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Covid-19 and Global Transformation—We Are “No Longer In Kansas!” Part III

The Covid-19 Pandemic has given rise to a whole spectrum of reactions and narratives: from outbursts of fearful reactivity to creative and helpful responsiveness. In a sense, our reactions to Covid-19 can be thought of as a kind of individual and global litmus test of our psyches and emotional maturity.

In other words, where do we place our attention and energies when faced with the threat of Covid-19? Where do we go emotionally? Do we lash out in fear, blame, reactivity, panic? Do we get emotionally and energetically shut down? Or do we respond creatively by focusing on steps that are within our power to take now and in the days/weeks ahead?

Although there is understandably a great deal of fear and anxiety “in the air,” there is also a massive amount of positivity that can be witnessed and felt. Individuals and businesses are “stepping up” in so many creative and helpful ways.

The internet and social media has made it possible to witness and experience—from the relative isolation of our living spaces—the global spectrum of reactions, from very dark to transcendently light.

I suppose the important question is, “Where does our individual attention and energy fall on the spectrum of reactions?” There is something that I’m noticing.

The degree of polarity in the world, that has always been present (politically, socially, economically, racially, religiously, etc.), has risen to a fever pitch as I’ve never seen before. Covid-19 seems to be just another layer that has been added to the “mix,” further polarizing those who are stuck on the “seesaw” of emotional reactivity.

To me there also seems to be an undercurrent of an exquisitely fine vibration that is becoming more and more apparent even as the polarity in the world gets wider and wider. Sides are being taken, lines are being drawn, an inner and outer war of cosmic proportions is being staged!

What is this “fine vibration?” It can be felt as a thread-like vibration running up and down the central channel of the spine. It imparts a most delicious sensation of upliftment, of balance and centeredness!

This vibration has always been available, but to me, especially during these times, there seems to have been an uptick in its amplitude, making it much easier to feel…if I do not get caught up in the “trap” of polarity.

In a sense, the strong polarity that is raging in the world is like a monstrous storm that can easily suck up all our time, energy and life force if we attach to any part its polarity. However, because the intensity of the “storm” is so fast-spinning, it makes it easier to viscerally locate “center” when we choose to focus upon and move towards our central core,  the “eye-of-the-storm.”

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Covid-19 and Global Transformation—We Are “No Longer In Kansas!” Part I

I can imagine that for many of you, these times of massive uncertainty (brought on by the threat of Covid-19) did not come so much as a surprise or shock, but rather with a recognition and knowingness of what this time in history represents: global transformation!

There is a sense that the “other shoe has dropped,” and that we are “no longer in Kansas” so-to-speak! We may not have known how this “event” would show up, but there has been an intuitive sense that this is what we have been waiting for, that this is what all our dreams and visions have been pointing towards.

Also, like many of you, I believe there is so much more going on beneath the surface than what is represented by Humanity’s collective focus upon and battle with Covid-19. To me, Covid-19 is a creation of Humanity’s inability or unwillingness to heal the collective inner darkness brought on by the “viruses” of anger, hatred, greed, fear and violence.

There is an overload (built up through generations) of dark and toxic energies that must be collectively purged before healing can take place. All that we have refused to face and heal within ourselves has now manifested outwardly in a form that we can now point our finger towards and label as “enemy,” but in so doing, we miss the opportunity to understand the part we have each played in creating an outer representation, an “unseen enemy,” of what we so fear and refuse to acknowledge within ourselves.

Of course the virus represents a very real threat and must be dealt with to minimize suffering and death, but the point that I am making here is that it would be a pity to not “get” the unique opportunity that is presented side-by-side with the threat.

Things are not meant to return back to “normal,” back to the insane imbalance and collective hypnosis that keeps us blind and unaware of all the trauma and societal toxins that are being brought to the surface during this time.

If defeating this “unseen enemy” represents a return to our “normal” state of imbalance with Nature, with ourselves and others, then this “victory” would be short-lived. It would have served to only drive the darkness back into the gaping hole of our wounded selves.

Out-of-sight and out-of-mind, the “unseen enemy” is given carte blanche to fester and grow until it resurfaces with ever-greater velocity and force, to inject its venom once again into its unsuspecting host!

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Reverberations of the Underlying Bliss Resonance, Part X

As mentioned in the previous post, the Bliss Resonance in the body starts as a subtle vibration in the spine (small like a grain of sand). It is not difficult to feel. It just requires a slight shift in how we normally “feel” into our bodies.

Normally we do not think about or consider the “overall” sensation of the body. In other words, feeling into all vibrations of the body as one resonance of sensation, one resonance of Being.

The human body and consciousness is exquisitely sensitive! This is amply confirmed by the depth of emotions and sensitivities we have to circumstances and environments. The suggestion here is to use the sensitivities (and sometimes over-sensitivities) that you already have and focus them within on finer and finer subtleties of vibrations, especially as can be felt in the central core of the spine.

Again, the Bliss Resonance is not difficult to experience! It just requires using the sensitivity that is already there and focusing it within on finer and finer vibrations…going slightly deeper, and then slightly deeper again, etc.

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Reverberations of the Underlying Bliss Resonance, Part IX

The visceral experience of the Bliss Resonance puts the mind and body into a kind of swoon, held by the “current” that moves deliciously in the spine!

This “current” is connected with by feeling into finer and finer sensations. As I’ve mentioned before, there is a paradoxical affect that occurs when feeling into the subtleties of sensations: at the same time a bliss response occurs in the spine!

The bliss response initially starts as a sensation that is small, like a “grain of sand” vibrating in the spine…and yet it has the power to draw the mind within. This subtle sensation intimates of something that is vast and mysterious…the “contortion” of the Bliss Resonance!

The mind that focuses upon the fine “grain-of-sand” of the Bliss Resonance gets drawn into what is like a current that gets stronger and stronger the deeper you go into the subtlety.

Hold to the “Divine Current!” You will come to experience the body as a conduit/lightning rod for the Divine to ground the Bliss Resonance into the vibratory space you inhabit!

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Reverberations of the Underlying Bliss Resonance, Part VIII

The Bliss Resonance, when moving through the body, holds it in its “contortion” energy. The contortion energy creates a most delicious sensation in the central core of the spine that has a way of naturally and spontaneously “dancing” or “contorting” the body.

The mind goes into meditative trance, which offers the opportunity and invitation to go deeper and deeper into the subtle realms. The body spontaneously moves/adjusts into certain postures that align with the energetic “geometries” of the ecstatic current.

The human play and identification with the body goes on…and yet, side-by-side with the physics of the the human experience, there is also the infinitely wider experience of the Divine Expansion, felt in the body as a contortion of the Bliss Resonance!

In this experience, sometimes referred to as “Kundalini Awakening,” in the initial stages there is still an ego “self” that identifies with its experiences on Planet Earth (along with all its dramas). At the same time, there is “Higher Self” that observes and experiences both Earthly and Heavenly (Bliss) realms.

When the mind and body are “held” by the energetic contortion of the Bliss Current, identification with and visceral experience of the current has a way of revealing the exquisitely subtle presence of the “Divine Observer,” the consciousness that “peeks” through as the body and mind are held in the contortion field of the Bliss Resonance!

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Reverberations of the Underlying Bliss Resonance, Part VII

I believe it is important to go deep quickly when feeling into the subtlety of sensations, of the life force in the body. Otherwise, it is too easy get distracted by the mind chatter that keeps you stuck in endless loops of superficial thoughts, memories, desires, etc.

When feeling “below the surface” of familiar sensations, the focus of mind is turned inwardly to vibrations that at first may not be familiar. In order to “hold” or focus upon these subtle sensations, it requires a more delicate “touch”or tuning in.

This is not difficult to do, it just requires a different relationship with sensations, with the Life Force. We all have the sensitivity to connect with finer and finer vibrations/sensations. It’s just a matter of making up the mind to feel below the surface of superficial sensations…and then to continue going deeper and deeper.

No matter where you are in this process, start wherever you are in the moment. If you are sad, feel the sensation of sadness and then feel slightly below the surface…and then go slightly deeper, etc.

The benefit of going deep quickly, no matter where you are in the process, is that you want to break yourself out of the familiar patterns of remaining on the surface of feelings.

Going deep quickly is a way to disrupt the habitual patterns that keep the mind locked in superficial thinking and feeling.

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Reverberations of the Underlying Bliss Resonance, Part VI

When the underlying Bliss Resonance begins to bubble up in the energetic field of the body, the sensations that are created draws the attention deeply within…if you choose to follow the pathway of subtle vibrations that open up.

The Bliss Resonance is an oceanic reverberation that comes first as an intimation of something vast and mysterious…like a most subtle rumbling beneath the feet. At this point, however, the mind is simply not yet familiar with and perhaps unwilling to feel into vibrations that are so subtle!

What I believe happens is that the habitual patterns of mind keep the focus of attention tied up with distractions of memories, desires, judgements, past hurts, fears, etc. It is not yet accustomed to intentionally feeling into the fine waves of vibrations that move in the energetic field of the body.

When you make up your mind to turn the attention onto the overall sensation of the body…with intention to feel into subtle vibrations, there is a natural uplift of energies that initially imparts a gentle “feel-good” sensation.

No matter how subtle and barely noticeable this initial “feel-good” sensation might be, it is important to latch onto and “hold” with ever-deepening attention to the subtlety of the sensation.

When you consciously recognize this subtle “feel-good” sensation, you will understand that this represents the beginning of a very different relationship with your “Life Force” and the underlying Bliss Resonance!

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Reverberations of the Underlying Bliss Resonance, Part V

When feeling into the overall vibration of the body, you may notice how the focus of  mind flits back and forth, between thoughts and feelings…and a combination of both.

Something I notice during periods of meditation is that the deeper I feel into the fine vibrations of the body, the more there seems to arise a primal “bubbling up” of what at first creates a “feel-good” sensation in the body (and especially in the spine).

This “feel-good” sensation has a way of focusing the mind. Perhaps it is not so much a focusing of mind as it is that the thinking, analytical mind is rendered inactive (or less active). For moments at a time, the mind does not flit around like it is normally accustomed to doing.

The sensation “captures” or “holds” the mind, as though in an energetic “vice-grip.” During such moments, the energy is felt like a current that moves the body spontaneously into certain dynamic postures…and these postures create what I refer to as “contortion energy,” delicious sensations that draw the mind ever-deeper.

The contortion energy, the awakening Kundalini, is the body’s response when attuning with the underlying Bliss Resonance.

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Reverberations of the Underlying Bliss Resonance, Part IV

Connecting with the “resonance of bliss” is a feeling experience, a refining process that transforms coarse vibrations into finer and finer sensations. The inner focus of mind happens naturally as you feel into the overall sensation of the body. The process is helped immensely by feeling into the posture of the erect spine.

When the antennae of the heart (of feelings) is finely tuned to subtle vibrations, it is through the subtlety that the wider field of the Bliss Resonance begins to percolate up in the awareness.

Usually when sitting, as during meditation practice, we do not think of or consider all that is involved in keeping the body balanced, with spine erect. It takes the muscles, nervous system, life force, etc. all working together to maintain balance.

Although subtle, there is an overall sensation of the body seated in meditation posture. It is subtle only because we take it for granted and usually do not consider feeling into the play of life force that holds the body in place while seated.

When you take the time to feel into the body while seated, the sensations are hardly subtle. The sensations are easy enough to feel because the flow of energy in certain muscle groups that are required to hold the body erect in seated posture creates vibration….which in turn creates sensation.

My suggestion here is to feel into the overall sensation of the body instead of any specific sensation. The purpose of this is to feel the overall vibration or resonance of the body…which allows you to more easily feel and connect with the underlying Bliss Resonance!

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Reverberations of the Underlying Bliss Resonance, Part III

When sitting erect with spine straight, as in meditation practice, notice what happens to the mind’s center of focus. In my experience, there is a “lifting up” sensation that includes the lifting up of the mind. This is all very subtle, but the sensation that occurs when straightening the spine seems to also push the mind upwards.

This lifting up of the mind has a way of focusing the attention at the crown area and spiritual eye. Although this sensation is subtle, it is worth exploring because of the focus of mind that can occur as a result of this uplift of energy/life force.

To me it feels like the focus of mind is “held” in place, as though gripped by the tension of energy that is pushed upwards by the energy that it takes to keep the spine erect.

It seems that it is the sensation of the tension that holds or focuses the mind. If this does not make sense, it is helpful to slightly exaggerate the lifting up of the spine, while feeling deeply into the subtle sensations created. Now, if you hold the gentle to moderate tension long enough, the sensation created in the body is easy enough to feel.

As you feel into the sensation deeply enough, you may notice the “feel-good” sensation rising up in the awareness…and this is the particular sensation that seems to have the power to hold the mind’s focus. It is also this sensation that draws the mind deeper and deeper to what feels like “Center.”

Ultimately, maintaining visceral connection with this “feel-good” sensation creates a dynamic relationship with your experience of “Center,” or “Central Core” of Being.

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