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2012 Frequency Shift

There is a lot of talk and excitement around the topics of 2012, immanent disclosure of alien (off-world) connections, and the cosmic “frequency shift” that is to totally reconstruct our worldview and the way that we humans do things in the world.

From an astrological point of view, this year (2010) promises to give us a very “wild ride.” According to Laurie Baum, licensed Psychotherapist and Professional Astrologer:

“I write the 2010 forecast with awe and trepidation as there is more planetary activity in the heavens in 2010 than in any year in my 20-plus years as an astrologer, and perhaps more planetary activity than any of us have lived through in our lifetimes. This level of celestial action portends a period of great change here on Planet Earth.

Here are dates to remember for the “Cardinal Climax 2010”:

· January 17, 2010 – Jupiter enters Pisces
· January 31, 2010 – Saturn in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn
· April 26, 2010 – Saturn in Virgo opposes Uranus in Pisces
· May 22, 2010 – Jupiter in Pisces opposes Saturn in Virgo
· May 27, 2010 – Uranus enters Aries for the first time since 1935; Uranus was last in Aries from 1927 to 1935.
· June 5, 2010 – Jupiter enters Aries for the first time since 2000; Jupiter was last in Aries from early 1999 to early 2000.
· June 8, 2010 – Jupiter in Aries conjoins Uranus in Aries
· June 26, 2010 – Lunar Eclipse * Sun in Cancer – Moon in Capricorn
· July 11, 2010 – Solar Eclipse * Sun and Moon in Cancer
· July 24, 2010 – Jupiter in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn
· July 26, 2010 – Saturn in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries
· July 30, 2010 – Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries
· July 31, 2010 – Mars in Libra conjoins Saturn in Libra
· August 3, 2010 – Jupiter in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn
· August 3, 2010 – Mars in Libra opposes Jupiter in Aries
· August 3/4, 2010 – Mars in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn
· August 16, 2010 – Jupiter in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra
· August 21, 2010 – Saturn in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn
· September 18, 2010 – Jupiter in conjoins Uranus in Pisces
· December 21, 2010 – Lunar Eclipse * Sun in Sagittarius – Moon in Gemini
· January 4, 2011 – Total Solar Eclipse, Sun and Moon in Capricorn
· January 4, 2011 – Jupiter in Pisces conjoins Uranus in Pisces
· February 25, 2011 – Jupiter in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn
· March 28, 2011 – Jupiter in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra

(see http://lauriebaum.com/predictions.php for her thorough analysis)

It’s pretty obvious that there’s a lot going on, both internally and externally. When I consulted Higher Self, this is the response I received:

The veils between dimensions are getting thinner and thinner. Old and stagnant ways of thinking and doing are falling away while new systems are put into place. The dark mentalities can no longer keep the old world in place, although it seems the outdated and decrepit powers will not go without a fight (alas, their ways of control and subjugation will no longer work!).

Consult the Heart! Its voice speaks quite clearly and the connection is strong. Ride the waves of Love emanating from the ocean of your Infinite Being. It is a portal to the timeless dimensions.

The vibration felt there is like a doorway that can be passed through as you allow yourself to resonate with its song. It will move you to the deepest dimensions of Being. You are not limited! You are a field of Infinite Consciousness! Release yourself to the Divine Current! You are Love and Beauty unlimited by any constraint of time and dimension. Receive now!

The Divine is calling you to swim in the depths of full wakefulness, wherein you can experience the land of the Dreamtime, the in-between world of wakefulness and sleep. You are here to serve witness to the miracle of Love, the vibration that permeates all things and calls you to receive the gift of Infinite Bliss!

The connection to Higher Self, to the Mother-Father Unconditional Love is through the Child within. Your service in the world is to be the “invitation” for others to “come out and play.” Your role is to step fully into the consciousness of the Child Archetype where Love is fully manifest.

Feel the subtle vibrations of the heart. Listen to the song that plays within. It is joyful and moves like nectar through the body. It is lost in the busy-ness of the mind, when the attention gets caught up in the distracting fears of the worldly dream. However, you can learn to draw the attention back to the heart through the simple awareness of breath and sound.

Certain sounds vibrate the heart and can return the awareness back to its natural state of Love. All dimensions are open to you! Choose the ones that call to your sense of Beauty and Love. You are finding the way through your sensitivity to vibration and their infinite harmonics of Love. Move into the depths of bliss and the heights of Love through your attunement with these vibratory realms.

I understand there are still many lessons for me to learn involving life in the 3D world and “making a living.” The dissonance that I feel with old paradigms and with “corporate” life is getting wider. The irony is that the hypnosis of the world is such that it still requires money to survive here. Or does it?

As I get more and more clear about the gifts that I bring to the world, I can feel in my bones that my offerings have a place in the world and as such there can be an exchange of energy that occurs regarding success in life.

What shift in thinking is being asked of me at this time?

It is not so much a shift in thinking as it is a shift in Being. Step fully into your Being! You are powerful beyond imagination. When you realize and experience your powers, the question of mere survival drops from the radar screen of your consciousness. When you understand this, all life, all powers will support you in your highest dreams of freedom and success.

You still wake up each morning identifying with the self that has to take care of bills and business. The little self of the 3d world has commandeered your consciousness, causing you to believe in the illusions of limitation and lack. The Infinite Consciousness that you are knows no lack!

When you wake up to your inheritance of Infinite Consciousness, you will see your 3d existence as an interesting dream, a sidelight that you are waking up from. When this happens, the vibrations of the Infinite Dimensions will begin to “bleed through” into your 3d existence, affecting your circumstances there. All things will then improve for you.

The new awareness is happening now! Release any and all resistance. The dream of limitation and lack are ending. The story of that life is coming to an end, as if the ink from that life’s pen has dried up. Throw the pen away and receive the infinite song that sings of the One Life and One Consciousness of the Blissful Spirit that you are!

That Consciousness now moves freely through your body and mind. Enjoy the unfolding story of Self from the vantage point of omnipresent Love!

Your old story had much drama, adventure and heartache. Allow them to be released. Send them on their way with compassion, knowing that they served a purpose in helping you to learn the lessons of Love.

Enjoy now the Self of unlimited dimension, the Self of Infinite Beauty and Love! You are now Child of the Great Spirit!

The You that is experienced in the world of 3d is now part of the much wider existence and spectrum of the Divine. Observe and enjoy it for the dream that it is.

Music and chant have been doorways for you to the dimensions of Love and Beauty. We ask that you all share your gifts with one another. Through resonance with Beauty and Love you will then help others to vibrate and attune to their own unique gifts. Do you see how it works?

I would like to share with my readers a recording that was done at a vortex in 29 Palms, California. The recording is of myself and my good friend Rick Skalsky along with various crystal singing bowls, Tibetan metal singing bowls, etc. I hope you enjoy it!

Singing in the Vortex


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Awakening to the Medicine Wheel of Your Own Power

You are awakening to the medicine wheel of your own power and no longer need the lessons of stagnation and feeling stuck to get you to move forward. Move ahead with confidence towards the dreams you have and shake the world with your knowing! The heart is opening up to reveal the gifts you have been born with; and there is a growing sense of clarity and direction as you walk the path you are meant to travel.

The World is in need of individuals stepping more and more into their own light. Do your part to help. The unfoldment happens as a manifestation of intentions and not from a position of fear. Isn’t it interesting that you cannot now see the details of all the changes that are ahead of you in the months ahead, but all will unfold in its own time as you tune yourself to the voice of wisdom and as you learn to harness the resonant fields of sound and vibration to manifest your dreams. As you increase the power and frequency of your own vibration, you can help the relative vibration of any environment you choose to be in. Send your intentions out on energetic waves of intention, on waves of harmonics!

You are ready to understand the mysteries of both darkness and light. The path is opening up. Drop all stubborn attachments to what is considered “real” and “unreal.” When veils are lifted, the life you live and move in will seem no more than a dream.

The connections you have with the present existence is mostly through mind and senses. As you drop the veils and attachments to mind and mind fluff, worlds upon worlds open up to you; and as you peer into the inner landscape, you will find patterns in the “external” waking consciousness reflecting more and more the patterns that swirl within. The spiral and circle of the great Medicine Wheel then comes to awaken and release the long-restricted “Beast” of freedom and creativity!


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2009 and Messages from an Injured Shoulder

2009 seems to be building up to be a humdinger of a year! If one were to look only outwardly at the trainwreck of events as reported by the media, from the world economic crisis to the ongoing escalation of wars and violence, it would seem that 2009 augers a buildup of fear and thoughts of “how to survive the coming cataclysms.”

However, when looking upon all the chaos as the Universe’s way of destroying old and corrupt systems so as to make room for evolution to happen, then it becomes a matter of making choices as to how we want to live our lives: reacting to fear by “hunkering down,” or using the energy or excitement of fear to build momentum and awareness of the New Dimension of Consciousness that seems to be arising through the ashes of what is being torn down.

I don’t have a special “window” to the future, and I do know that pain and challenges are part of living on planet earth, and so my wife and I do our “due diligence” by keeping emergency supplies and some extra food and water…but we also know “in our bones” that our very purpose of existence is the simple awareness and act of “Being Love,” no matter how well or badly we may do from moment to moment. And there are times of course… when we get off course. It’s part of the drama that we’re learning to live with and not get so caught up in.

2009, for me, is not so much about “doing” as it is in “Being.” Both are important, but a little physical challenge that has shown up in my life in the last couple of months has won my attention and deep consideration. My left shoulder went out. Can’t use it. It happened right after an intense workshop that I participated in. Everything I do now has to be done slowly and with great awareness.

I’ve been seeing doctors but the healing may take awhile. My shoulder seems to be saying:

“Back off for awhile! Can you receive this and experience the opportunity that comes even with the pain? Listen and receive without grasping or fretting, without worrying about the future!”

The mind naturally thinks, “I need my shoulder to do my work and to be of service.” But of course the Higher Self is saying, “Just do your best and then relax in each moment, even if the moment is painful. Know that you are supported and guided even when it seems most dark and confusing.”


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Unleashing the Beast of Creativity – Our Deepest Fear

When we allow the “Beast”– or energy of Creativity– to flow unimpeded through our bodies and mind, without mentally editing or judging what gets expressed, that energy seems to expand and gain momentum and power, revealing a Consciousness that is infinitely wider and more inclusive than the ego identity that we have become so familiar with.

I want to thank Jessica from “Living on Purpose” who made a comment in one of my posts regarding how we fear most our own power. This thought is also beautifully reflected in Marianne Williamson’s quote,

” Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us….”

Thanks Jessica, for your kind thoughts and encouragement. Yes, I too believe we fear most our own power. Is it, perhaps, that we are afraid of losing our sense of self if we were to unleash the subterranean “beast” of creativity, that we would not be able to put the “genie” back into the bottle once we uncorked the giant within?

I think it’s quite amazing how tenaciously the ego fights to maintain the illusion of separation and smallness, that it would actually struggle to keep itself locked in the nightmare! The ego is like the prisoner that prefers the dank air of narrow captivity over the inspiration of Freedom. And in its own self-imposed exile, it desperately grasps for life and security by fighting for the ephemeral dreams of happiness that everyone else struggles for. We enter and go through the motions of life in hypnotic stupor, identified with the glittering baubles of desires that remain ever beyond our reach, and that distracts us from the experience of our Higher Selves, the very Source of all dreams and desires!

My hat’s off to the Divine Trickster that’s been able to pull that huge “wooly” over the eyes of humanity for so long! But I also believe that the power of our hearts’ awakening is no less strong than the hypnotic grip of dark struggle.

As we awaken from the dream nightmare of limitation and fear, we connect with the River of Consciousness that manifests the unique gifts that we were meant to give birth to through the instrument of our lives. When we tune in to the Divine Song that is already playing within, when we allow that vibration to express in our lives, we are awakened from the slumber of ages!

The veils of separation are falling as we individually acknowledge and take responsibility for the gifts of Spirit that are wanting to be born. There are unimaginable realms of Beauty and Love that were meant to be expressed in our lives, and all that is required for that to happen is an understanding that the Creative River flows of itself the more we step aside and allow it Sacred Space within!

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How to Deal With Fear – When Life Shakes Us to the Core

Fear is like a snake’s venomous bite that paralyzes and shuts down the necessary organs required for survival. However, whereas being bitten by a snake has beginning and end, the bite of fear can take up residency in the consciousness through the habit-producing venom of believing ourselves weak and insignificant. The following post is Higher Self’s response to questions about how to deal with fear, when Life seems to be like the spin cycle of some large washing machine before being “wrung out” to dry.

Once again we’re pushing you to surrender the tight hold you have upon fears and beliefs of limitation. It is not our intention to frighten but sometimes it seems we need to shake you in order to awaken you to the path that is yours to walk. Your prayer has always been for freedom and we have always responded; and yet the expectations of how freedom “should” look and feel like oftentimes gets in the way of our help. When you feel stuck and afraid, not knowing what to do, our guidance is always there. Even as you bang your head again and again on doors that do not wish to open, please understand that this is to help you consider other pathways that are more in line with your gifts and life lessons.

Beliefs and cultural upbringing are like magnetic force fields that seem to prevent you from experiencing higher dimensions of Being that are far more preferable than the default existence that most people on earth struggle in. And yet abundance and freedom are the birthright of all souls, attainable to all who are willing to release the tight hold upon the beliefs they have about the world.

You are still not convinced about the power of thoughts. Do this now: watch feelings and thoughts as they appear upon the screen of your awareness. Focus your attention on that place within that observes. Experience and feel the subtlety of thoughts as they rise and fall within. Receive the impressions of your surroundings without endlessly thinking about them.

Listen and take notice of all sounds without attaching to them. In other words, just Be. Let thoughts come and go. Observe the body and experience the energy field that you are.

As you continue in this primal awareness, you will begin to understand the immensity of Being, that your previous existence as a little struggling human will be seen as a distant dream; and in the fullness of calm acceptance, all that you need and desire will be more than fulfilled!


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Power of the Mind – Dropping All Regrets and Resentments

One way of getting into the moment and dropping all regrets and resentments is by using sound. The video is of me playing the digeridoo (an ancient Australian Aboriginal  instrument). The harmonics created and the use of “circular breathing” helps to connect with the Earth Mother and the spirits of Nature. The following post is from a dialog with Higher Self regarding the power of the mind…

Drop all regrets and resentments by focusing strongly upon what you are feeling in the moment, whether fear, sadness, or resentment. Immerse yourself in the consciousness of now, in the fullness of what vibrates within. Drop all anxiety! It is a repeating loop of agitation brought on by thoughts and memories of past hurts that threaten future suffering. Get out of the recurring time loop that keeps you captive on the roller coaster ride of fear!

For now, throw away the need to “make sense” of the world. It will only cause frustration. Too many stories and beliefs have already been erected around “Life and all of its mysteries.” Focus on this thought: Build the magnet! Build the attracting force that will create the dimensions you wish to manifest. The magnet is created by powerfully revolving the thoughts and feelings around the objects of your noble desires… IN THE MOMENT! The vibratory field created will then be a living energy grid that cannot be impinged upon by anxieties of the past or worries about the future.

Use the mind as the creative instrument it was intended to be, not the instrument of torture that it has become. The mind was not intended to constantly churn out stories and memories of past hurts. With the mind, you can tap into the deepest layers of any mystery. Layer upon layer can be pulled aside to uncover the infinite subtleties of existence.

With mind you can create anything, any circumstance. At present you believe yourself subject to certain laws and restrictions of the world. You have bought into the mass hypnosis that the billions on earth are subject to. Awaken now to the gifts that are yours. The connection you have with your surroundings are not only through the body, as consciousness is not limited by the physical senses. The senses are merely filters that show certain spectrums of the Infinite Consciousness. And the power of the senses need not be limited as the consciousness of any filter can be ramped up to apprehend the finest nuances of the physical and spiritual universes.

Let the mind do the work it is meant to do. There are no limitations save in your own unwillingness to venture beyond the pale of the senses. Let yourself flow with the power as you allow the channels of body and mind to merge with the Universal Currents.

We understand that it is difficult to go against the tide of the worldly dream…suffering and pain is all so real to those who live in the realms of the earthly nightmare. It doesn’t go away by just wishing or hoping. And yet the dream has many layers, dimensions that can be unfolded to reveal all the lessons contained. Use the vibration of your focus combined with your voice to change the dream. With the use of harmonics you can melt the boundaries that separate you from the path you are meant to walk.


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Zeitgeist the Movie – Conspiracy of Love

Looking at some of the “Zeitgeist – the Movie” forums on the web, the film has certainly generated some heated discussions, not something I wish to linger upon here. However, what is of interest to me is the sheer volume of people that have viewed the movie and resonate with the basic message: government involvement in the 9-11 tragedy, government conspiracy to control its citizens, etc., etc. For the detractors of the film, it has given them much fodder perhaps to further marginalize the “misguided whackos” on the fringe of society.

As mentioned in my August 8th entry, it’s so much easier to believe in an outside enemy, to believe that there are outside forces that wish to destroy us. This may very well be true, we’re not garnering a lot of goodwill points around the world. But cultural centrism makes it anathema to even consider that our own people, our own government would perpetrate such evil upon its own family. After all, we are “One nation under God.” We are Americans, flagbearers of Democracy! We have come a long ways since the days of slavery, a long ways since the days of annihilating our First Nation brothers and sisters from the lands we stole from them, a long ways since we incarcerated our American brothers and sisters of Japanese descent during World War II, a long ways since dropping 2 atomic bombs on cities in Japan killing 200,000+ civilians…. Of course I’m being facetious. It’s not that I do not trust government per se, it’s that I do not trust massive amounts of power in the hands of any organized religion or government; and I understand all too well the devastating affects of the misuse of power and belief systems by both church and state. History amply bares this out.

OK, let’s say that the idea of a massive conspiracy being perpetrated on the people of our country for purposes of control and manipulation are just too ludicrous to give second thought to. Maybe the government is incapable of managing such a cohesive illusion on that large of a scale. I can buy that. It’s just that the mind wants to place blame somewhere. It will always seek causation. Who is the enemy? Who did this to us? Al Quaeda? Our government? The “shadow government” run by the “suits and spooks”? Again I’m being facetious, but two things stand out in my mind. First, that whole groups of people have been targeted for genocide through conspiracy is not debatable. It has happened. Second, we know the power of individuals and small groups to control the minds and beliefs of vast populations. Just look at the spectrum of religions and political systems in the world and some of the things that are believed in! Now, I’m stepping on lots of toes here, but the point is that people can be made to believe in so many different things, in such a wide variety of cultural, political and religious dogma that boggles the mind when you look at the sheer range of what people believe in. Looking at it in this way, it doesn’t take a grand conspiracy or even a well thought out plan to get large groups of people to hate each other, and to perhaps even wipe each other out. The use of fear has devastating outcomes that makes it look like “There must have been a master plan behind it all!”

Fear has a signature stamp that seems primordially familiar; it hearkens to what is worst in mankind, and it smells of war and hate. Fear is the Great Conspiracy, forcing all who listen to its belching voice to dance like puppets entwined in their own strings: “Kill or be Killed. Conquer or be conquered!” Fear gathers around itself those of similar mindset and creates an “other” to condemn and hate, and the “other” is born through the union of hate and fear.

And yet we misread fear, following its drumbeat into impossible corners of our minds where we fight for the small turf of our limited beliefs that leaves no room for others. When left unchecked, fear ultimately implodes upon itself destroying its host mind and infecting those in close proximity.

Fear magnifies and exaggerates, creating phantoms and reflections of what we do not wish to see in every corner of our minds and in every face that looks different from our own…until we can no longer see the “Conspiracy of Love” that is also all around us, in the faces of untold millions that do good in the world. Fear conspires to shut down every heart that it infects whereas Love ultimately frees all hearts burdened with the shackles of sorrow. Fear and Love come together and yet Fear is not the evil twin. It comes only as a message to be taken heed of, a simple call to look within to embrace the gifts that it brings. Love is the energy of Fear transformed by Wisdom.

Fear cannot be fought in the sense of destroying it no more than darkness can be driven away by beating it with a stick. Fear can only be experienced, listened to and then respected for the messages that it brings.

Zeitgeist the Movie may have arguable inconsistencies, but it is natural and perhaps even healthy that so many people resonate with its message. We are really not all that far removed from the atrocities mentioned earlier. However, just as vast numbers of people can be controlled and swayed by fear, the influence of Love is no less powerful. For those who believe that “as flawed as humans and governmental systems might be, it’s all we have,” I would say this: we have so much more! The willingness of individuals to look squarely at their fears, and to acknowledge and take responsibility for their actions and beliefs is a huge step in breaking down walls that now separate us. Whereas governments might be weighed down by bureaucracy and inertia, I believe it takes only a few individuals throughout the world to step into the field of their own fears, to release the knots of personal and cultural beliefs that bind them, and then walk among others–not in condemnation–but as true brothers/sisters of the Great Spirit Energy that brings Love/Fear, to show that Fear comes not to destroy, but to also reveal the Great Love that is part of the same energy. Through that resonance of Being, which energetically touches the hearts of others in proximity, just a few individuals can change the face of Nations!

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