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Higher Self – How to See the Giants


Dear Higher Self, please tell me more about the Giants.

Just start writing. Don’t wait for the right thoughts to come, or think that you need to be in the proper writing mood. Get the energy moving and then get out of the way! As you drop to your center and allow the writing to happen, you will find that the thoughts quickly flow and distractions fall away. You will be with your Self and enjoy the flow of energy that is no longer weighed down.

When you feel you can go no further, go to your drawings or go deeper within and just listen. There is no end to inspiration! All fogginess of mind drops away as the energy moves of itself.

In all things get out of your own way! When worried, it is like a blanket of fog thrown over your head and you cannot see the path. Keep to your Center! Watch the breath and feel the flow of what lives within. The Great Consciousness behind your identification with self is the real life that courses through your thoughts and feelings. Tune into the subtlety of the finest feelings and thoughts. Stay in the moment and observe the impressions as they arise, moment to moment. It is all moment!

How far can you follow the threads of thought or feeling? Whence do they arise? Where do they go? Normally they bounce around and give rise to myriad associated thoughts. What would happen if you were to drop the habitual preoccupation with thinking? Can you switch places? Instead of being the perpetual thinker, can you be the listener/observer, just watching all that happens without judgment or mental commentary? As the observer you can even watch yourself dispassionately as the thinker. It is a change of perspective, a major shift in how you interact with the Universe.

As Observer you are no longer caught in the spin-cycle of repeating thoughts that keep so many souls encased in narrow worlds. As you identify with Observer, you no longer are blinded to wider dimensions of infinite possibilities and can explore all realms. Possibilities are now endless because the constantly thinking mind is no longer in the way. As Observer, the flow of energy is balanced and strong in the body because you are aware of the signals coming from the body and environment.

The Observer is at peace and watches all that happens dispassionately and receives a greater exchange of energy from the environment, and doesn’t create stories around what is observed.

The constant merry-go-’round of thinking and remaining stuck in the mind loop gets tiring and frustrating because the soul wishes to be free, to explore all realms and all dimensions. It wishes to fly and explore lands beyond the small island of self. The soul wishes to travel to places like the land of the Giants! But to do that, it must release attachments to its mind-habits.

To see the Giants the individual must be willing to “lose” his or her mind, to lose the habitual way of thinking and perceiving. As the Observer, you open up to dimensions that would frighten those not yet ready to experience realms far different than what they now are able to believe.

As the Observer, you will not lose your minds. In fact, you will be able to make greater use of it when needed. You will come to respect it for the powerful instrument it is without getting enmeshed in the wires of its powers.

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Conscious Dreams – Giants in Our Midst


Dear Higher Self, I had conscious dreams two nights ago about giants and also about flying. What is the significance of this?

Once in awhile you tap into realms vastly different from your own. Although you experienced giants in dream state, can you accept the possibility that they may be just as “real” as you believe yourself to be? The work you do with sound and harmonics are helping to open up energy centers of your consciousness that will allow you more and more to access dimensions other than what you are now familiar with.

In your dreams the mind translates these beings into visual representations that manifest according to how you make sense of “reality.” The giants are conscious energy forms that appear to be much bigger than you. You stood no higher than their kneecaps. This is how they would appear in your dimension if they manifested in earthly form. Think of it in this way: Your consciousness exists within the earthly form you now inhabit. You would still “exist” even without the physical body. Your consciousness reflects differently depending on the medium or dimension you are in. The form is always changing. Even on the earth dimension, you have undergone major physical changes: birth, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Everything has consciousness: rocks, trees, air—all are permeated with consciousness. To ask whether the giants in your dream were “real” or not is a question of the dimension you live in. Relatively speaking, no they do not exist according to the physical laws you live in. But they do exist as entities in dimensions now unfamiliar to you. Just as all things have relative consciousness in creation (all dimensions), so the things you dream have existence beyond your dreams. The giants are part of the fabric of the Infinite Mind.

In the consciousness of limitation, the mind does not want to allow certain things to exist: giants, ghosts, UFOs, etc. In the Infinite Mind all things “exist,” relatively speaking. Within the parameters of your subjective “reality,” the mind may not countenance the existence of these things, even though you can easily imagine the forms in thought. You say, “They’re imaginary, all in the mind.” And yet, even in the physics of your world, scientists are now beginning to speak in terms of all things being a part of an infinite spectrum of vibration, with vastly more dimensions than what was once thought possible. It all appears to be a grand dream with infinite forms and dimensions.

Your physical dimension that seems so real is no more than an ongoing dream that has beginning and end. Yet when the dream of you comes to a close, do you stop existing? You are a part of the cosmic stream that reflects infinitely and eternally. In the dimension of the giants, understand that you to are also a figment of their dream. Your lives have touched to show the infinite nature of consciousness. The experience comes as a way to help you befriend all beings in all dimensions.


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