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Awakening to the Medicine Wheel of Your Own Power

You are awakening to the medicine wheel of your own power and no longer need the lessons of stagnation and feeling stuck to get you to move forward. Move ahead with confidence towards the dreams you have and shake the world with your knowing! The heart is opening up to reveal the gifts you have been born with; and there is a growing sense of clarity and direction as you walk the path you are meant to travel.

The World is in need of individuals stepping more and more into their own light. Do your part to help. The unfoldment happens as a manifestation of intentions and not from a position of fear. Isn’t it interesting that you cannot now see the details of all the changes that are ahead of you in the months ahead, but all will unfold in its own time as you tune yourself to the voice of wisdom and as you learn to harness the resonant fields of sound and vibration to manifest your dreams. As you increase the power and frequency of your own vibration, you can help the relative vibration of any environment you choose to be in. Send your intentions out on energetic waves of intention, on waves of harmonics!

You are ready to understand the mysteries of both darkness and light. The path is opening up. Drop all stubborn attachments to what is considered “real” and “unreal.” When veils are lifted, the life you live and move in will seem no more than a dream.

The connections you have with the present existence is mostly through mind and senses. As you drop the veils and attachments to mind and mind fluff, worlds upon worlds open up to you; and as you peer into the inner landscape, you will find patterns in the “external” waking consciousness reflecting more and more the patterns that swirl within. The spiral and circle of the great Medicine Wheel then comes to awaken and release the long-restricted “Beast” of freedom and creativity!


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The Body as Window to Other Dimensions

Mystery of the Human Body, Chakra system

The body is a window to help you experience particular dimensions of creation. Life experiences were meant to be enjoyed and learned from, not to torture and maim. Free yourself now by releasing the strong hold upon the stories erected around the beliefs you have about this existence.

Listen to the whispers of your heart calling you to create differently. Stop fighting your own power! Create from the abundance that dances within. Release yourself to follow the trail of Beauty! Receive and create! Unleash what wants to express and have life in the world.

It is not complicated. Do not make life a series of problems! Breathe deeply, release, create, enjoy the moment. In the fullness of Presence, all things are filled with infinite beauty and light. Feelings of loneliness and separation are symptoms of a consciousness that is fractured by attachments to past and worries of the future. Connect now with the music that plays from inside. Immerse yourself quickly into the river that flows towards the Great Spirit. Relax and feel your Larger Self.

What dimension of consciousness do you wish to visit and learn from? There is no realm of wisdom and knowledge that is beyond your reach. Just feel what is around you now. Consider the people within the circle of your environment. When talking with them, pay attention more on the inside and feel the rays of light and vibration that penetrate to the deepest levels of your heart. Focus upon the energy field around them and the vibratory feel of the words that issue from their lips. You will then connect on the deeper levels of heart and wisdom where true communication occurs. You are all so much more than the bodies and roles that you play!

The body is a doorway to experience various levels of consciousness. Do not get stuck on only one plane or dimension. You have grown so accustomed to the world via the senses that the spectrum of your awareness lies within a fairly narrow range. Your experience of the different forces of Nature is pretty much constrained by mental concepts and memories. Can you feel the Wind not only as physical sensation but also as consciousness that can be communicated with? When you learn to listen on the inside, you will understand that you are connected with all forces of Nature in a most intimate way. That you ever feel disconnected and separated from the Source of all Beauty and Love is the grandest “Magic Disappearing Act” you play again and again on your Self.

Consciousness congeals to form a picture of you in a universe that has certain laws of physics required to maintain the dream. The billions of individuals who walk upon planet Earth all participate in this dream of separation, and yet many are awakening to the One Consciousness that is dreaming the picture and drama of suffering. When you learn to see the body and mind as a “multi-sensory movie producing machine,” then you will learn to disconnect your seemingly hardwired attachments to the body and mind. You need not ignore the body but only release the tight grip you have upon the flickering pictures of the drama. The senses were meant to help you experience the Universe as energy, as vibration and consciousness. Allow thoughts to settle down and just experience your body and mind as a dream producer. As you watch dispassionately, you begin to experience the Vast Consciousness behind the dream. The dream then becomes peripheral and the Consciousness of Spirit expands fold upon fold. Just observe without attachment or grasping. This has always been our instructions to you. So simple… and yet for all those still caught in the dream, it seems difficult–if not impossible–to extricate themselves from the gossamer fetters of the nightmare that continue to bind!


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Manifesting Abundance through the Magnet of the Heart

In this post, Higher Self speaks of holding to the path we were “born to travel,” and to release blind attachments to the beliefs we have regarding what we think is required for survival on this planet. Higher Self also speaks about manifesting abundance through the magnet of the heart, through the simple awareness of Presence.

Again and again we ask you to create. Do not get sidetracked. Hold to the path you were born to travel. You are a creator! Continue to write, paint, play music and sing. Help yourself to the treasures that are in abundance and call upon the consciousness of trees, sky, stars and crystals to help you every step of the way.

Do not make life into a problem of survival. Widen your mental and spiritual eyes to embrace the vast universe of infinite creation. If your experience has been one of lack and want, it is because you have settled for the small waterhole that everyone else is fighting for. Limit not your vision and imagination to the small plot of land you have grown accustomed to. Consider the world as a doorway in which infinite creative energies abound. Learn to think, feel and move in ways that will help you to live in the wider sky of divine awareness!

The world you see is a narrow band of consciousness that is but a tiny island of your true existence. You are infinitely more than the tale of struggle that you have written for yourself. The story of humanity for the most part has been one of fight and struggle because that is the ongoing dream nightmare continuously fed by the scalding waters of sorrow and the torturous barbs of human suffering.

Let this chapter of life be about learning how to see what others are unwilling to see, to hear and experience the expanse of powers that can only be intuited by deep openness and inner listening. Unloose yourself to creativity and explore horizons beyond what is familiar and “safe.” Move in the light beams of consciousness to experience places of unimaginable beauty and power; and through your explorations help others to connect with the vibratory realms of unspeakable joy and abundance.

It is time to drop attachments to what you believe the world is. The belief that you must work within a given set of worldly parameters in order to pay the bills requires a certain “monetary mindset” which can also be defined as time and life energy. Whatever way that money is defined, it seems to be the predominant currency for survival in the world. How much of this life energy or currency are you expending to maintain your present life situation?

Understand the dream nature of this dimension you believe yourself a prisoner of. Dissolve the dream by letting go of past and future. Bring all of yourself to the simple awareness of Presence, without judgment, without attachment to thought. In this awareness there is no fight about how you would like things to be, about limitations and the human condition. From this place of clarity, you experience all things as a play and drama being dreamt by the Universe. From this place of consciousness, you live, act, sleep and dream without holding onto the suffering inherent in dream attachment.

Your relationships to the body and the world changes as thoughts of the past and uncertainties of the future fall away. The body is but an instrument to help you experience a particular dimension of the Universal Consciousness. It is a narrow dimension to those attached to strong belief systems of what they believe the world to be. To those who are awakening, the body becomes a portal to other dimensions of finer energies where beings and creatures of incredible beauty and power reside!

You are not a prisoner of your body and all of its needs! Just breathe and observe the energies that play and dance within. You have powers and energies that can explode you out of the present mindset of lack and limitation. In the simple awareness of Presence, your body and environment draws to you the very things you now only wish for. With simple awareness, the heart is charged like a magnet to attract the things you need and desire. Manifesting abundance then becomes a matter of fine-tuning the heart, magnetizing it through focus upon the unfolding moment. With awareness, the sense of “I-ness” expands to include the environment and all creatures. You become a force of Nature, a part of the universal current of Creation where the consciousness of time and space expands into the fullness of Presence!


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