The United States of Love – LIVEPEACENOW!

We are a country founded on principles of Freedom. However, freedom without wisdom and love is like letting a drunk man take the wheels of your car to drive you home. Chances are you will not get there in one piece. It seems that our country is being driven by a group of drunk people, those unable to truly embrace or understand the connectivity of all life. 

 Wisdom and Love are experiential…vibratory in nature and can be felt as great openness and breadth of awareness. There is a growing number of individuals throughout the world who gather together to commune with the Great Love, who experience the power of their own wisdom. The power of these groups are like steel grids that hold those still captive to fear in a deathgrip of confusion. More and more you will see the lifelessness of those who are bound by their own fears and ignorance.

I created here a “Love flag” that is my way of focusing on what expands and energizes. It is like a totem that adds strength to the vibratory grid of “Peace” that is being put into place throughout the world. The following dialog is from my “conversation” with this totem.

United States of Love Flag

The ways of war and fight are patterns that humans have been all too familiar with throughout the ages. The time for peace is imperative, as the vibratory life grid of Mother Earth is being shaken to the core by the dark consciousness of those enmeshed in anger and hatred. It is time to change the pattern! The vibration of Love is not less strong than hatred. The power of hearts united in Love is like a fire that does not burn and yet can melt the frozen tentacles of hate that holds nations captive in their own dungeons of fear.

[I have created designs that express the critical necessity to once and for all “LIVEINPEACE.” It is time…way overdue, but never too late!]

For “LIVEINPEACE” wearable art, please

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Turtle Medicine - Live in Peace

Purity - Live in Peace

Snow Dragon - Live in Peace

Dragonfly Dance - Live in Peace

7 responses to “LIVEPEACENOW

  1. Your message is very powerful and clear, thanks for always pointing to the truth. I am always inspired by your work.

  2. What is coming through you is so deeply helpful and appreciated during these times of great change. May your path be showered with blessings and wondrous awakening and let us all be filled with the Light of God that never fails.

    We have forwarded your peace flag to those whom may benefit from it and it’s inspiration as well as providing a link to your site. May you be prospered for your work, beyond your grandest visions. 🙂

  3. Greetings Beloved Bruce and Patty,

    The artwork that has come through you is inspired and inspiring. We will be pointing people toward your site. May we ask, in what medium has your artwork been created, and if on a computer, what program? It is beautiful indeed.

    In Light & Love,
    Jacob & Elizabeth

    • Thanks Jacob and Elizabeth,

      I’m glad you like my art! Much of it starts out as a sketch that I then scan and modify in either Photoshop or Illustrator. I then adjust colors and perhaps add other scans until I feel the piece is complete. Much of my creative ideas happen while writing and drawing at a local coffee shop. I like the sounds, smells and background noises/music that entrains my body and mind into deeply relaxed states. The coffee also helps! : ) I usually start by using my dominant/non-dominant technique of writing. If the writing seems to come to a stillpoint, I’ll begin drawing, or rather doodling as a way to keep the flow of energy going. At a certain point, certain thoughts come into play as I just observe what is being drawn…I’ll then pick up with the writing. The cycle of writing, doodling/drawing can go on indefinitely, or at least until I feel an inner sense of completion.

      Thanks again for your kind words. I enjoy the creative process and love sharing with others. If you feel inclined to share your process, please come on back! Many Blessings!

  4. Pat

    I really LOVE your ‘Live in Peace’ tortoise. you are very talented and have a really cool wife. Your artwork is beautiful. xoxPat

  5. I Love your site. It really speaks to what has been coming forth in my life. thank you for your wise words. Catherine Foster

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