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Connecting With the Bliss Resonance, Part XIII

Bruce Manaka ArtF0584

The mind is like a “pattern generator/seeker” that constantly creates and moves towards form, structure and meaning. It doesn’t like to deal with messiness or things outside what is familiar, outside what “makes sense.”

There is SO MUCH below the surface of what is familiar, in regards to our sense of self/identity, our day-to-day lives, our relationships, desires, etc. The momentum of our lives continues day-to-day and has created a kind of “footprint” or “pattern” that we have come to consider “reality.”

In my experience, the beliefs I strongly held around spirituality, meditation practice, etc., provided a sense of security and peace of mind. It made total sense and provided a neat and tidy, step-by-step spiritual world view, so very satisfying…until it all came crumbling down!

I have come to believe that any form and structure, no matter how seemingly “high-vibration,” like the forms of exalted beings and their teachings, are not necessarily meant to remain in form and structure to the awakening student/disciple.

At any rate, in the experience of being swept up by the primal “Bliss Resonance,” your sense of identity and attachment to any teaching, teacher, guru, etc., all get shattered/pulverized, changed forever!

Perhaps, in a sense, the form/structure of the student (as well as the teacher/Guru) changes/shifts to a wider container that is able to accommodate the expanding relationship and consciousness.

Previous relationships of form and structure are remembered as a distant dream, a distant lifetime, meant to be transformed to a different and wider relationship…one that, like a dance, can be wild, chaotic, disassembling…as well as sublimely transcendent, blissful!

When the Divine Dance takes over, form, structure and mind patterns drop away…there is only the dance!

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Animal Totems – Feather Energy

Hawk Feather I found on my balcony

Hawk Feather I found on my balcony

For the past two weeks or so, while out for my walk, bird feathers have unexpectedly shown up along the way. Mostly crow feathers, but over the weekend, while walking along the beach, I found two pelican feathers, beautiful plumes 14 inches long!

Pelican feathers found at beach

Pelican feathers found at beach

Whenever certain patterns repeat themselves to me that are somewhat out of the ordinary, I take notice and listen on the inside that I might feel the vibration of what is calling my attention over and over again.

Pelicans in flight over beach in Half Moon Bay

Bird energy seems to be calling to me, and recently I started to collect the feathers as they seem to fairly shout for my attention. Yesterday, I saw a blue heron, the second one within a couple months time. They are stately birds, breathtakingly beautiful!

Blue Heron in Long Beach, CA from Reef Restaurant

Dear Higher Self, why the special preponderance of feathers and special birds at this time?

The feathers are like sensitive wands that can be used to gather the finest impressions of vibrations around and within your body. Just as birds are extremely sensitive creatures, their feathers also pick up the most subtle of energies. As you hold them in your hands, they can be used to not only gather energy but to also project thoughts and intentions. The feathers are showing up as a way to show the pathways of inner flight. They come to you unbidden and unlooked for and yet arouse a sense of awe and reverence for the wonder that they represent. Like the noble Blue Heron, learn to be still and receive the vibrations of all elements of Nature.

Beauty enfolds you in Her wings of dark mystery! Receive and listen to the song of Her flight within your heart. Can you hear the crow in the distant reaches of your imagination? Listen to her now, feisty and playful; versed in the art of trickery and transformation. She is placing feathers upon your path that you might understand the mystical path of vibration and song that you walk. Listen to and experience the connection that you have with all the Earth’s elements! They convey so much to anyone who would take the time to listen. Listen not only with your ears but with all the sensitivity of your finest awareness.

You are surrounded by an aura of light and sound, like feathers dancing in dynamic interplay with the body. And the body is far larger than what the limiting thoughts believe it to be. The eyes “see” it circumscribed and limited by a certain form that you have grown accustomed to; and yet if you close the eyes and “feel” deeply within, it is easy to experience consciousness far beyond the boundaries of physical form. You are that energy, expanded through all space!

As you go for a walk, or sit at your desk, feel the energy component of your consciousness, far beyond the form of the body. How wonderful it is to feel that sense of expansion, as though you had long feathers of light touching and connecting with all Nature! No longer circumscribed by limiting thoughts, you can float with the clouds or soar with the birds through the freedom of skies, unencumbered by beliefs of limitation!

White Egret at Shoreline Sanctuary


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