a tendency to miss the very subtle inner “nudges” of how the life force wishes to move in the body…if our focus is rigidly attached to maintaining the form of meditation practice.

For example, many meditation techniques begin with instructions to keep the spine erect and eyes lifted upwards to the point between the eyebrows. Of course there are innumerable variations of practice, that also include certain visualizations, chants, etc.

In our “idealized” thinking, the practice of meditation technique would, little-by-little, step-by-step, connect us with and awaken Kundalini (the dormant primal energy “asleep” at the base of the spine).

However, what technique cannot encompass or explain adequately are the infinite number of finely nuanced inner movements that are activated by the Life Force/Kundalini, when it begins to “awaken.”

Now, in rigid adherence to technique and form, it can be easy to miss the delicate inner movements of Kundalini when She first begins to awaken. It is easy to miss the infinitely nuanced “micro-movements” of how the Life Force wishes to adjust the posture of the erect spine, from moment to moment.

This is an important point here. Technique suggests keeping the spine straight, so that the energy can flow easily in the spine/body. This is wonderful guidance, but when tuning into the “nudges” of Kundalini, we will find ourselves adjusting our posture in extremely fine micro-movements, as a way to accommodate how Kundalini wishes to move in the body.

This is all very subtle but easily accessible when we allow ourselves to feel slightly deeper than what we would normally consider. Here is an explanation of the simple mechanics of this process: feel the overall sensation of the body…feel slightly deeper…and slightly deeper…notice what happens to the body/mind.

In noticing what “happens to the body and mind,” you may get a kind of “snapshot” experience of the “no-thought” state of consciousness. The experience of feeling deeply into sensation has a way of focusing the mind. Very fleeting, but it offers a perspective of your consciousness that you may never have experienced before.

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When Kundalini Awakens, Part VI

Perhaps some may be able to relate to this: once in awhile there can be a certain giddiness of the body that seems to cause it to move restlessly: tapping of the feet or fingers, fidgeting, inability to sit still, etc…and usually this all happens outside the range of our normal awareness. We don’t pay attention, or consider the subtle dynamics of how energy moves through the body. In other words, we don’t tune into or follow to its source the activating vibration of restlessness.

However, when we allow ourselves to feel into the sensations of giddiness, to focus upon and “hold” to its primal vibration/sensation, a vast and ethereal world of emanations/pulsations opens up to us.

This simple “practice” has a way of dropping the mind into meditative trance…as the mind that engages with subtle sensations is easily absorbed by fine currents which impart sensations very different from the norm.

This play of subtlety then becomes a delicate dance that absorbs the consciousness in finer and finer waves of sensations…and it is this “absorption” of the mind that has a way of shifting the consciousness up and out of what may feel overbearing, dense, dark, constricting (such as sadness, depression, etc.).

Feeling into subtle sensations has a way of uplifting the consciousness very quickly because tuning into subtlety creates a finer resonance of being, one that “uplifts.” This is a visceral experience, as the body begins to vibrate in resonance with the mind that is attuned to the fine currents moving through the spine.

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Meditation Techniques: Can They Awaken Kundalini? Part VI

When Kundalini awakens in the spine, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of what it is: wild, chaotic, sublime (and sometimes overwhelming) primal Bliss energy! Having a large superstructure of philosophy and techniques is not so useful…because the mind can then get in the way.

In my experience, the usefulness of a simple concept is for those times when Her dance becomes too wild, when our secure bubble of “reality” begins to break down. It gives our minds something to “hang onto” through the process…and Her process is seemingly to break down every aspect of our lives that are not in resonance with Her vibration!

These “aspects of our lives” may include not only the hidden fears we harbor, but all the beliefs and assumptions we have regarding our spiritual world view and how we fit into it. Kundalini has a way of bringing it all down! This can be devastating to those who are not prepared for this kind of “awakening!”

And for those whose lives are turned upside down by Kundalini energy moving too fast and unexpectedly, the energy may not be regarded so much as “primal Bliss energy” as I described above…and here are my thoughts about this: In the beginning, we do not know how to move with this energy. It takes awhile to learn how to allow/surrender to Her wild vibration in our spine and nervous system.

It also takes time for our bodies, nervous systems and minds to accommodate the higher influx of energies. Although it might seem we have a choice to surrender (or not) to Her, to me there seemed to only be this: learn to dance with Her…and get out of the way and endure when She is breaking things down that are not in resonance with Her Vibration!

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Meditation Techniques: Can They Awaken Kundalini? Part IV

The wild dance of Kundalini, when She wishes to move through the body is—in my experience—not something that can (necessarily) be activated or controlled by meditation technique. The expectation that meditation, or any psycho-spiritual process can, in a step-by-step linear fashion, activate Kundalini gets in the way of allowing Her initial awakening in our spine (and rest of the body).

A “tight” mindset around meditation techniques and spirituality in general acts as a binding agent around Kundalini…and so She remains “asleep” in the spinal centers, held captive by the “straight-jacket” of our outward focus and disconnection from primal energies held in the spinal centers.

As mentioned previously, I believe meditation technique, although it cannot necessarily connect us with Kundalini, it can be helpful after we’ve made the connection…when attuning to the exquisitely subtle aspects of Her vibration. But when She wishes to move/dance wildly in the body, technique has no meaning or use…there is only getting out of Her way!

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