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Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part II

Runaway Monk

Runaway Monk, Artwork by Bruce Manaka

Surrendering to the lead of the “Cosmic Dancer” is similar to the idea of “losing oneself in dance.” Now, for purposes of going deeper and deeper in meditation, it just requires feeling into the subtle sensations of the body…while sitting still.

At a certain point, you may notice how the body will automatically and spontaneously adjust in “micro-movements.” Even with intention to sit perfectly still, you might observe how the body is constantly moving, adjusting in very slight, hardly noticeable increments as a way to maintain balance and to maintain erect posture.

The suggestion here is to observe and feel deeply into these micro-movements that we normally pay little attention to. Follow to their source what is activating or “nudging” the body to adjust.

This develops a fine awareness and attunement with subtle currents and waves of Life Force that move through the body. This is not difficult to do! It just requires noticing what we would normally not pay much attention to.

Going deeper in your connection with the subtle currents in the spine and body, again, is like learning to surrender to the dance…to the lead of the Cosmic Dancer!

This requires feeling just below the surface of familiar sensations…and then going slightly deeper. This develops a sensitivity to subtle vibrations…and ultimately to primal waves and pulsations of the Life Force, the awakening Kundalini!

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Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part II

Shaman's Dream III, art by Bruce Manaka

When connected feeling-wise with the subtle sensations that move through the body while meditating, the “practice” of meditation technique may fall away. In its place, meditation “practice” transforms into what seems to be more a natural and spontaneous dance of “micro-movements.”

These micro-movements are guided by the connection you develop with the refined energies of the Life Force, experienced as a most delicate and uplifting sensation felt in the central core of the spine.

As you gain greater familiarity with these subtle vibrations, you will come to understand how the body is able to spontaneously adjust and “posture” itself in infinitely nuanced “micro-movements.”

These “postures” and movements can only be described in most general terms, as it is not possible to adequately describe and quantify the infinite subtleties of how the awakening Life Force (Kundalini) moves through the interior landscape of body, bones, fascia.

When I watch certain kinds of dance, especially Balinese dance and belly dance, to me certain movements of hands/fingers and spine/neck are deeply reminiscent of the movements that I feel when connecting with the energies of Kundalini.

Perhaps the movements of the dancers can be described, taught and learned, but the infinite nuances of the internal “micro-movements” can only be intimated about, poetically rendered as a most delicious, nectar-like substance in the spine!

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