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Surviving the Meltdown – Conspiracy of Time

Global catastrophes, economic meltdowns, health pandemics, World War III, etc., etc. are ominous threats that seem to loom just on the horizon, all adding to the dreaded fear that many people feel so very closely at this time. Surviving the meltdown is part of the zeitgeist of this particular era as we move closer to 2012 (as can be witnessed by the many websites and books that address this topic of survival). And yet there is also a feeling held by a growing number of individuals throughout the world that much of the upheaval is part of the birthing process of a New Consciousness, a frequency shift in our evolution as Co-Creators moving towards higher dimensions of Being.

The following post with Higher Self addresses the “Zeitgeist,” or spirit of the times. It also speaks of the dream nature of time itself.

Changes are happening quickly on the macro as well as the micro levels. Old belief systems that no longer serve you, both spiritual and secular, are crumbling–as they must–in order for the souls living during this time to progress beyond the hypnotic spell cast upon humanity asleep in the illusions of time and caught in the narrow dimensions of ego identity.

As fearful egos lost in the maelstrom of time, there seems to be no end to the ongoing nightmare of suffering, and yet a Great Awakening is upon the world as individuals begin to shake in resonance with the Divine Song that calls all souls to awaken to and remember their unique gifts of Love. Souls are casting aside as never before the shackles and straightjackets of narrow bigotry fostered through the generations by hearts corrupted by greed and soulless attachments to power and money.

Those who choose to remain asleep, who will not release attachments to the nightmare will remain in that realm of dark struggle until they are ready to move forward.

The you of worldly dimension lives in the realm where time is so powerful that it induces ways of thinking and acting in the world that is limiting and constraining. As you begin to live more and more naturally in the consciousness of Now, you will come to experience the world of time as just one dimension of your existence within the infinitely wider sphere of the Higher Self, beyond time and physical constraints.

Move and dance, write and draw; going from word to word, movement to movement, feeling to feeling without stopping the flow of awareness. As you lessen your desire to tightly control and mentally edit, the awareness will expand and merge into the vast backdrop of your True Nature. In this dimension of Being, there is no grappling or fighting with Self. It is all part of the larger “Dance of Creation.” It is all part of the Divine Song of the Cosmic River that flows effortlessly towards the Ocean of Freedom!

Enjoy and allow yourselves to remain in this state for as long as you wish. There is then no stopping the flow of what wishes to express. Stay in this place of deep wonderment and mystery, expanding and allowing the awareness to merge with the creative energy that swirls within and all around you.

No matter what you do in the world, the call of your Soul will ever beckon you to walk in alignment with your Authentic Self, which is a unique expression of the gifts you were born to express in Life.

The world of time exists in a consciousness that is fragmented and narrow. It supposes limitation and linear movement of energy and constraints of cause and effect. The body and consciousness appear to be confined solely to this plane of existence only when the awareness has bought completely into its illusion and attaches to it as being the only “reality.” When the Soul begins to awaken even a little, the consciousness begins to understand its Self within a wider spectrum of “realities” that include and yet is not limited by narrow constraints of time and space. It is then able to act and respond to certain “crises” in the worldly arena without succumbing to the fears and very “real” events that take place with regularity on the earthly plane.

There are so many levels to the worldly dream…the narrow identity to body and place in time is but a dream dimension that is ongoing and repetitive. Caught in the energy loop of the recurring nightmare of suffering, this is the entanglement that the billions of souls struggle with on this particular planet. And yet the entanglement is not a web made from steel. They are, rather, made from the gossamer strands of belief forms humankind has clung to through countless generations: “fight or be killed; win at all costs; amass a fortune to be happy; only the strong survive…” And the structures of fear built around these beliefs continue to condemn humanity to ones of violence and wars.

And yet, is there true safety in the world? The body will pass on sooner or later, as it must, in order for the soul to learn the many lessons offered in the dimensions of time and space. However, the observable world of disease, suffering, wars and death also contains the experiences of Love, joy, happiness and peace. The world may be shaking with violence and wars, and yet the choice to live in the dimension of Love is the true shelter. Its power is not less strong than the barbs of anger and bigotry; of missiles and bombs. It is just that humanity as a whole has not learned to harness its powers as an answer to the recurring nightmare of wars.

Enter the Great Stillness, the Great Love, and feel the vibrations within. The Cosmic Music plays on and on, in ever-changing beauty and grace. From moment to moment, the energy moves to express and create. If you allow yourselves to calmly observe and to deeply feel, the energy gathers momentum and power as there will be no constriction or tightness around it. It will be like waking up from a deep sleep, sloughing off the dusty veils that have kept the mind in one place and in one way of thinking. The environment then takes on a clarity and brightness, as though lit from within by a gentle light of protection.


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War! What is it Good For? – Absolutely Nothing!

Isn’t it time for another ’60s-like Peace and Love movement? I’m reminded of the popular song from 1970: Edwin Starr’s “War,” that helped galvanize a nation reeling from the Vietnam War:

“War, what is it good for–absolutely nothing!”

The grass roots movement from those days seemed to stem from the daily “body count” and graphic pictures of maimed bodies, not only of our nations’ young but also the innocent children of those we fought against, the “collateral victims” that gave faces to an “enemy” we knew little about and understood even less.

A generation later, once again embroiled in a war that harkens to what is most brutal and degrading and that serves only to awaken primordial blood-lust, this time the TV Networks and dispensers of national news mysteriously omit the daily body count and graphic depictions of wars’ insanity. “Out of view, out of mind.” Like frogs slowly being boiled alive, we have forgotten that the heat is on, that in defaulting to violence as “last measure” we relegate Love to powerlessness, to “no measure.” We light the match that is used to boil the water that we sit in.

It is time (and time long overdue) to change the direction of hatred and anger, to allow Love’s frequency and power to change the course of humanity’s incessant river of blood. Love is not a weak response! It can stop anger in its tracks and can even shoot down missiles of hatred from the skies! We just haven’t given it a place in our global hearts.

A wise man once said, “To give God second place is to give Him/Her no place at all…” I believe this to be true regarding Love. That nations must resort to war even as a last measure may seem at times logical and even moral, but it also shows a national consciousness that has not connected truly with Love, with its own heartbeat. It shows a nation unwilling to explore beyond its own fears and loathing, to apprehend a resource far beyond the powers of bombs and missiles.

Love is not a weak sentiment, nor does it mean an absence of anger or hatred in human consciousness. It is, rather, a transmutation of those qualities by the shear act of observing their energies within the body and mind without creating mental stories and pictures that add fuel and fire to their power. Allowing no place to “catch fire” within, the conflagration of anger and hatred ceases to burn.

This post is not a call to rally “against” the war, or to fight “against” perceived atrocities and injustices within and outside our borders, but to rather embrace the “Silent Observer,” to melt into the “One Song” that flows through and sustains all beings and creatures and is known by the name of Love.

Love is the “Great Filtering” presence within that—like the proverbial alchemist— changes the iron of dark thoughts into the gold of Loves’ wide embrace.

What would a ’60s-like Love and Peace Movement look like today? I believe that more and more individuals and groups are coming together to help one another through the use of sound and frequencies to ground the energies of anger and hatred, to transmute those energies that can then be used for powerful creative and healing work.

By learning to listen to Love’s vibration within, they transmute and attune first their own heart’s ability to receive, and then by connecting with groups throughout the world, the power of their unified Love rises like the tide to inundate and transform hearts now consumed by fires of war.

Isn’t it time? To try Love on for size?

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The Great Alchemist, Love – An Answer for World Peace

Dear Higher Self, there is such warfare, anger and hate on this planet! What can we as individuals do to help alleviate this?

It takes each individual to ask themselves this question and we thank you for asking.

Although it takes every individual to work together to bring about global peace, each individual has world-shaking power to catapault all nations towards a higher consciousness of nonviolence. Do not underestimate your power to move the hearts of nations towards this understanding!

As you learn to drop to your center
where the little self falls away, you will feel your connection to all hearts; and with the understanding of that connection, you will also know how to project your love into hearts now burdened by anger, sorrow and hatred.

The vibration of beauty as experienced in Nature has the power to permeate the hearts of those open to its light. Those who are closed off to that light have locked themselves into their own self-created prisons. And yet from their prisons they are still able to send out missiles of hatred that destroy lives and maim bodies, perpetuating hatred and anger in the lives of people around the globe.

The power of hatred and its explosive power are not more powerful than Love. Souls encased in their prisons of anger send out bombs of hatred. Lovers of the Great Spirit can also send out missiles that can break down the thickest walls of anger and hatred. It can even shoot down missiles of hatred from the skies!

If you realize the power of love to accomplish this, then your power as an individual is manifested in a divine way. The problem usually is in believing in your own power to do so. It is divine power borrowed from God. Love is not weak. It can answer anger and hatred blow for blow, not with force and brute strength, but through its transforming power. Love is the Great Alchemist, transforming dark hatred and delusions of separateness into the beatific experience that we are all of One Consciousness, brothers and sisters of One Light, separated for only a short time by dreams of sorrow.

Love is usually thought of as being a weak response to hatred, a turning of the other cheek. It can be that, but it is also strong enough to prevent harm! The forgiveness of Love is powerful, and Loves’ power to prevent bodily damage is practical. Both are necessary. It just takes individuals—one by one—to awaken from the dream nightmare of separation. And—one by one—as you help to awaken others from their dreams of suffering, it is not a far step towards the global awakening wherein the nightmare of war and anger fall away quickly, sloughed and cast aside like heavy blankets no longer needed.


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