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Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part II

Runaway Monk

Runaway Monk, Artwork by Bruce Manaka

Surrendering to the lead of the “Cosmic Dancer” is similar to the idea of “losing oneself in dance.” Now, for purposes of going deeper and deeper in meditation, it just requires feeling into the subtle sensations of the body…while sitting still.

At a certain point, you may notice how the body will automatically and spontaneously adjust in “micro-movements.” Even with intention to sit perfectly still, you might observe how the body is constantly moving, adjusting in very slight, hardly noticeable increments as a way to maintain balance and to maintain erect posture.

The suggestion here is to observe and feel deeply into these micro-movements that we normally pay little attention to. Follow to their source what is activating or “nudging” the body to adjust.

This develops a fine awareness and attunement with subtle currents and waves of Life Force that move through the body. This is not difficult to do! It just requires noticing what we would normally not pay much attention to.

Going deeper in your connection with the subtle currents in the spine and body, again, is like learning to surrender to the dance…to the lead of the Cosmic Dancer!

This requires feeling just below the surface of familiar sensations…and then going slightly deeper. This develops a sensitivity to subtle vibrations…and ultimately to primal waves and pulsations of the Life Force, the awakening Kundalini!

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Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part XV

The sensation of the current of Life Force moving in the body (especially in the central core of the spine) naturally and automatically focuses the mind, drawing it within to exquisitely subtle sensations…just like iron filings to a magnet.

Attuning to the vibration/sensation requires a delicate balance between tension and relaxation…as the movement of the Life Force in the central core of the body creates a sensation that activates the body to “contort,” to fall into “swoon.”

Finding the balance point between tension and relaxation is important because, in the beginning, the tension of the body contortion can quickly exhaust the body. As you gain familiarity with the contortion energy, you learn to modulate the buildup of energy without overextending the energy of the body.

As I’ve mentioned many times in previous posts, connecting with the subtle sensations of the Life Force (the awakening Kundalini) is not a difficult process. I realize, though, the immense paradox of how a vibration so close (and obvious), can remain seemingly hidden, unobtainable for a lifetime(s)!

The subtle sensation is available, accessible through every movement, every posture…in yawning, in stretching the body, in every smile, in tears, through sex… through every body function!

The connecting piece, which I believe is also the “missing ingredient” that opens the feeling connection with the subtle sensations (at play in the central core of the spine), is surrender…to the dance.

Not a passive surrendering to any and all vibrations, but a listening, feeling and falling (surrendering) towards expansion, towards what imparts an uplift of the heart. In surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, there is a deep release of self to follow the lead of Higher Self!

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Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part XIV

Please note that in the approach that I use for focusing the mind for deeper meditation, the sole purpose of using music and dance is to connect with the subtle currents in the spine that are easily felt when they align and move in resonance with the music.

Now, once the connection with the subtle “current” of Life Force (Kundalini) is made, I believe at some point the outer music can be dispensed with. When the inner “current” or “motor” of the Life Force is strong, then you want to feel deeper and deeper into the resonance of the “music” that plays within.

As blissful/pleasurable it is to feel into the subtleties of music/dance, understand that this approach is primarily to “get you through the door” so-to-speak to connect with the subtle currents. Once you are viscerally connected with these currents, then you want to continue refining and distilling your connection with the Life Force.

This is where I believe meditation technique is ultimately (and finally) helpful. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, in my experience, the practice of technique could not bridge the gap for me to connect with the very subtle currents in the spine. However, once the connection was made, then technique helped immensely.

I use the word “technique” loosely, as once the connection is made with Life Force (Kundalini), technique is not so necessary, but it does seem to create a way to “ground” and stabilize the energies that can at times feel too wild, primal and chaotic.

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Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part XII

Focusing Mind for Deeper Meditation - Art by Bruce Manakas

Focusing Mind for Deeper Meditation – Art by Bruce Manaka

What is this “sublimely delicious” experience that I spoke about in the previous post? I think of it simply as “essence.” It is the subtle vibration that is just below surface sensations of the body.

It is the overall sensation of all that is felt in the moment, a distillation of vibration resolving to a point of subtlety that holds the body/mind/psyche in one-pointed balance with the Bliss Resonance.

Another way of saying this: primal gut/intestinal feelings felt and tracked to the central core of Being. In both descriptions, the important aspect is the process of refining, distilling, going below surface sensations…to the activating “essence” of what flows through the body.

Feeling deeper and deeper into subtlety is the refining process. The body/mind/psyche has the ability to track sensations to deepest points of subtlety. In the process, the awareness becomes exquisitely balanced/poised…as though balanced upon the tip of a needle…or “razor’s edge.”

As I’ve mentioned so many times before, this process is not difficult…no more so than dancing! The crux of the matter, though, is in surrendering to the lead of how the Life Force, the awakening Kundalini, wishes to dance in the body…surrendering to the subtle “nudges” of Kundalini dancing through the body, to the “push/pull” play of energies in the central core of the spine!

My suggestion here is this: you most like already know the enjoyment of dance. A deeper connection with what you already feel can be made with the intention to follow/feel deeper and deeper into subtle sensations of your enjoyment.

In other words, follow the trail of subtlety, below the surface enjoyment of what you already feel. Hold and feel just below the surface…and then go slightly deeper!

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Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part XI

The visceral experience of the awakening Kundalini is very much like a dance, in which we surrender to the “lead” of the Life Force. In this dance, the mind/body/psyche adjust in micro movements as a way to accommodate the buildup and flow of the expanding energies in the spine and rest of the body.

What usually happens when we sit to meditate? With the intention to turn the attention inside, to follow and connect with the subtle sensations, we might feel a sense of peace and relaxation. However, no matter how intently we focus on breath, on stillness, the mind inevitably seems to get distracted by thoughts, desires, memories, etc. And then it falls into subconscious dreams, etc.

What to do to go deeper? Sometimes it just does not occur to us to follow and focus upon the finer and finer sensations in the body.

In the rigid attachment and focus upon sitting still, holding to technique, it can be easy to miss the subtle “nudgings” of the Life Force and how it moves in the body. In a sense, we resist allowing ourselves to be “shaped” or “postured” by the awakening currents, and thus remain disconnected from the deeper resonance of the Life Force.

The mind and body that is in tune with the subtle Kundalini becomes “enraptured” as though electrified. This is a sublimely delicate experience, like balancing on a razor’s edge or tip of a needle. It is not so difficult, it just requires a recognition and focus upon the subtle sensations and connections with the underlying vibration or “Hum” of the body.

In this experience, the mind may continue doing its “thing” of bouncing here and there. However, there will be a perspective of watching the mind, as though from a distance, not getting caught up in any “threads” of memories, thoughts, desires, etc.

It will be more like watching embers rising and fading away from a campfire. The Self will not attach to the rising and fading away of the embers (thoughts). It will just observe/experience.

Again, the mind may continue bouncing around, as it does in “normal” waking consciousness. However, when the consciousness is also connected with the subtle sensations of the underlying “Hum,” the “bouncing” around of the mind is experienced with mental neutrality.

In other words, you do not get caught up in the endless rising and falling of thoughts, memories, desires, etc. What I believe happens is that the visceral connection with the subtle underlying vibration (the Bliss Resonance), has a way of deeply interiorizing the mind…because it is so sublimely delicious!

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Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part X

What happens after you clap your hands and then feel deeper and deeper into the slowly diminishing vibrations, as suggested in Part IX of “Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation”? You may notice how long you are able to track the vibrations, even as they get finer and finer (less noticeable).

By continuing to track the vibrations, you may come to a point of feeling the underlying “buzz” or “Hum” of the energetic field of the body. In experiencing the subtle Hum as can be felt in the hands, you will also feel its connectivity with the forearms, upper arms, shoulders, neck, etc. The whole body will be felt as a wave of sensation/vibration.

Alongside, or perhaps just below this subtle vibration, there is an exquisitely fine sensation that imparts a beguiling, infinitely nuanced response in the centermost space of the body…the Bliss Resonance!

The body/mind/psyche that relaxes, surrenders to this resonance, easily accesses meditative trance and begins to move and adjust in dance-like micro movements, which includes spontaneous twisting, spiraling, contortions of the body.

The inner witnessing mind learns to stay out of the way and not interrupt the Divine Dance that takes place. Any efforts to control or guide the experience can cut your connection with the subtle Bliss Resonance.

Any resistance to the strong current moving through the field of the body can result in grotesque flailing of body and limbs, especially if the body and nervous system are not prepared to receive the strong voltage of the awakening Life Force…Kundalini!

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Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part VII

Turtle Medicine - Live in Peace Art by Bruce Manaka

Turtle Medicine – Live in Peace Art by Bruce Manaka

The overall sensation of the body during periods of meditation practice resolves to an awareness of an underlying vibration, a gentle “hum.” This is a feeling experience that has a way of focusing the mind to moments of one-pointed attention.

Perhaps a more accurate depiction is that the easily distracted and active mind is rendered silent as it is “gripped” by the inwardly felt resonance of the “Hum.” During these moments of one-pointed attention, of “no-thought,” there is only the visceral experience of the subtle currents of “Life Force.”

The mind/consciousness that is “caught” in the currents of Life Force (the awakening Kundalini), experiences a different perspective with its sense of self and the normally active and easily distracted mind. It is able to observe dispassionately the rising and falling of thoughts…with fleeting moments of “no-thoughts.”

In other words, it is able to observe the mind for what it is: an energetic vortex of energy connected with the body that in normal waking state is constantly “firing-off” thoughts, memories, desires, like/dislikes, etc. It is able to observe without attaching to them!

The mind that is held in the “current” of the underlying “Hum” of the body easily goes into meditative trance. Its perspective changes from outward focus to inward focus that locks into the ever-deepening sensations of subtle vibrations.

Although the process of connecting with the subtle currents of the inwardly flowing Life Force (Kundalini) is simple enough, it may seem like the most difficult thing to do…until you allow yourselves to simply feel what you feel in the moment…and then to go slightly deeper.

The going “slightly deeper” is important in that there is a subtle shift in the mind and body that takes place. There is a focusing affect that occurs, along with a bodily sensation. This is subtle and the mind may not want to pay attention to something so mundane and simple.

However, I believe everyone has the ability to notice this transition and my suggestion here is to hold intention to explore this seemingly uninteresting transition. The very intention and act of exploring nuances of vibration in the body allows an opening or entryway to deeper and deeper subtleties of the energetic field of the body.

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Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part V

Kundalini Awakening

When Kundalini Awakens

The sensations of the incoming and outgoing breath become finer and finer, threadlike, as you deepen your focus upon the infinitely nuanced vibrations that play in the central core of the body, especially in the spine.

The subtle sensations of breath may, at first, not be noticed because of the habit patterns of mind that are conditioned to chase after distractions of thoughts, memories, desires, likes/dislikes, pain/pleasure, etc.

You have the capacity to notice and feel exquisitely subtle sensations created by the movements of breath. I believe it just requires getting past the gatekeeper of the analytical mind just long enough to simply feel in the moment…and then slightly deeper.

The “slightly deeper” part, although not difficult to access, can be where the mind gets in the way. Even with strong intention to feel into subtle currents of the Life Force, the mind may not truly recognize the invitation of the moment when it has the opportunity to go once again “slightly deeper.”

The mind, in normal waking state, that vibrates in resonance with Earth density, cannot help but continue in its constant engagement with body, mind, ego, desires, etc. Recognition of the subtle Life Force seems to happen in those fleeting gaps when the mind is not “firing off,” in moments when the feeling connection is made with the sublime vibration (Kundalini). In those moments, there is only sensation/vibration, with an awareness of a deeper underlying connection with a nectar-like sweetness.

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Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part II

Shaman's Dream III, art by Bruce Manaka

When connected feeling-wise with the subtle sensations that move through the body while meditating, the “practice” of meditation technique may fall away. In its place, meditation “practice” transforms into what seems to be more a natural and spontaneous dance of “micro-movements.”

These micro-movements are guided by the connection you develop with the refined energies of the Life Force, experienced as a most delicate and uplifting sensation felt in the central core of the spine.

As you gain greater familiarity with these subtle vibrations, you will come to understand how the body is able to spontaneously adjust and “posture” itself in infinitely nuanced “micro-movements.”

These “postures” and movements can only be described in most general terms, as it is not possible to adequately describe and quantify the infinite subtleties of how the awakening Life Force (Kundalini) moves through the interior landscape of body, bones, fascia.

When I watch certain kinds of dance, especially Balinese dance and belly dance, to me certain movements of hands/fingers and spine/neck are deeply reminiscent of the movements that I feel when connecting with the energies of Kundalini.

Perhaps the movements of the dancers can be described, taught and learned, but the infinite nuances of the internal “micro-movements” can only be intimated about, poetically rendered as a most delicious, nectar-like substance in the spine!

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The Paradox of Subtlety—When Kundalini Comes Like a “Thief in the Night” Part X


When you begin to recognize the subtle forces at play…the push/pull/squeeze/twisting dynamics of the Life Force moving in the body, especially in the spine, then you will recognize the great gift you have been given that allows connection with the Divine Current!

It is the gift of being able to “tune-in” quickly to the proverbial “needle-in-a-haystack” of the exquisitely fine Bliss Resonance” vibrating deliciously in the spine!

The “Divine Current” can be thought of as a high frequency field of vibration that, through resonance, begins to shift the “density” of the body to a finer vibration. You will also find that whatever “lifts” and shifts the vibration of the body automatically tunes the mind to the higher frequency…again through principles of resonance.

The paradox is how close and easily accessible these subtle vibrations/sensations are! Your mind has the ability and capacity to naturally and quickly shift to a deeply focused, one-pointed attunement with the subtle currents.

In a nutshell, feeling into the fine sensations of the body (especially in the spine) has a way of focusing the mind. These moments might be fleeting in the beginning, but the visceral experience of connecting with finer and finer sensations gives you an inner acknowledgement (an inner “aha!”) of what happens when you “touch” the underlying sensation of the body/mind/psyche!

The experience is exquisitely subtle, but it is also a “big deal” because you recognize how very close and easily accessible the vibration has always been. It also represents a major shift in your relationship with your Life Force and your approach to meditation.

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