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The Great Alchemist, Love – An Answer for World Peace, Pt II

The following post is a response to a comment in an earlier post entitled: “The Great Alchemist, Love – An Answer for World Peace.” (Thanks Vicky! Your deep and thoughtful comments generated some thoughts that I wish to express here). It also addresses some of the issues of fear and freedom as expressed in my post, “Zeitgeist the Movie.”

Yes, the world is at a critical juncture in time: the mass consciousness of people on the planet, along with all the warfare and violence has created incredibly destructive “resonant fields” of anger and hatred. The imbalance created are like vibratory grids that threaten global destruction. Fear, like invisible talons, hold those who succumb to its voice in perpetual paralysis and confusion. We stand like deer in the headlights awaiting the inevitable “hit.”

A million Jesuses, Krishnas, Buddhas and Muhammads can come to earth, but unless we individually release the dense veils of blind belief and fear from our own eyes, we will not recognize them even if they stood in front of us. The great ones never came to bring scriptures or to build huge edifices. They came that we might experience for ourselves the transforming vibration of Love that is at the foundation of our very Being. Both sublime and terrifying, their presence is an invitation for each of us to do what is most scary: to release the veils of our attachments to self and allow our littleness to be shattered in the process.

For those locked in the death grip of their own attachments to self and ego, it is a horrifying prospect to consider jumping into the dark and unknown valley of omnipresence. The ego fights to remain in its one square foot of what it is able to control, and yet it fights its own reflection in the billions of other lights it sees that vie for the same crumbs of limitation.

And yet… there are those who are awakening. One by one, individuals are listening and responding to the inner call to immerse themselves in the waves of the Cosmic Ocean that dissolves the sand castles of their narrow world view. Released from the shackles of their own thoughts, these souls fly the dungeons of their limiting beliefs.

The great threat is not in the destruction of the atmosphere or even in the annihilation of the species (a doomsday scenario no one wishes to countenance). The ultimate threat is in settling for the straight jacket existence, remaining in the nightmare and wasting the opportunity to explore the vastness of the Great Consciousness we are all endowed with.

We are Cosmic Explorers, Divine Creators! Our essence is Love! And Love is our mission, the very backdrop of our existence…and yet we sometimes seek to destroy the reflection and divinity of our brothers and sisters because we are attached to the nightmare that screams “Kill or be killed! Destroy or be destroyed!” And our nightmare amply bares testimony to the “reality” and even “logic” of this mentality…and so fear begets forgetfulness of our divinity, begets suffering, begets the perpetuation of the nightmare.

We don’t need more churches or new “revelations.” Churches and scriptures have been in abundance throughout history. We don’t even need “saviors” or “gurus” to blindly follow. They are already with us, within the quiet of our own hearts, in the Great Consciousness that permeates all things. More and more, individuals will tire of churches that only spout scriptures and promises of heaven or hell. They will find sanctuaries in their own hearts and in the hearts of others who resonate in harmony with the Great Song of the Universe.

Prophecies of doom and fear of global catastrophe can be responded to in two ways: expansion or contraction. We can contract and go deeper into our fears and perhaps denial, resulting in a stronger fight against our growing “enemies,” internal and external. Or, we can expand and receive the messages of fear as a way to learn the next lessons of life: trust in a Universe that asks for a surrender of all that our little selves hold dear, a letting go of beliefs that no longer serve us.

We have choices to continue on in habits of thinking that we are familiar with (and thus continue on in dreams of fight and limitation), or we can choose to walk the path that seems even scarier, as it asks for a leap into the unknown. Either way, in a sense, we are faced with great challenges that threaten our survival either through global catastrophe or annihilation of the ego.

Ok, doom and gloom…annihilation of ego… It is all a cosmic setup. One way or another, the Divine is pushing us to learn the very lessons we are here to learn: the simple surrender into the current of Love that is the Great River of Consciousness. That it is scary or unfathomable is because we have allowed the mind to usurp the throne of our consciousness. The ego is afraid for its very existence and so fights against the current that offers ultimate freedom. And yet the Great Freedom is coaxing us into the depths, to relax into the waves that dissolve all fears, and that ultimately carries us to the ocean of Omnipresence.

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