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Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part V

Spirit Elephant - Artwork by Bruce Manaka

Spirit Elephant – Artwork by Bruce Manaka

Again, there are no insignificant sensations when it comes to the approach of following vibrations that move through the body. Every breath (the inhale and exhale), every movement, posture, body function, yawning, stretching, etc., all create subtle sensations in the body that can be followed/tracked to finer and finer points of visceral experience.

Allowing yourselves to feel deeper and deeper into these seemingly mundane functions of the body requires a shift in perspective that moves away from mind-centered to feeling-centered.

When feeling deeper and deeper into any sensation, the natural “direction” of awareness is towards the wider “field” of vibration/sensation. For example, upon awakening in the morning, as you yawn and stretch the body, the reverberations of the yawn continue on long afterwards.

Now, as you continue tracking sensations to finer and finer subtlety, notice the wider expanse of the underlying (or overall) vibration of the body. Understand that following subtlety opens the awareness to wider and wider vibratory fields!

At first, the mind may distract you away from going deeper into subtlety, but as you become more familiar with the “dance” of subtle vibrations in the body, you will find your awareness “held” for longer and longer periods by what begins to “bleed through”: the Bliss Resonance!

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Kundalini Dance of Subtlety, Part III

The following is in response to a number of individuals who have shared with me their terrifying (and yet positively transformative) experiences with Kundalini awakening. Although I use the term “Kundalini awakening,” I do not ascribe any particular religious philosophy or practice to the term. It’s just a way for me to label an experience that is deeply mystifying, wild, crazy, primal, terrifying, mind-shattering, ego-dissolving…and yet ultimately sacred and blissful!


Kundalini Awakening

When we get “cracked” wide open through Kundalini awakening, our sensitivities to subtle realms become heightened to not only angelically beautiful dimensions, but sometimes also to demonically horrid ones as well.

I see it as a kind of “rite-of-passage,” a teaching device that helps us learn to navigate all realms, the heavenly as well as hellish ones. In my experience, I believe no amount of preparation, spiritual practices, calling on angelic protectors, etc., was able to adequately prepare me for entry into those realms. Of course prayers and preparation can be of great help, but I now believe that the bulk of learning happens only while moving through those dimensions…a “sink-or-swim” proposition!

My learning: GRACE! For me, three days prior to my crown opening experience, it was a period of extreme terror, the very last night being the most scary! Everything that I had “thought” I knew previously about protecting myself spiritually and psychically …and that worked fairly well for me in the past, seemed to be “taken away.” In other words, it was as if I could not access (or even remember) my protectors, guides, prayers, etc.

What got me through the nights came unbidden by me: my animal protector, the lion. I remember growling, snapping, roaring for a very long time! Ultimately, my Guides came through, again all unbidden by me, as at that point I did not have the wherewithal to call for help!

When the crown opened up, the entity attacks ceased. They could not bother me. I stayed there for the next 24 hours or so. I’m still integrating the experience and will continue doing so for perhaps the rest of my life!

Going through suffering, dark night of the soul, etc., seems to be all part of the experience…part of our “initiation.” At least that was what was communicated to me. And I’m not sure there was any guarantee of physical survival…

At some point in the process (as I was being put back together), the “I” in me asked, “Where were you (Mother)? Why did you leave me in such a bad place/state?” The answer came as a torrent/download of Love/Bliss (as well as with these words): “We were all there with you during your suffering, but would not interrupt your initiation. When your tears flowed freely not only for yourself but for the condition of the world, did your suffering stop. Your initiation was complete!”

For those who are going through this “mind-shattering/ego-dissolving” process, Perhaps it might be helpful to think of it as a kind of initiation, one that will ultimately transform/recreate you into the powerful and loving Being that you are in essence!

I seek to connect with those who, like me, feel they have been “charged” to hold and ground the Bliss Resonance for Mother Earth. Please contact me if you’d like to experience the ecstatic current in the spine. It is a free session that will be of great benefit for you whether we decide to work together or not. Contact me here if you’d like to: Connect With the Bliss Resonance

I will get back to you but please be sure to check your filtered mail as my email may get placed in your junk mailbox.

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Dreaming of Turtles

A reader, whom I will refer to as Tiffany, shared a “turtle” dream that she recently had. I’d like to share it here, with some of my own thoughts. Considering how many responses I’ve gotten from my post, “Turtle Energy – Ancient Origins” it would seem that many people are having turtle dreams.

Turtle Medicine

“I dreamt I was on a station bike in the back of a yard that presumes to be mine and a few feet ahead is like a vast water like the sea but it was of no waves.. as when I looked over I saw straight through to the bottom. It’s very clear and everything looked beautiful the colors it was like watching a magazine under water reef… but what stood out was a large turtle in a still motion with huge eyes beaming right at me that gave me creeps.. so while I was on this station bike, my 4year old old that I love so much was playing near the edge.. and I was telling him move away before he falls in as he cannot swim and he was provoking me as he did it even more putting his feet near the edge and grinning… so then I stay on the bike and started shouting for his dad who was somewhere but not seen to tell him come get Asher before he falls but he didn’t and I woke up..”

Thanks for sharing your dream Tiffany. Here’s the sense I get from it…and please understand that this is just my interpretation from what I get from the symbols and archetypes as they showed up in your dream.

To me the “backyard” represents the parts of yourself not seen by others…and it would make sense that the “vast water like the sea” is your inner life (emotions, feelings, fears, etc.).

You were able to see “straight through to the bottom” of the “vast water” which was “very clear and everything looked beautiful…” which seems to represent your infinite potential (for love, beauty, wisdom, etc.).

Your being on the “station bike” (stationary bike?) seems to represent that part of you that perhaps feels is doing a lot of work but not going anywhere (stationary). Your “child” that you “love so much” was “playing near the edge” represents the child within you that you want to protect from the depths of your infinite potential, as it is scary, too wide, too big, as represented by the “large turtle” with “huge eyes.”

Now your feelings are key here. You wrote “gave me creeps…” Was the feeling dark/forboding, menacing?

I know from my own dreams that when something gives me the “creeps,” there is usually an entity or menacing spirit-type of intrusion. However, when I have vast water dreams, to me it can oftentimes be scary in the sense of too big, wide, vast…never creepy.

If your feelings were “creepy” then it would be helpful to “clear” yourself of dirty or unclean energies, using whatever prayers/rituals that make sense to you, Call in your animal protectors, angelic guides, etc. Smudge yourself with sage, command any unclean, heavy or dark energies to be released to the light.

Anyway, hope this helps!

I seek to connect with those who, like me, feel they have been “charged” to hold and ground the Bliss Resonance for Mother Earth. Please contact me if you’d like to experience the ecstatic current in the spine. It is a free session that will be of great benefit for you whether we decide to work together or not. Contact me here if you’d like to: Connect With the Bliss Resonance

I will get back to you but please be sure to check your filtered mail as my email may get placed in your junk mailbox.


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Third Eye Opening Symptoms


When entering the visionary state (third eye opening), a very wide range of dimensions/realms become available to our awareness, some that are beatific beyond imagination, along with demonically horrid ones as well.

In the beginning, when entering those realms, we do not necessarily know how to navigate those worlds. Dark, negative entities can be quite intrusive and “in your face” so-to-speak. Our “toolbox” of spiritual techniques that we’ve gathered in our daily, 3d lives, help us to a certain degree when entering the visionary state, but cannot prepare us fully for the actual entry into those realms.

There have been times when I’ve been totally freaked out by the hideous places and beings that intruded into my consciousness. It seems to me that in order to ascend to the higher states of Being/Awareness, one must also pass through a kind of “Dark night of the Soul” realm of utter darkness, horror, etc.

As much as I’ve made intention to go straight to the light/love/higher vibration, it seems that I still had to go through the darker realms…as though it was a kind of “rite of passage.”

Note: Most of the demons/entities do not have so much power. All it takes is to keep the attention at the spiritual eye/light. However, there are certain very powerful demons/entities that seem to have the power to extract our memory of calling for the help of our Higher Self, Angelic Guides, Spirit, etc. This is where Grace comes in.

Our Spirit protectors come to our aid when we have lost ourselves to these very powerful entities. Having the experience of this level of Grace gives us a depth of gratitude for the gifts of love that we have been given in our lives. To experience the dimension of utter darkness and horror…and then to realize the gift and light of love that are embedded in our Beings brings such a depth of gratitude that I don’t think I could have realized/felt in any other way!

Meditation is not the problem! Opening the Spiritual Eye/third eye is not the problem! I do understand though, how one might construe the practice of meditation and the opening of the third eye as the cause of such horrific experiences and visions.

To me, it would be such a sad loss of spiritual opportunity to shut down the spiritual eye out of fear of the darker realms. But again, I do understand why one would want to do so. There is a kind of security in the “bandwidth” of our familiar human dimension. The realms that open up through the spiritual eye are unfamiliar and in the beginning we just do not know of to navigate through the darker realms.

Just a little bit of experience in these unfamiliar dimensions is all that is necessary to move past these unwanted intrusions. Learning seems to happen quickly, to not dally or focus upon the dark.

Again, in the higher realms, the intrusions cease. Spiders, demons, scenes of torture, getting jumped on and tortured, etc….these seem to be last gasp efforts of the satanic forces to keep us from entering the higher realms, which is SOOO close when the spiritual eye is opened.

In the higher realms, the actual Divine Christ Light/Consciousness, the Divine Mother/Father is infinitely and sublimely beyond what we can ever imagine when in the density of our rational, human, egoic consciousness!

I seek to connect with those who, like me, feel they have been “charged” to hold and ground the Bliss Resonance for Mother Earth. Please contact me if you’d like to experience the ecstatic current in the spine. It is a free session that will be of great benefit for you whether we decide to work together or not. Contact me here if you’d like to: Connect With the Bliss Resonance

I will get back to you but please be sure to check your filtered mail as my email may get placed in your junk mailbox.

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Spirit Guides, Animal Totems – Are They Real?


Spirit guides, Animal Totems, I think they’re all imaginary, but that’s not to say that the objects of the imagination are not “real.” They’re just vibrating at different frequencies, perhaps not within the “bandwidth” that our bodies reside in nor within the range of our normal waking state.

In this way of thinking, all thoughts and objects of our imagination can be thought of as “real” from an energetic perspective. I guess the important consideration is whether or not they have the power and consciousness to uplift and help us…I certainly know from my own experience that certain thoughts have the power to hurt/harm.

For example, if I relive a memory of a past hurt, be it physical or emotional, I can feel the unpleasantness and hurt in my body and emotions as long as I hold onto the memories. It makes sense to not hold onto such memories. However, it’s not so easy to tell myself, “Stop the memories! Stop thinking about what happened years ago!”

Also, perhaps you know how trauma can get so embedded in the body and psyche they seem to assume a life of their own in the body/mind…long after the initial traumatizing event!

Back to the question, “Are Spirit Guides and Animal Totems real?” To me the question is a little “off-mark” because it can get as messy and convoluted as the question, “What is Truth?” …which to me is not as interesting as, “What is true to me…and what is true to you?”Or, in another way, “What is real to me…and what is real to you?

We can bring in the words of science and/or the words of scripture to support or even be the gatekeepers for what we believe to be true and real for us…but I think, for me, it comes down to the question, “Is it real for me?” In the sense of “Does it uplift/help, or hurt/harm?”

Are Spirit Guides and Animal Totems/Spirits real to me? Have they helped me? Yes and yes! But I suppose their “realness” may not be as important so long as I feel guided and protected by their presence in my life.

If there ever comes a time when I no longer feel their help and presence in my life, then I can imagine that their “realness” to me will also fade away.

I seek to connect with those who, like me, feel they have been “charged” to hold and ground the Bliss Resonance for Mother Earth. Please contact me if you’d like to experience the ecstatic current in the spine. It is a free session that will be of great benefit for you whether we decide to work together or not. Contact me here if you’d like to: Connect With the Bliss Resonance

I will get back to you but please be sure to check your filtered mail as my email may get placed in your spam mailbox.

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Animal Totems – Feather Energy

Hawk Feather I found on my balcony

Hawk Feather I found on my balcony

For the past two weeks or so, while out for my walk, bird feathers have unexpectedly shown up along the way. Mostly crow feathers, but over the weekend, while walking along the beach, I found two pelican feathers, beautiful plumes 14 inches long!

Pelican feathers found at beach

Pelican feathers found at beach

Whenever certain patterns repeat themselves to me that are somewhat out of the ordinary, I take notice and listen on the inside that I might feel the vibration of what is calling my attention over and over again.

Pelicans in flight over beach in Half Moon Bay

Bird energy seems to be calling to me, and recently I started to collect the feathers as they seem to fairly shout for my attention. Yesterday, I saw a blue heron, the second one within a couple months time. They are stately birds, breathtakingly beautiful!

Blue Heron in Long Beach, CA from Reef Restaurant

Dear Higher Self, why the special preponderance of feathers and special birds at this time?

The feathers are like sensitive wands that can be used to gather the finest impressions of vibrations around and within your body. Just as birds are extremely sensitive creatures, their feathers also pick up the most subtle of energies. As you hold them in your hands, they can be used to not only gather energy but to also project thoughts and intentions. The feathers are showing up as a way to show the pathways of inner flight. They come to you unbidden and unlooked for and yet arouse a sense of awe and reverence for the wonder that they represent. Like the noble Blue Heron, learn to be still and receive the vibrations of all elements of Nature.

Beauty enfolds you in Her wings of dark mystery! Receive and listen to the song of Her flight within your heart. Can you hear the crow in the distant reaches of your imagination? Listen to her now, feisty and playful; versed in the art of trickery and transformation. She is placing feathers upon your path that you might understand the mystical path of vibration and song that you walk. Listen to and experience the connection that you have with all the Earth’s elements! They convey so much to anyone who would take the time to listen. Listen not only with your ears but with all the sensitivity of your finest awareness.

You are surrounded by an aura of light and sound, like feathers dancing in dynamic interplay with the body. And the body is far larger than what the limiting thoughts believe it to be. The eyes “see” it circumscribed and limited by a certain form that you have grown accustomed to; and yet if you close the eyes and “feel” deeply within, it is easy to experience consciousness far beyond the boundaries of physical form. You are that energy, expanded through all space!

As you go for a walk, or sit at your desk, feel the energy component of your consciousness, far beyond the form of the body. How wonderful it is to feel that sense of expansion, as though you had long feathers of light touching and connecting with all Nature! No longer circumscribed by limiting thoughts, you can float with the clouds or soar with the birds through the freedom of skies, unencumbered by beliefs of limitation!

White Egret at Shoreline Sanctuary


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Lizard Energy – Learning to Be Still With Awareness

Messages from the Lizard

Yesterday, Patty and I saw a beautiful lizard outside near our stairs. As always, whenever we see certain types of creatures, we stop what we are doing at the moment to be still and to receive the beauty that is offered. The lizard was around 12 inches long with magnificent markings. It stayed long enough that I was able to get quite close to take pictures of it and to receive whatever messages it wished to impart:

“I am the spiraling energy within that is awake and ready to propel you forward to manifest the dreams you have for this life. I come to remind you to take time to rest in stillness while observing all things within and without; and then to connect with the earthen energies when it is time to move and act. Connect your intentions to the “serpent” of electricity as it moves through your body, that your dreams gain in power and velocity! Can you feel the coiling motions within?

Messages from the Lizard

“I come to remind you of this power. Spiral energies, like the overtones that ring out from your voice can be embedded within your intentions and dreams. Explore the use of overtones as a way to generate great powers of manifestation. Use this energy as a way to focus and project. When you learn to feel the subtle energies within your heart and spine, you will then know how to shift your awareness to flow with the vibrations that permeate every part of Creation.

Messages from the Lizard

Lizard energy, when in its natural habitat, blends in easily and can remain still for long periods of time as it observes the world. Sometimes it will sleep and dream, believing itself unseen and unheard, when in fact it is being observed by friends and foe alike, as its power to blend into the background depends upon its ability to choose its place of rest wisely.

Lizard’s message to you is to embrace the power of your path, of the gifts you were meant to manifest on earth. Be like the Lizard that rests in its power, at one with the environment, observing all things from the vantage point of its deep connection to the Earth. When Lizard shows itself, it is a reminder for you to learn the art of inner stillness, to observe with calmness the lake of Consciousness. Lizard energy reminds you to know your environment, to know friends and foe, to understand the paths that are open and accepting of your gifts and to also know when to scurry away from minds and environments that are not yet friendly to your gifts.

Yesterday, Lizard came out to show you the beauty of its presence, to reveal its power to dream and observe from the perspective of stillness. And yet from stillness it is able to move quickly in waves and spirals to disappear once again into the Earth from whence it came.

Lizard is asking you to connect with the spiraling earth energies that can help you move in all dimensions without fear, without harm.


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Turtle Energy – Ancient Origins

Had dreams about turtles. Dear Higher Self, what is the significance of these dream? They were trying to bite me!

Turtle energy is deeply connected with ancient Earth energies and is “biting” to get your attention. Consider what Turtle energy represents: ancient and long-lived, Turtle represents wisdom of ancient origin. The hard shell of Turtle houses the Earth energies, the powers that are timeless and steady. Turtle is expert in stillness and breathlessness. It goes at its own pace.

Turtle wants you to know that it is ok to slow down, to take time to meditate, to set aside for awhile the work you do in the world. Like Turtle, you go at your own pace. Turtle asks you to be patient. It “bites” you so that you might awaken to your own nature. Slow down and listen to the breath of Turtle. It is gentle and deep. Follow Turtle to its home in Mother Earth.

When Turtle energy comes to you in dreams, it does so to remind you to seek the depths of the creative ocean. You are not meant to remain on the surface, getting battered by waves of worry and grappling endlessly with the drama of survival. You have gifts beneath the hard shell of protection that encases your heart. Release your heart by listening to the ocean that Turtle swims in. Listen and receive…

You have been like Turtle that has been on its back, unable to free yourself from a self-created prison of limiting beliefs and narrow assumptions about unfortunate “circumstances.” And you even feared the tidal waves fast approaching that you believed would dash you on the hard rocks of a world that seems so harsh…and yet the waves come as a way to free you from the stranglehold of thoughts, to awaken you to the depths of the Creative Ocean where you belong…

The Ocean is rising not to destroy, but to remind…


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