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Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part XI

The overall sensation of the body, when followed to its subtle reverberation in the spine, is the Life Force, the awakening Kundalini.

I find that there is an interesting paradox when it comes to Kundalini, especially in terms of its connection with “subtle” sensations. What I mean by this is that it confounds the mind that sensations so subtle can have such strong effect on the body, mind and psyche!

To me, the paradox of Kundalini is the mystery of how such power, beauty and bliss can be “squeezed” through what seems to be a microscopically thin “thread” of sensation vibrating in the spine!

When Kundalini is active in the body, the effects are hardly subtle. Initially, the body may writhe and shake uncontrollably, as the nervous system is not yet able to accommodate the “voltage” of what flows through. As the body and nervous system grow in capacity and strength, the expression of Kundalini through the body becomes more graceful and dance-like.

In this “dance” with Kundalini, the mind is not so active but rather in neutral, observation mode. The sensitivity and attunement with the underlying vibration of Kundalini is at the fore of awareness. The mind is either in the state of “no-thought” or in observer mode that dispassionately watches the coming and going of thoughts, as from a distance.

The experience of “no-thought” is not a mentally “blank” state but rather a most delicate attunement with the feeling state of the “Bliss Resonance.” The Bliss Resonance is the underlying vibration, the overall sensation, the “resonance” of all that you feel in the moment.

It is the delicate sensation of Bliss that begins to percolate up into your experience the more you simply allow yourselves to feel the overall sensation of the moment.

Initially the feeling may be a pleasant “feel-good” sensation that is gently uplifting. It is important to understand and acknowledge the significance of this initial point of connection. The subtlety of the experience represents an entry point that allows you to go deeper and deeper into the Bliss Resonance.

Although the initial experience may be subtle, it is in the subtlety of vibration wherein lies deeper and deeper connection and attunement with the Bliss Resonance!

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Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part IV

Feeling into the overall resonance/vibration of the body takes you to the threshold leading to the vast and oceanic Bliss Resonance. As I’ve mentioned many times before, it is easy enough to feel subtle vibrations/sensations in the body.

Connecting with the “Bliss Resonance” requires going slightly deeper, tuning into what, to me, sounds and feels like the distant humming or buzzing of a beehive…a gentle rumbling of sorts.

An important point here is that this “rumbling” is very quiet at first, more like an intimation of a vast inner space. I reiterate this because it is easy for the mind to seek and expect the large, “big bang” kind experience.

However, when feeling into subtle sensations, the suggestion here is to tune into the finest and usually ignored sensations that vibrate on the farthest periphery of awareness. This is not difficult…it just requires a shift in how we feel into our bodies, a different mindset regarding sensations that we normally do not pay much attention to.

I believe one of the most important mindset shifts is this: There are no insignificant sensations! Any sensation, when felt and tracked to its underlying resonance, can take you beyond the threshold of familiar vibrations, connecting you with the infinitely subtle and yet primal Bliss Resonance!

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Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part XV

The sensation of the current of Life Force moving in the body (especially in the central core of the spine) naturally and automatically focuses the mind, drawing it within to exquisitely subtle sensations…just like iron filings to a magnet.

Attuning to the vibration/sensation requires a delicate balance between tension and relaxation…as the movement of the Life Force in the central core of the body creates a sensation that activates the body to “contort,” to fall into “swoon.”

Finding the balance point between tension and relaxation is important because, in the beginning, the tension of the body contortion can quickly exhaust the body. As you gain familiarity with the contortion energy, you learn to modulate the buildup of energy without overextending the energy of the body.

As I’ve mentioned many times in previous posts, connecting with the subtle sensations of the Life Force (the awakening Kundalini) is not a difficult process. I realize, though, the immense paradox of how a vibration so close (and obvious), can remain seemingly hidden, unobtainable for a lifetime(s)!

The subtle sensation is available, accessible through every movement, every posture…in yawning, in stretching the body, in every smile, in tears, through sex… through every body function!

The connecting piece, which I believe is also the “missing ingredient” that opens the feeling connection with the subtle sensations (at play in the central core of the spine), is surrender…to the dance.

Not a passive surrendering to any and all vibrations, but a listening, feeling and falling (surrendering) towards expansion, towards what imparts an uplift of the heart. In surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, there is a deep release of self to follow the lead of Higher Self!

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The Paradox of Subtlety—When Kundalini Comes Like a “Thief in the Night” Part VIII

Bruce Manaka Art

Considering how pulverizing to the body, mind and ego the Kundalini process can be, where does the “sweetness” come in? Now, this is an aspect of the awakening Kundalini that to me is quite paradoxical. It (sweetness) is there along with all the feelings of getting crushed, ground to dust.

For me, the concept of “sweet sorrows” somewhat captures an aspect or part of the experience of the awakening Kundalini. It is akin to the feelings of nostalgia, where there is a heart-wrenching longing to return “home”… where our sense of home is not so much the longing for our earthly abode, but rather the intuitive knowing and longing for a return to the Divine Sacred.

Of course, when going through a lot of pain, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, the pain has a way of taking up all of our attention, and the biggest desire is usually to be free of the pain.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this, that when pain (of whatever cause) is so prolonged and unrelenting, that you feel you cannot take one more moment of it…and there is only a cry/scream for help that comes from the deepest place of longing…of surrender.

I believe there is a place within each of us that has a memory of not only our own sufferings, but also a kind of collective memory of the sufferings of all beings. This happens through the field of resonance that surrounds the heart, connecting us with the wider field of the Cosmic Heart.

This is something that can only be felt…and we get glimpses of this Divine Connection through the haunting experience of “sweet sorrows,” when we’ve been prostrated by life circumstances, “forced to our knees” so-to-speak, to the point where our inner cries for help come from of an intuitive, spontaneous longing to “return home.”

However fleeting this experience might be, it is one that is forever haunting, creating a connection with what I think of as “grace.” To me, grace is a kind of ethereal lifeline that seems to show up miraculously through the darkest of nights!

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Connecting With the Bliss Resonance, Part VII

Kundalini Mother

Connecting With the Bliss Resonance

When feeling into the overall sensation/resonance of the body, with the intention to focus upon subtle vibrations, you may begin to feel intimations of a vast and primal sensation. Initially it can be mere flashes of what feels like a deep underground “rumbling” or “reverberation.”

These “intimations” can bring up certain feelings. For me,  they are quite oftentimes feelings of nostalgia and sensations of giddiness…all very subtle at first.

With the intention to go deeper into the subtlety, the mind and body begin to experience a most delicate balance point of focus…and by virtue of simply feeling into these fine vibrations, you may connect with certain unfamiliar sensations, including one that imparts an upliftment of feelings, the Bliss Resonance!

With deeper play, exploration and surrender to the Bliss Resonance, you will begin to experience how the body innately and spontaneously knows how to move and dance with the growing Bliss energy.

You will observe how the body will take up certain postures and “micro-movements” as ways to allow greater flow of what wants to move, express and expand in the body/mind/spirit.

The play of subtlety with the Bliss Resonance becomes more like a beautiful dance and unlike what we might have considered as meditation “practice.”

When viscerally connected with the fine energies of the life force, the Bliss Resonance, the thought of “meditation practice” no longer “fits” nor has the same meaning that it may once have had.

When connected with the fine energies of the life force, meditation “practice” becomes more aptly thought of as meditation “dance” or meditation  “swoon”…or perhaps “dance of subtlety.”

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