Reverberations of the Underlying Bliss Resonance, Part VI

When the underlying Bliss Resonance begins to bubble up in the energetic field of the body, the sensations that are created draws the attention deeply within…if you choose to follow the pathway of subtle vibrations that open up.

The Bliss Resonance is an oceanic reverberation that comes first as an intimation of something vast and mysterious…like a most subtle rumbling beneath the feet. At this point, however, the mind is simply not yet familiar with and perhaps unwilling to feel into vibrations that are so subtle!

What I believe happens is that the habitual patterns of mind keep the focus of attention tied up with distractions of memories, desires, judgements, past hurts, fears, etc. It is not yet accustomed to intentionally feeling into the fine waves of vibrations that move in the energetic field of the body.

When you make up your mind to turn the attention onto the overall sensation of the body…with intention to feel into subtle vibrations, there is a natural uplift of energies that initially imparts a gentle “feel-good” sensation.

No matter how subtle and barely noticeable this initial “feel-good” sensation might be, it is important to latch onto and “hold” with ever-deepening attention to the subtlety of the sensation.

When you consciously recognize this subtle “feel-good” sensation, you will understand that this represents the beginning of a very different relationship with your “Life Force” and the underlying Bliss Resonance!

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