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Lucid Dreaming – How to Wake Up From Them

I understand how it can be a little (or very) scary when one is unable to awaken from a lucid dream that is uncomfortable for whatever reason. This usually happens to me if I am sleeping in an unfamiliar setting (like while traveling), or if I’ve eaten something heavy before going to sleep. It can also be anything that causes inner discomfort, such as unresolved personal problems.

Dreams seem to be a way for our unconscious minds to communicate to our waking, conscious minds. For example, respiratory problems might show up in our dreams as bugs that crawl around our throat or chest areas. While struggling with bronchitis in the past, I once had a lucid dream in which I was belching and spitting fire that took on the form of bugs and all types of creepy crawling things. It certainly got my attention!

There seems to usually be a message in our dreams, something that is symbolically getting through from the unconscious mind. I believe it is important to pay attention. We may also be short-changing ourselves by trying to “wake up” from dreams that are scary or uncomfortable. Of course, we would also not want to continue helplessly down a dream path that is morbid and painful. Rather, by changing our focus and resonant frequency during an unpleasant lucid dream, we enable ourselves to change the quality and direction that it takes. There have been times, however, that have been so uncomfortable (as in nightmares), that the remembrance and wherewithal to chant or pray had somehow eluded me during the dream. The theme that comes to mind is the “old hag,” and “demon” archetypes that threaten to take over or “possess” us. In these types of dreams, the experience of primal fear is terrifying and paralyzing. We wake up shaking and afraid of the dark.

I have received many inquiries from individuals wanting to know how to wake up from these scary dreams and even how to prevent them from happening. My answer can only be from personal experience: I have always awakened from them, not so much from anything that I remembered to do during the dream, but rather because they seem to run a certain course, and then they are over. It is interesting that in the preponderance of lucid dreams that I’ve had, the memory and habit of relaxing and doing all of the necessary things before and during scary lucid dreams have served me well. There have been, however, the occasional dream in which my memory and “practice” of calling in the spirit guides and asking for help during a difficult dream is totally forgotten/obliterated, as though I’ve been plopped down in a nightmare with no known comfort or possibility of extrication. Even the sense of Spirit and Love seem to have been wiped clean from my memory banks! Thankfully these types of dream experiences have been few and far between. It is like being thrown into a black hole or pit wherein the sense of God/Higher Self and its memories of Love and Beauty do not exist. It is a very strange and fearful dimension! Afterwards, I ask myself, “What was that all about?” “Why was I shown such a place?” What came up for me are the words “Humility” and “Gratitude.” Humility in the sense of understanding how little I truly know of myself… and Gratitude for the blessings of having had the experience of Love and Beauty, something not to be taken lightly or for granted.

As far as waking up from the usual lucid dream, what has been helpful for me is the directing of the attention to the spiritual eye center and repeating a prayer over and over. I do this not so much as a way to awaken physically, but to rather shift the tone and direction of the dream to one that flows more easily. In most of the lucid dreams that I find myself in, if I’m feeling uncomfortable in any way, it is usually because of an energetic blockage that has formed somewhere in the “Field.” It then becomes a simple matter of moving the energy along by prayer and breath.


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Surrendering to the Cosmic Stream – The Great Awakening

The day-to-day challenges of your life are the very  patterns that the Universe is asking you to face in order to proceed to the next steps in your evolution. The quick and easy fix of just settling for worldly solutions will not work for you. Your test lies in surrendering to the Cosmic Stream that is asking for a total letting go of self into its ego-shattering current.

What does that mean? I still need to live and survive in the world with all of its financial and physical demands.

The kind of surrender we ask is for a releasing of all that you hold on to regarding who you think you are in relation to the constraints and limitations imposed upon you by the cultural and religious conditioning of a world that continues to keep most souls in places of “stuckness.” We are asking you to expand the “knowing” of yourself as an energetic being; not just thinking and mentally understanding this, but truly feeling this.

You are light! All is light! A great influx of Cosmic Vibration is moving through your planet now. Feel this! Experience this! It is all vibration, a distillation of energy and as such you can instantly change the circumstances of your world by changing its energetic patterns.

The dream you believe to be so real is but energy solidified into the hardboiled existence of pain and separation. Awaken now! Experience now the waves of feelings that flow into the oceanic knowing of Self as the Cosmic Dreamer. You are the Infinite Spirit that allowed itself to be stuck for just a little while upon the island of forgetfulness! The Great Awakening is happening though, and soon enough the sleep of ages will fall from your eyes and you will marvel at the wondrous journey of Love that Spirit intended all Creation to partake in through the Cosmic Dream! Wake up now!

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Power of the Human Voice – Using the Voice to Manifest Dreams

This post describes the power of the human voice when used as a way to alter mental frequencies for accessing the deepest dream states and to also change for the better any difficult circumstance of our lives. We can use the human voice as “Divine Frequency Modulator” to help us gain conscious entrance to dream states and to also shift the awareness to higher planes or dimensions.

The mind is habituated to certain frequencies or vibrations that it has become accustomed to. The whole experience of life lies within a certain range of resonances, and these make up the spectrum of what you relate to in life. As you learn to slow thoughts down, your frequency changes, allowing for experiences beyond the normal range of perceptions.

Nightly dreams are generated from these slower frequencies. The dream states can be accessed consciously during sleep when you maintain awareness during the transition period between states. The usual habit is to fall asleep as you approach the subconscious realms. With practice, you can learn to maintain awareness as you drift into the land of dreams. It is a matter of tuning into and feeling the frequencies of sleep with awareness.

When you begin to understand the dreamlike nature of the waking state, you will begin to understand yourself connected with a vastly wide consciousness that is dreaming a dream of life through you. Feel and listen now on the inside. Watch and observe; drop into the field of the wider consciousness that is all around you–everywhere.

As you relax and release attachments to thoughts, you will find the energy moving of itself, expressing in ways that does not require any type of thought process that you are familiar with. Immerse now into the flow of the Creative River. It is strong and moves easily and effortlessly. Observe dispassionately. As you do so, the creative voice that wishes to express will find easy manifestation through a heart that is open to the ebb and flow of the cosmic dream.

Step out of the way! As you relax and go into the deeper states of trance, you will find the energy of your Higher Self stepping into your field of consciousness. Allow this to naturally unfold as you observe within. Take note of the different states of consciousness, from wakefulness to the deepest levels of sleep and unconsciousness.

When you fall asleep at night you are in effect entering a different realm of consciousness, a different frequency of awareness. When you awaken you return again to the dimension and frequency of awareness that includes body consciousness and a certain type of mindset and belief system regarding personal identity and spacial location.

The body and world has a resonant frequency that you vibrate along with; and it can sometimes be difficult to change the patterns (your circumstances) even if you wish and pray to do so! The world of vibration has a way of tuning everything around it to its own rate of frequency: a noisy, discordant office with artificial light and little air circulation has very well-known negative effects on body and mind… and yet the mind does have power to change the frequency of the environment through the use of things that are also in the environment. Certain types of music can energize or relax; the sounds of nature such as waterfalls, waves, bird sounds, etc. can have the same effects. The use of drums and rattles can induce deeply hypnogogic states that can open the mind to conscious dreaming.

There is also the human voice which has the range and power to deeply affect the environment and circumstances when used with the twin stallions of emotion and conviction. What gives words power? Vibration! And especially vibrations backed by calm feelings that are connected with the cosmic energy of Divine Love!

If the world weighs heavily upon you, it is because the combined frequencies of fear and hate have created a vibratory quicksand that keeps you trapped and unable to move, caught in hypnotic spell of confusion and inertia. And yet the human voice has the power to shatter any spell or fetter of mind, and can change the environment when used in its role as “Divine Frequency Modulator.” Through its connection with the Divine Source the voice can move mountains of difficulties and change the course of lives!

Explore the power of the voice by first intoning words of Truth with deepest feeling and conviction. Elongate the words, especially the vowel sounds and then listen and feel as the mind enters the deepest states of calm attention. Go deeper still and connect feeling, vibration and words with the Cosmic Source.


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Lucid Dreaming – Learning to Wake Up in Dreams

The following post is a response by Higher Self to questions about Lucid Dreaming and how to “wake up” in dreams. The practice of Lucid Dreaming seems to be greatly enhanced by the moment to moment awareness during the waking consciousness of just “Being,” releasing attachments to habits of thoughts that keep the mind in constant states of agitation and distraction.

Ancient Memories

Ancient Memories

Every night in sleep you easily slip into the land of dreams where the body and mind naturally remains for the duration of the sleep cycle. There is no struggling to achieve that state. There is a natural shift in consciousness from the waking to sleep states.

When you are able to consciously enter those realms then you will know the power to also manifest what you desire; for just as you are able to consciously create in dreams, you will also learn to create in waking consciousness. The normal tendency is to fall asleep without awareness and thus miss out on the opportunities that are presented to you each night. But once in awhile you do awaken in dreams, glimpsing the beauty and lights of vast worlds within.

Yes, the beauty and freedom is indescribable. That type of awareness seems to come as gifts and not something I can will to happen.

You will find it more and more a natural state as you learn to just observe with deep awareness during waking moments. It’s not something to be forced. Rather, this state of awareness requires a deeply relaxed body and mind.

As you learn to “awaken” during your waking moments the more you will find yourself “conscious” during times of sleep. This is not to say that your normal waking consciousness will be active. Rather, awareness of deep states of peace will be experienced. Most of your waking moments are more like a kind of sleepwalking, guided mainly by unconscious habits of mind. As you bring awareness into your life you will find yourself less and less governed by habits, and more and more attuned to the consciousness of the natural state of Bliss within.

Observe your thoughts. As you watch without attaching to them you find that the habitual flow of thought-forms begin to fall away as the consciousness of the moment opens up, like the blossoming of flowers. As you continue to watch you will find that the moments of stillness and freedom from thoughts gets longer and longer. Just continue to observe. The mind then glimpses the Silent Observer behind the million galaxies of thoughts, free from the incessant march of mental phantoms that haunt us in waking moments as well as during sleep!

Habits of mind can be great tormentors as they include habitual fear thoughts and memories. Like a broken record they go on and on, constantly replaying mental scripts that dredge up deeply engrained habits of feeling and thinking. But again,…awaken in the dream! Breathe deeply, exhale and relax into the consciousness of the moment. In the awareness of the moment, thoughts have no “time” to attach to, for thoughts need time to have meaning. In the exquisite moment, there is not a hairbreadth of time…there is only the consciousness of “Being.”

Do this now: just simply “Be,” without thinking, just observing and feeling. As you release thoughts along with any desires to control or attach to them, a deep letting go occurs, a kind of opening up happens, allowing room for Divine Consciousness to step in.


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Conscious Dreams – Lucid Dreaming for Creativity

This is a simple lesson on Conscious Dreaming, or what is oftentimes known as Lucid Dreaming. I have found it helpful to keep the eyes half open while falling asleep. Just before the mind and body drift completely into sleep, slightly open the eyes while remaining perfectly still. The eyes then become like a thermostat for the half-awake/half-asleep state: close them to go deeper into sleep, open them slightly to maintain enough awareness without becoming fully awake. It’s an interesting experience that just takes practice.

This post with Higher Self includes some dialog about conscious dreaming and creativity.

Dear Higher Self, what directions can I explore today?

Again, just start! Beginning can sometimes be the most difficult part of any creative endeavor. Allow yourself to expand and flow in whatever direction you choose. There are no limitations! There is only the moment, and the moment is filled with all the energy you need to break through the greatest challenges of life. You can also learn to move through life without getting caught up in the drama that is all around you.

Just write without stopping. Listen and feel. What you experience within can be a springboard to different dimensions of awareness. Do not lose yourself in someone else’s dream or you will diminish your own energy and focus. Move forward while enjoying the moment and allow the inner promptings to guide you along the way.

Focus and create from the wealth of your Being! Mountains of energy are at your disposal and you can claim universes upon universes! Do you understand the gifts of Being? You are meant to explore the infinite dimensions of untold depth and Beauty.

Don’t stop your efforts. Gather energy through focused attention and then send it out to the Universe by creating. The momentum will then continue to create.

If you ever feel devoid of energy or creative thought, the mind may want to fall asleep, to drift and wander in the land of sleep. Understand that during these moments, the mind is at the borderland between wakefulness and sleep. This borderland is the place of mind where you can access incredible powers of creativity. Use this middle land to manifest the dreams you have for a better life.

Practice falling into the borderland of sleep and wakefulness when you are relaxing or meditating. At first the habits of mind will go towards the land of sleep, but with practice, the awareness can keep the energy focused enough to let the mind remain awake. The body will then be as asleep but the mind will stay awake, focused upon the subtle fire of energy within.

By staying in the middle land of dreams and wakefulness, you can then learn to travel in all realms of existence, untouched by the heavy veils that blind so many to the beautiful dimensions that are available.

Learn to fall into the dimensions of Being that flows beneath the restlessness of the world. Open yourself to the silent breath of awareness that moves in unimaginable peace and beauty!

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Creativity – Entering Trance States Through Rhythmic Entrainment (Pt 2)

In the sleep and dream states, the sense of past and future do not have meaning… there is no time. Perhaps this is because, for the most part, we are in a state of unconsciousness. However, in the conscious dream state, wherein you know that you are dreaming, the divisions of past and future do not have the same meaning or “feel” as they do in the waking state. There is only the sense of being. This state of being can be experienced to some degree in waking state through any practice that takes the mind into deep trance. As mentioned in the previous post, drumming, chanting, running, meditating, etc. can entrain the mind and body to enter the timeless realms.

This is experiential, something that everyone experiences at some point or another, but most people lose the significance of the “timeless” moment because the mind kicks back into the default mode of unconscious drifting from one thought to another, or it falls asleep.

The routine of day-to-day living and the habits of thinking and behaving can be similar to being stuck in front of a television set that has only one station. Life can then become more and more of the same kind of “stuff,” a rehashing of the same problems and circumstances, a fight with the same internal gremlins over and over again.

The following is my dialog with my “Higher Self” concerning the lessons of earthly living:

If your everyday existence seems to be a repeating loop of the same nightmare, it is because the lessons you are learning is shaking you to awaken. Delusion is strong because it is what you have come to accept and believe in. You wish to awaken but feel caught in the dream of limitation, seeking avenues of freedom that will only prolong your stuckness. You are seeking temporary relief in the world through channels everyone else is fighting for, thinking it the logical and responsible thing to do, going the way of “finding” work to pay the bills. Do you think that living your God-given gifts in the world is somehow not enough to support you, that it is not good enough to uphold you? Do you believe that you need to settle for something less than living your spiritual dreams?

Know this: You are already free! Your life lesson is one of learning to manifest Spirit on the earthly plane. Use the power that is yours. It is so close!

The patterns you create through drumming and the sound work you do are building fields of vibratory grids that can then be used for any creative endeavor. Get out of the way and do not judge what wishes to express. Once the momentum is established the energy moves of itself to go in any direction you choose. Create the grids of vibration and then follow the currents to the deepest layers of what you wish to understand. There is nothing that cannot be apprehended by consciousness.

Consciousness is fluid, plastic and able to flow into the tiniest tissues of Creation. Allow it to do so by opening up to your own power. You will see that it is just a matter of falling into the consciousness of openness, a kind of expansion of awareness to receive the moment. It is so easy that most people miss the secret because of its incredible simplicity!

In the state of timelessness, all things are experienced as though in a brighter light. All things are seen as infused with a light that has its source within. In normal waking consciousness, the mind wanders hither thither with no focus, and thus no power. When brought to the focus of the moment, the mind has tremendous power to penetrate the most inaccessible dimensions of mind and body. All things are revealed to the mind that is in its power. Your only work is to keep yourself in the moment. In this way, all of your innate gifts are automatically manifested.

The moment is all there is! When the mind is allowed to just drift in the dreams of the world, all manner of complications arise. It is not your natural state. It is the land of nightmares. Keep your consciousness in the moment. Experience all things from the consciousness of the Great Observer. Energy is then open and free to be focused in any direction. Focus and create! As the calm observer, you are then connected with vast powers.

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Turtle Energy – Ancient Origins

Had dreams about turtles. Dear Higher Self, what is the significance of these dream? They were trying to bite me!

Turtle energy is deeply connected with ancient Earth energies and is “biting” to get your attention. Consider what Turtle energy represents: ancient and long-lived, Turtle represents wisdom of ancient origin. The hard shell of Turtle houses the Earth energies, the powers that are timeless and steady. Turtle is expert in stillness and breathlessness. It goes at its own pace.

Turtle wants you to know that it is ok to slow down, to take time to meditate, to set aside for awhile the work you do in the world. Like Turtle, you go at your own pace. Turtle asks you to be patient. It “bites” you so that you might awaken to your own nature. Slow down and listen to the breath of Turtle. It is gentle and deep. Follow Turtle to its home in Mother Earth.

When Turtle energy comes to you in dreams, it does so to remind you to seek the depths of the creative ocean. You are not meant to remain on the surface, getting battered by waves of worry and grappling endlessly with the drama of survival. You have gifts beneath the hard shell of protection that encases your heart. Release your heart by listening to the ocean that Turtle swims in. Listen and receive…

You have been like Turtle that has been on its back, unable to free yourself from a self-created prison of limiting beliefs and narrow assumptions about unfortunate “circumstances.” And you even feared the tidal waves fast approaching that you believed would dash you on the hard rocks of a world that seems so harsh…and yet the waves come as a way to free you from the stranglehold of thoughts, to awaken you to the depths of the Creative Ocean where you belong…

The Ocean is rising not to destroy, but to remind…


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Conscious Dreams – Who are the Giants?



Dear Higher Self, who are the Giants?
We are like the rainbow that can be seen when the sun shines at a certain angle through the raindrops. And just like the rainbow, as you get too close, we disappear! Not really gone…just filtered out by the mind. If you look too hard and depend mostly upon your physical senses to detect us, we disappear altogether. We can be seen with your eyes but not in the way you might expect. You can be with us easily in dreams because your protective logical mind is not so much in the way and deciding what can and cannot be seen. In your waking state, we are sometimes right in front of you, but you may miss us because of not knowing how to see us. It is strange that sometimes the most obvious is the most difficult to see.

There are no “impossible” forms. We may be “Giants” to you but that term is relative as you may very well be “Giants” to smaller life forms. Your minds seem to want to gravitate towards what is comfortable and what “makes sense.” It wants to be able to identify and place all things in neat categories. For things it cannot wrap its mind around, it will either ignore or not allow. There are hundreds of books about the various life forms on your planet, and many forms are quite mysterious, especially the ones that roam the deepest parts of the ocean. Even on your earth plane, there is incredible variety of forms, an explosion of life! There is even evidence of giant creatures that walked the earth millions of years ago called “Dinosaurs.” What creative imagination came up with those forms?

Isn’t it funny that the mind will make ultimate, far-reaching judgment calls about whether or not something can or cannot exist according to the laws and boundaries of what is known on the narrow earthly dimension? Humans do not even know all that lives on the bottom of the ocean, let alone in the vastness of space. And so little attention is paid to the possibilities of “other” dimensions even though physicists are now talking about them.

Giants, fairies, ghosts, ETs, etc…In conscious dreams they are just as real as any “physical form” can be. Do they not “exist” because they are just phantoms of dreams?

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Conscious Dreams – Giants in Our Midst


Dear Higher Self, I had conscious dreams two nights ago about giants and also about flying. What is the significance of this?

Once in awhile you tap into realms vastly different from your own. Although you experienced giants in dream state, can you accept the possibility that they may be just as “real” as you believe yourself to be? The work you do with sound and harmonics are helping to open up energy centers of your consciousness that will allow you more and more to access dimensions other than what you are now familiar with.

In your dreams the mind translates these beings into visual representations that manifest according to how you make sense of “reality.” The giants are conscious energy forms that appear to be much bigger than you. You stood no higher than their kneecaps. This is how they would appear in your dimension if they manifested in earthly form. Think of it in this way: Your consciousness exists within the earthly form you now inhabit. You would still “exist” even without the physical body. Your consciousness reflects differently depending on the medium or dimension you are in. The form is always changing. Even on the earth dimension, you have undergone major physical changes: birth, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Everything has consciousness: rocks, trees, air—all are permeated with consciousness. To ask whether the giants in your dream were “real” or not is a question of the dimension you live in. Relatively speaking, no they do not exist according to the physical laws you live in. But they do exist as entities in dimensions now unfamiliar to you. Just as all things have relative consciousness in creation (all dimensions), so the things you dream have existence beyond your dreams. The giants are part of the fabric of the Infinite Mind.

In the consciousness of limitation, the mind does not want to allow certain things to exist: giants, ghosts, UFOs, etc. In the Infinite Mind all things “exist,” relatively speaking. Within the parameters of your subjective “reality,” the mind may not countenance the existence of these things, even though you can easily imagine the forms in thought. You say, “They’re imaginary, all in the mind.” And yet, even in the physics of your world, scientists are now beginning to speak in terms of all things being a part of an infinite spectrum of vibration, with vastly more dimensions than what was once thought possible. It all appears to be a grand dream with infinite forms and dimensions.

Your physical dimension that seems so real is no more than an ongoing dream that has beginning and end. Yet when the dream of you comes to a close, do you stop existing? You are a part of the cosmic stream that reflects infinitely and eternally. In the dimension of the giants, understand that you to are also a figment of their dream. Your lives have touched to show the infinite nature of consciousness. The experience comes as a way to help you befriend all beings in all dimensions.


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Creative Inspiration – Accessing the Dream State

Wild Man

As you learn to keep your attention centered more and more in the moment, greater access to conscious dream states will occur. Observe the symbols and subtle thoughts and feelings that occur as you drift off. You will then find it easier to remain aware of your dreams and will be able to communicate in a meaningful way with your dream characters and symbols.

Feel the overall state of your consciousness from moment to moment. In this way you will access different parts of your brain and develop greater capabilities and skills. Do this regularly and become familiar with the feel of the deepest states of consciousness.

Any state of consciousness exhibits a signature pattern that can be cognized inwardly and communicated with. There is no need to remain on one level of awareness that is buffeted by laws of cause and effect, that keeps the mind captive in a narrow spectrum of possibilities. Use detached awareness to free yourselves from mental bondage. Break out of the straight jacket of narrowness and one-dimensional thinking!

You can pick up on the creative anywhere and at any time. There is no time element involved. You can plug into the current and drink freely of its waters. Breathe in deeply, exhale and relax into the center of your power and merge with the inspiration that expresses in infinite ways. Any avenue you wish to explore is open to you. Just get out of the way! What area of mystery do you wish to explore? What wisdom or knowledge do you wish to imbibe? It is all there for you.

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