Sound Healing

Experience the “Magic of Harmonics” – Riding the Wave of Sound!

Using the ancient vocal techniques of overtone singing combined with the beautiful and ethereal tones of crystal singing bowls, a “Magic of Harmonics” event is a sonic experience that raises the consciousness and energy level of everyone present.

Sound Healing using Vocal Overtones and Crystal Singing Bowls

Read What Others Say About the “Magic of Harmonics” Events

“I have not had any pain in my knee since I have seen you on Sunday, first time in several months. I have been taking some very strong pain killers and looking at the possibility of surgery…. Last week was truly the worst week I have had in my life. I spent more time crying in my car than ever before. I am usually the most positive person but I had become completely overwhelmed with pain…. I have not slept well in months. Your session on Sunday was a Miracle and a gift. I am smiling again and sleeping like I have not in years. You are an amazing healer. I can’t thank you enough…..”
—Janna Woods (Cupertino, CA)

“This session created a powerful, safe space for me to heal from a sudden shock. I had just learned of the death of a friend and felt frozen in my grief. During the session I felt the presence of my departed friend and began moving toward the healing of my grief.”
—Libby Boone, (Taupiri, New Zealand)

“There is not enough space anywhere to relate how I feel. I am better. I needed this for a long time.”
—Renee Michaelsen (San Jose, CA)

“I have never experienced this before. I am in awe—feeling positive physical change.”
—Laura L. (San Jose)

“Beautiful, inspiring and powerful. The sounds induce a meditative state very quickly. The private session feels very balancing.”
—Mariabruna Sirabella (Watsonville, CA)

“Very powerful work. Truthfully, for a change I’m somewhat speechless.”
—Richard Bernstein (Aptos, CA)

When focused with power and mindful intention, sound can be a direct path to help balance and integrate body and mind through the vibratory alignment and resonance that is created. It can serve as a pathway to explore dimensions of unlimited creativity, vocal power, and inner wisdom. Through resonance and vibration, the wave forms and harmonics created by the crystal singing bowls and vocal overtones helps to return us to a state of our natural rhythm and frequency.

Using Vocal Overtones and Crystal Singing Bowls

To help heal the Earth.

The first crystal singing bowl is made from Amethyst. The second singing bowl is made from a combination of quartz and iron, known as “Grandmother.”

It’s an incredible experience to play the crystal singing bowls and to sing beneath the trees. The sound of the wind, the singing of birds, the swaying of trees all seemed to merge into one Dance of Creation. Beautiful vibrations, harmonious sounds…all seemed to be as food for Mother Earth!

For another sample of Overtone Singing, listen to a track from my Crystal Dreamkeeper CD:

Overtone Singing: \”Om-Ah-Hum\

Overtone Singing (also known as throat singing), is the use of our vocal apparatus to sing two, three, or more notes at the same time. The sound is quite ethereal and can be a way to help balance out the energies in the body and to calm the mind.

Vocal Overtones with Crystal Singing Bowls
Crystal singing bowls to heal the earth

“Very wonderful experience. The most relaxed I’ve been in weeks!
–Diana Padilla (San Jose, CA)

“Absolutely amazing, powerful, wonderful.”
–Mallika Beach-Mebrotra (Campbell, CA)

“It really moves the energy quite a bit; helps removes blocks.”
–Patrick Brumm (San Jose, CA)

“I have never experienced this before. I am in awe – feeling positive physical change.” –Laura Larios (San Jose)

“It was wonderful and I believe I may have released some neck pain.”
–Rosie White (San Jose, CA)

For more information on Sponsoring a “Magic of Harmonics” event check out:

Magic of Harmonics

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