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Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part VII

The focus of mind upon subtle sensations is like holding to a delicate “thread” of vibration. This “thread” creates a fine tension in the body that can be tracked to what may feel like “center,” or the central channel of the spine.

For me, the sensation of “giddiness” comes fairly close in describing the vibration…a gentle, subtle giddiness moving deliciously, like strands of silk being pulled through the spine!

It is an activating sensation sourced not in any coarse, outer stimulation, but rather in an inwardly focused attention that connects with finer and finer “currents” and “waves” of subtle sensations (the awakening Kundalini).

What I believe happens is that as the attention is inwardly focused upon fine vibrations, at a certain point, the awareness connects with the expansiveness of the inwardly directed mind…like stepping into the “slip-stream” of the Bliss Resonance that begins to percolate up in awareness the more we feel into subtlety!

The giddiness part occurs as a result of the buildup of energy (Life Force) in response to the body’s connection with the bubbling up of the Bliss Resonance. As mentioned before, initially the Bliss Resonance may be experienced as a gentle “feel-good” sensation in the spine and rest of the body.

With greater sensitivity to these subtle sensations, you might notice that the body intuitively knows how to adjust to the buildup of the Life Force in the spine and body through “micro-movements” and certain postures. These “adjustments” happen naturally and spontaneously.

At this point you will understand that what you might be experiencing as giddiness is the energy that is prompting you to adjust the body in micro-movements. The play of subtlety has begun! You have entered the realm of the Cosmic Dance!

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Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part XII

Focusing Mind for Deeper Meditation - Art by Bruce Manakas

Focusing Mind for Deeper Meditation – Art by Bruce Manaka

What is this “sublimely delicious” experience that I spoke about in the previous post? I think of it simply as “essence.” It is the subtle vibration that is just below surface sensations of the body.

It is the overall sensation of all that is felt in the moment, a distillation of vibration resolving to a point of subtlety that holds the body/mind/psyche in one-pointed balance with the Bliss Resonance.

Another way of saying this: primal gut/intestinal feelings felt and tracked to the central core of Being. In both descriptions, the important aspect is the process of refining, distilling, going below surface sensations…to the activating “essence” of what flows through the body.

Feeling deeper and deeper into subtlety is the refining process. The body/mind/psyche has the ability to track sensations to deepest points of subtlety. In the process, the awareness becomes exquisitely balanced/poised…as though balanced upon the tip of a needle…or “razor’s edge.”

As I’ve mentioned so many times before, this process is not difficult…no more so than dancing! The crux of the matter, though, is in surrendering to the lead of how the Life Force, the awakening Kundalini, wishes to dance in the body…surrendering to the subtle “nudges” of Kundalini dancing through the body, to the “push/pull” play of energies in the central core of the spine!

My suggestion here is this: you most like already know the enjoyment of dance. A deeper connection with what you already feel can be made with the intention to follow/feel deeper and deeper into subtle sensations of your enjoyment.

In other words, follow the trail of subtlety, below the surface enjoyment of what you already feel. Hold and feel just below the surface…and then go slightly deeper!

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Focusing Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part XII

When focusing the mind in meditation, there are no insignificant sensations, as they can all be potential entry points in connecting with the underlying resonance of the Divine Subtlety.

Every posture, every nuance of movement can be connected with the underlying “hum” of creation. This vibration/hum is the distilled essence of all that is felt in the body…and what is deeply felt has a way of focusing the mind!

This hum/vibration includes not only the familiar sensations of the inhaling and exhaling breath, the heartbeat, the weight of the body, etc., but it also includes the not-so-familiar sensations of fine vibrations and reverberations that are accessible but normally not considered.

Mind is like a liquid that fills the container of the body. What you feel can then be infinitely distilled to a most subtle essence…and this essence is experienced as a sensation that puts mind and body into a most delicious swoon!

When the body/mind/psyche enter into meditative trance/swoon, the feeling of the inner squeezing, contortion of the body, is like a churning of “cream” (of life force) in the spine until the “butter” of essence is created. The experience is felt as a ravishing pulsation of sweetness that radiates through the energetic field of the body.

The body/mind, when it “touches” the underlying “hum,” will begin to vibrate in resonance with the powerful current. The mind will be as riveted, focused upon the growing inner sensation that seems to naturally “push” energy upwards in the spine to the crown area.

Understand that the above experience can be described in a number of ways. For example: a giant snake spiraling up and around the spine, squeezing the energy to the crown area. Or…like taffy being pulled to infinite thinness up the spine.

There are numerous traditions describing the movement of the Divine Essence, Life Force, Kundalini in the body and spine. The important point to note is that these traditions (along with their meditative techniques) can be helpful when you actually connect with these infinitely subtle currents.

However, I don’t believe that techniques can impart the experience in a linear, step-by-step progression. They can be helpful in the beginning to establish intention, prayer and discipline, but at a certain point, the rigid practice of technique can get in the way. The Life Force, Kundalini, is such a wild, primal, oftentimes chaotic, disassembling force/energy! The pathway to it is not a neat and tidy, linear and logical, step-by-step process!

With this in mind, once you do have the connection, you will recognize how to use technique to deepen your attunement with this primal Life Force.

I do believe that meditation technique can be useful to prepare the body/mind/psyche for when Kundalini begins to tear your life apart, when it disassembles it, for purposes of putting it back together in a better way.

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Listening to the Intuitive Voice, Part IV

The idea of “losing oneself in dance” is a visceral experience that I believe is understandable and fairly accessible to many people. Similarly, “being danced by Spirit” can be thought of pretty much in the same way, but with some exceptions. The latter idea connects with deeper and more subtle vibrations and sensations…and does not require the physical playing of music to dance to.

Another exception is that when being danced by Spirit, physical movements may be outwardly imperceptible. Rather, it may be more an inner dance of “micromovements,” delicate movements prompted by an inner response and play with the flow of life force in the body…a push/pull play of contraction and relaxation, perhaps reminiscent of isometric and isotonic exercises.

Now, there are many types of subtle energy dynamics happening in the body all at the same time and I wish to speak of only those that can be viscerally experienced/felt, so as to not divert the attention in mere intellectual and philosophical concepts.

Particular sensations that we may not pay much attention to (but worthy of deep exploration) are the incoming and outgoing breaths. When we endeavor to feel deeper and deeper into the subtle sensations that arise when we tune into our breath, at a certain point there is an inner “get,” a visceral experience and connection with the breath as infinitely subtle waves and pulsations of life force.

The above “explanation” can be expressed in another way: “watch/observe the incoming and outgoing breaths dispassionately.” Now, the concepts of watching the breath, as suggested in different meditation techniques, is simple enough to understand. However, the inner “get,” the deep connection and visceral experience of the “distilled essence” of life force through breath seems to require a slight shift in how we “feel” into our bodies.

I find it somewhat mind boggling that, considering all the years (most of my life) that I “practiced” meditation, that a deep connection with the subtle life force (and its Divine Essence, Bliss) remained elusive!

It wasn’t enough to merely understand meditation technique, along with my intention to “go deeper and deeper into subtlety.” All my “trying harder” and longer periods of meditation also did not seem to help.

(To be continued)

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Dance of Micromovements, Elixir of Bliss Part I

The delicate sensations of sweetness, as felt deeply in the spine, can be gently “grabbed” or “embraced.” It is just a matter of surrendering ourselves to the delicate waves and pulsations that move rhythmically through our bodies. The process is similar to “losing” oneself in dance, a dance of “micromovements.”

In the dance of micromovements, there is an inner allowing/surrendering to the body’s natural knowing of how to move in resonance with the subtle currents that can fairly easily be felt in the spine. There is an intuitive knowing of how to create “energetic locks” in the body that “holds” life force and allows the buildup of what is like an “elixir of bliss” in the spine. This elixir can be thought of as a distillation of essence that builds up to the point of overflow.

The overflow of this elixir creates an upliftment of body/mind/psyche…a sense of enchantment with All Things!

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