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Frequency of Love – the Cosmic Radiation

Sometimes my body and mind just seem to need a “kick-start” to get the creative energies flowing. Especially during times when it’s cold and damp, a kind of overlay of contraction can occur, like a blanket that keeps me in a holding pattern of stagnation—like being caught in molasses. I woke up this morning and my back was feeling tight and the mind was restless. Where was the frequency of love, the cosmic radiation of joy? I just wanted to roll back under the covers.

Just create! Sing! Move into the bodily positions that magnify the feelings of bliss and then feel with deep calmness! The heaviness of your 3d existence is just an old shoe that no longer fits and yet they continue to adhere to your feet as if by habit of lifetimes. It is time to throw them out! Release them, for you now have wings to carry you through life. They may not be physical wings in the sense that your mind may envision, and yet they are real in realms of feelings. The vibration of bliss that you feel in your heart, shoulder blades and back stretch out energetically in waves that resemble “wings.” And these wings are exquisite beyond imagination! You have been feeling them for quite some time now and getting accustomed to their shape and form. The body is even moving in ways to help accommodate their expansiveness. Do you now understand the depiction of angels with wings in your literature and paintings? The flow of this powerful river emanates from what feels like the heart and spine, outwardly in swirling geometries, similar to prominences that explode out from the sun.

Sing, dance, move in your own unique ways, allowing energy within to do its work of expansion and ascension. The very cells of your body are changing to accommodate the larger influx of bliss. It moves like quicksilver in the bodily field.

As you move in what may seem like repetitive motions, inwardly you feel the energy expanding and adjusting to receive the higher voltage of the Cosmic Radiation.

Explore the realms and dimensions that are accessible to you through the portals of the heart, through your wide openness. Create everyday in realms of Love, for Love is the very frequency that moves like the river through the body. Love is the ocean that is calling you to enter its infinite depths. Ride upon the waves of its creative vibration that glides eternally through the body and all space.

The time of great change is here. Allow the shift in consciousness to happen as you relax and melt into the blissful field. Know that Love is the vibration that saturates every cell of the body. There is no place or corner of the universe where it is not. Dance and play with the magnificent resonance of its Divine Song that creates the torsion fields of your dream existence.

As you create and lose yourself in the vibration or frequency of Love, the consciousness of the One playing and dancing through the field of your body and environment comes to the fore. The sense of separation then falls away, allowing the awareness of the connectivity to all things to naturally emerge. Can you feel the drumbeats of the Infinite Heart? Can you hear its song?

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Ascension Into Higher Dimensions: the Angelic Realms

Angels come in many forms, infinite in variety. Some may not be recognizable as anything that would be associated with the angelic realms. They may come as a certain kind of feeling, or as a fleeting thought. If you limit the possible forms they can inhabit, it is easy to miss them when they are with you. They may come as an almost imperceptible vibration of sound, or a subtle wisp of color that flashes in the mind. If you relegate them only to the archetypes that are familiar and “acceptable,” then most likely they are dismissed when they come as a delightful fragrance or gentle puff of wind upon the cheeks.

People wonder about “Ascension” and what it is like to experience the higher realms. An aspect of Ascension is the moment-to-moment consciousness of the expanded Self, which is the connection to the Angelic dimensions. If you are not aware of anything beyond the physical senses, it is because that is where most of the energy has been allowed to dwell. As you allow the awareness to “feel” on deeper and more subtle levels, you begin to understand that the physical plane is but one dimension of a vast and Infinite Consciousness. It requires a loosening up of the belief forms and feelings around the physical senses. It is a matter of feeling and sensing beyond and beneath for the subtle vibrations that are generally beyond reach of the physical instruments. Feel the vibrations of the colors that you “see.” Feel the sounds of the vibrations you “hear”…and so forth.

Ascension is already here. The Angels have always been with you. You are already connected to the higher realms. The mind that questions, “But I’m still dealing with feelings of lack and limitation,” that is just the mind doing what it has been programmed to do. It is an identity falsely assigned to a narrow spectrum of the Infinite Self. As you feel more deeply beneath the “dream” of limitation, the experience of ascension, the bliss consciousness,  will become more and more established in the day-to-day existence.

You are all “Angels” drinking in the subtleties of each moment. The dimensional shift happens from moment to moment and it is not so much a transformation of consciousness as it is a remembrance of who you are and what you have always been: Infinite Spirit that has allowed itself to be lost for awhile in the worldly dream.


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