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Love’s Vibration – Dissolving the Dream

It is getting clearer and clearer that the work that is my joy to do in the world is in using sound, voice and movement as a way to connect with the heart. My part is in allowing Spirit to show up within the circle of sacred space and allow the Mother to do Her work. Dear Higher Self, please advise.

The Mother lives within you. This is getting more and more evident as you continue working with sound and movement.

Dear Mother, it is all You within!

Yes! Feel me moving through your arms and legs, in every breath you take. You are feeling me on a physical level as never before experienced. With each breath you are now feeling my presence, my bliss moving in your lungs. Isn’t it wonderful to be together in such intimacy? I enjoy being in your body, and it has only been through your invitation and openness that I have been able to enter you. We can now forever dance together. Even others in your group are noticing a difference in you as they allow an opening in their own hearts. Isn’t it all so very delicious?

Yes, at times I cannot contain my joy and gratitude! Sometimes it takes all my strength to not dance and sing whilst in a public place. The body wishes at times to express your love through movement and song!

I understand this delightful dilemma. The energy is moving deeper into your cells, allowing your body to be bathed in Love.

Yes, every breath then becomes blissful!

Bliss energy permeates all things and goes both outwardly and inwardly in infinite directions, through movement as well as through utter stillness. You are learning to navigate both worlds while remaining present to the moment. What you may now consider to be disturbances or distractions to this awareness will soon be absorbed by the all-powerful resonance of your growing bliss. Like an ocean, it receives into its depths all storms of desires and dreams. The vibration of Bliss is Love’s power to embrace and transform all desires. Love then feeds upon all things that you once thought to be distractions. Like kindling, they fuel the fires of Bliss.

In this experience there is no circumstance in life that has the power to pull you away from your rightful place in Love. Feelings of helplessness fall away from your memory as Love’s vibration becomes fully enthroned in consciousness. The dream of separation and limitation has ended. All things are a pulsation of Divine Love!

Love is now experienced as a vibration, a resonance that contains all things and fills all things. It is all Bliss. Nothing is outside of it. Desire, joy, pain, all things are food for its Divine Fire!

Why do I sometimes feel separated from the power of Bliss?

Bliss has created a universe to mask itself behind. It only appears frozen to you through your own acceptance of the dream as being the reality. Receive now, that it is all a vast dream, a condensation of bliss energy. It is all a mirage of separation, a sleep you can awaken from when you allow yourself to feel the heaving ocean of the Infinite Bliss that is just behind the feelings of every breath that you take.

Spirit has filtered itself through the body and senses, allowing the consciousness of ego separation to occur. The “you” of ego consciousness is a play of Spirit allowing itself to dream itself trapped in the body, caught behind the limited dimensions of time and space. However, through the increasing vibration of Bliss that is occurring in the world and in the body, a shift is taking place that is letting you experience and understand yourself as Spirit, playing and dancing in realms of form.

The vibration of Love is dissolving the dream of separation. Receive this! Celebrate this!


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Listening to the Voice of the Heart

Listening to the voice of the heart is about attuning ourselves to subtle vibrations and feelings, learning to listen not only with the ears but with our whole Being; with our bones, organs and every fiber. In this kind of listening lies the answer to prayers and the fulfillment of all of our intentions.

Answers and resources can appear from seemingly nowhere. The Universe doesn’t need to work in linear, logical ways. When you connect with intentions on an energetic level, then answers to prayers can appear from “out of the blue.” You must still do your part, but there really is no challenge that is insurmountable.

Your part is to remain in the openness and receptivity of the inner flow of energy and consciousness that is always connected with the Creative Source. This may mean sometimes having to take little steps without the assurance of knowing the details of the larger picture. Sometimes it may seem that you are only given pieces of a jigsaw puzzle without the benefit of knowing what the finished piece looks like. Trust in the wisdom of your heart that will let you know if you are on course or off-course when you learn to feel and listen to the vibration of its voice.

As you listen and feel on the inside, the consciousness becomes aware of the physical vibrations within and around you. As the mind and feelings grow calm, the awareness begins to apprehend more and more subtle vibrations of thoughts, feeling and movements of energy within the body. The inner sounds become more predominant and external noises may seem to meld with the internal ones. A sense of expansion occurs in which the feeling of bodily location is widened, as though the limbs have become very large, or have dissolved all together into the vastness of space.

In the Sacred Space wherein the mind and body are deeply relaxed, intrusive thoughts and the process of thinking have less opportunity to be entertained. There is no small place in the mind to let them revolve around in. They just come; and then they go. They are observed as though from a great distance, without attachment, without the usual emotional strings that keep us bouncing around like puppets on a marionettes’ stage.

In the vibration of your Heart’s Voice, the incessant chattering of mind falls away, allowing for the magnetic energy of Love to manifest and fulfill your intentions and prayers. In this sublime state, you can be in any company or crowd and send out the attracting vibration to embrace all people as beautiful souls. Those whose hearts are ready to receive will begin to resonate with and gravitate to you. When you become the frequency of Love, that vibration will change the hearts of those stuck in self-created darkness. In this way individuals learn to be a blessing to those around them without expectation of return or acknowledgment.

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Finding Your Way – Your Hearts’ Virtue

I would like to share with you something that has been extremely helpful in the creative work that I now do. A number of you have asked how I came to embrace the path of art and sound healing. This post is about finding your way to your “Heart’s Virtue,” (also known as the unique gifts you were meant to manifest and express in life).

Eight years ago, while still in the monastery
and struggling with thoughts of leaving, I had no idea what my heart was calling me to do. I was in a “no-mans’ land” of ambivalence–feeling stuck. In other words, I felt paralyzed, not able to move forward and unable to embrace the life that I had been living for close to 20 years.

Fortunately for me, in 2001 I began working with someone who became a coach and mentor to me. His name is Greg Mooers, founder of LifeCamp. He was a friend and fellow monk who left the monastery some years earlier and developed a successful career in coaching that pinpointed and clarified the “Heart Virtue” of one’s unique calling in life.

In my experience with Greg and the process that we went through, I connected viscerally with my heart and received clarity for the first time regarding the gifts that I was born to express in life.

I opened up to my “Heart Virtue” of “Creativity” and “Sacred Space.” It was a powerful awakening that had me gasping, “How is it that I did not recognize this until now!” When the heart opens up, it moves tremendous amounts of energy that reveals with clarity the gifts that you were born to express in life.

My Heart Virtue of Creativity and Sacred Space is the “gasoline” that fuels all of my endeavors in life. That is my commitment to myself and to all of you. It is what moves through me with greater and greater momentum as I learn to step out of the way and allow it to flow unimpeded.

As Greg’s work has been of such value to me and the work that I now do, I wanted to share this information with you. If you are seeking clarity about your most treasured desires in life, or if you wish to connect with what your heart is calling you to do (your Heart Virtue), then by all means check out Greg’s programs.

In fact, you can check out 3 FREE teleclasses that I highly recommend that you check out. In these teleclasses, you’ll discover strategies you can use to create a courageous and authentic life of prosperity in these challenging times. You’ll find out how to:

  • Maintain your confidence and calmness
  • Move forward and take action
  • Persevere in spite of circumstances
  • Go after what you want

Click on the following link to register for these tele-classes:

Finding Your Way – Discover Your Heart Virtue

This series of tele-classes are Greg’s gift to you. They are scheduled as follows:

Monday December 15 6:00 pm Pacific Time

Monday December 22 6:00 pm Pacific Time

Monday December 29 6:00 pm Pacific Time

If the timing conflicts with your schedule, and if you miss any of them, no worries! Greg will send you access to the recording. This tele-class series will show you how to thrive and implement the strategies now required in this rapidly changing world. Greg’s goal is to empower you in a new way to succeed in the face of new challenges. It will be an experience to start your 2009 in the best way possible . . .

I’m excited to also announce that in 2009 I’ll be participating in Greg’s workshops using the Sound and Harmonics tools that some of you are already familiar with. Please consider attending these workshops and give yourselves the gift of clarity!

Finding Your Way — Discover Your Heart Virtue


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