Ecstatic YOU!

Ecstatic YOU! Return to Enchantment

A three month mentorship program reconnecting you with
Enchantment and Bliss through vocal resonance

“The experience of Bliss is like liquid light flowing through the energetic field of the body. It is nectar-like and can be moved/pushed/pulled through the spine and the rest of the body. When its resonance reaches a certain stability in the bodily field, the consciousness shifts to accommodate the higher frequencies. How you experience the world then transforms radically, opening up worlds and dimensions beyond what was previously imagined.” –Bruce Manaka, from “The Alchemy of Bliss”

The keys to enchantment and the Ecstatic You are in your vocal cords! I help people connect with the “Bliss Response” in the body using an ancient form of vocalization. This program is for those who may have “practiced” meditation techniques for years (or a lifetime) but find their connection with the “Kundalini” Bliss Resonance elusive.

If you feel discouraged with the lack of depth in your meditations, that you’ve “missed the boat,” that you are too old, not good enough, too entrenched in old patterns of worries and anxieties, this program will help you experience viscerally the Bliss Response in your spine and body.

Through my Ecstatic YOU! program of vocal resonance, participants dare to not only dream again, but to also express and experience themselves as an ecstatic embodiment of their creative gifts!

Through the Ecstatic YOU! Program:

  • Experience your body as a Bliss generating machine!
  • Luxuriate in the naturally occurring Ecstatic Response in the spine
  • Awaken magic and enchantment in your everyday lives
  • Be danced by Bliss!
  • Transform feelings of sadness and grief into beautiful manifestations of your creative gifts

This three months transformative program gives you:

  • Initial one-hour “Getting to Your Aha! Moment” visceral connection with your primal Bliss Resonance
  • Three 50-minute one-on-one “Embody Your Bliss” phone or Skype sessions per month to “fine-tune,” ground and deepen your body/mind experience of the
    Ecstatic YOU!
  • “Getting to Your Ecstatic ‘Wow! Deep Dive Workshop/Play Day
  • Online Video Trainings:
    Feeling sublime sensations in the spine through Vocal Resonance
    The Serpent Dance – Being Danced By Bliss

Bonus Video Training: “Awakening the Ecstatic Artist and Healer Within”

What Others Are Saying About This Program

“Very powerful work. Truthfully, for a change I’m somewhat speechless.” —Richard Bernstein (Aptos, CA)

“Absolutely amazing, powerful, wonderful.”
—Mallika Beach-Mebrotra (Campbell, CA)

“It really moves the energy quite a bit; helps remove blocks.”
—Patrick Brumm (San Jose, CA)

“I have never experienced this before. I am in awe – feeling positive physical change.” —Laura Larios (San Jose)

“It was wonderful and I believe I may have released some neck pain.”
—Rosie White (San Jose, CA)

“Thank you so much for your compassionate presence, as much as for the beautiful bowls. Feels expansive and calming–much improved over when I walked in.” —Laurie Hammond (San Jose, CA)

“Amazingly uplifting. A spiritual experience beyond compare!”—Kate Riser (Campbell, CA)

“The continual practice of making sound in a group was exactly what I wished for. I walk away with steps to practice so I can incorporate harmonics into my daily life. The teaching was gentle, spirited and convincing. Thank you!”—John Malloy (Palo Alto, CA)

“I really enjoyed the combination grounding work, sound vibration and bowl vibration.” —Mia Tagano (Palo Alto, CA)

If you are interested in connecting with, switching on these subtle Bliss currents in your body, please contact me for a free consultation to see if we would be a good fit to work together! I seek to work with those who, like me, feel they have been “charged” to hold and ground the Bliss Resonance for Mother Earth. Please contact me if you’d like to experience the ecstatic current as can be felt deeply in the spine. This initial free session will be of great benefit for you whether we decide to work together or not.

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  1. i would love to hear any tips u could give me about publishing i have written thousands of works with many incarnations of self all of each with whom have their own restrictions but as my own individual collections of writing goes i am quite gifted with a freestyle that allows for an unlimited of range my words can venture..i have a few books part of a series of works on from topics like numerology,symbolism.astrology,qaballa,tarot, etc
    plus a bunch of free verse of angellic scripture i am curious to find out how much it costs to have some of my books printed

  2. artists can take their personal sadness, or their anger, or their fears and crystallize them, giving them a life of their own;
    thus they are released from their emotion as others cannot be…
    the arts offer the opportunity to do something that cannot be done anywhere else…
    it is the only place one can express in public,
    feelings ordinarily regarded as private…

    transcenderarts – elevate the discourse


  3. Sir, I love your blog. I first found it because of your post on Animal Totems – Feather energy. Shortly after reading it I was able to snap the picture of the crow in flight that became my blog logo 🙂

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