Reverberations of the Underlying Bliss Resonance, Part V

When feeling into the overall vibration of the body, you may notice how the focus of  mind flits back and forth, between thoughts and feelings…and a combination of both.

Something I notice during periods of meditation is that the deeper I feel into the fine vibrations of the body, the more there seems to arise a primal “bubbling up” of what at first creates a “feel-good” sensation in the body (and especially in the spine).

This “feel-good” sensation has a way of focusing the mind. Perhaps it is not so much a focusing of mind as it is that the thinking, analytical mind is rendered inactive (or less active). For moments at a time, the mind does not flit around like it is normally accustomed to doing.

The sensation “captures” or “holds” the mind, as though in an energetic “vice-grip.” During such moments, the energy is felt like a current that moves the body spontaneously into certain dynamic postures…and these postures create what I refer to as “contortion energy,” delicious sensations that draw the mind ever-deeper.

The contortion energy, the awakening Kundalini, is the body’s response when attuning with the underlying Bliss Resonance.

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