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Reverberations of the Underlying Bliss Resonance, Part IX

The visceral experience of the Bliss Resonance puts the mind and body into a kind of swoon, held by the “current” that moves deliciously in the spine!

This “current” is connected with by feeling into finer and finer sensations. As I’ve mentioned before, there is a paradoxical affect that occurs when feeling into the subtleties of sensations: at the same time a bliss response occurs in the spine!

The bliss response initially starts as a sensation that is small, like a “grain of sand” vibrating in the spine…and yet it has the power to draw the mind within. This subtle sensation intimates of something that is vast and mysterious…the “contortion” of the Bliss Resonance!

The mind that focuses upon the fine “grain-of-sand” of the Bliss Resonance gets drawn into what is like a current that gets stronger and stronger the deeper you go into the subtlety.

Hold to the “Divine Current!” You will come to experience the body as a conduit/lightning rod for the Divine to ground the Bliss Resonance into the vibratory space you inhabit!

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Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part VI

In exploring the subtleties of how to focus the mind during meditation practice, I find it helpful to pay close attention to those fleeting moments when the mind is still, between thoughts. Noticing the moments between thoughts is not difficult to do, but the important point during those moments is to feel deeper into the overall sensation of the body.

Without the intention to feel slightly deeper, the mind may not apprehend the opening that it is being given…to go deeper and deeper into the subtlety of vibration!

However fleeting those moments are (like a “flash-in-the-pan”), they are accompanied by a visceral experience involving the deepest vibrations of the body. There is an overall sensation that is created…and this “overall sensation” has a way of holding the mind for longer and longer periods of “no-thought,” in one-pointed focus.

To me, it is as though the sensation “grips” the mind in one-pointed focus, almost as if the mind/brain had a muscle around it that “squeezed” it into stillness. Using this approach, the body becomes part of the “mechanism” for tuning the mind into one-pointed focus. The process can be thought of as a dance with finer and finer vibrations, a dance where we allow the subtle (Divine) Currents to take the lead.

When feeling into the overall sensation of the body, you may notice the mind moving (firing off), engaging with thoughts, memories, distractions, likes/dislikes, etc. However, as you hold the intention to feel finer vibrations, the mind (and all distractions) may slowly begin to fade, as though you were observing them from afar.

During those moments of feeling deeply, you want to notice the overall sensation of the body…and the flashes of when the mind is not “firing-off.” This is important insofar as you are given an “entryway” to go deeper and deeper…if you allow yourself to latch onto the finer “threads” of what is just below the superficial thoughts and feelings.

As you gain familiarity with those moments of “no-thought,” you will be inwardly guided to string those moments together into longer and longer periods of one-pointed focus.

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