Reverberations of the Underlying Bliss Resonance, Part IV

Connecting with the “resonance of bliss” is a feeling experience, a refining process that transforms coarse vibrations into finer and finer sensations. The inner focus of mind happens naturally as you feel into the overall sensation of the body. The process is helped immensely by feeling into the posture of the erect spine.

When the antennae of the heart (of feelings) is finely tuned to subtle vibrations, it is through the subtlety that the wider field of the Bliss Resonance begins to percolate up in the awareness.

Usually when sitting, as during meditation practice, we do not think of or consider all that is involved in keeping the body balanced, with spine erect. It takes the muscles, nervous system, life force, etc. all working together to maintain balance.

Although subtle, there is an overall sensation of the body seated in meditation posture. It is subtle only because we take it for granted and usually do not consider feeling into the play of life force that holds the body in place while seated.

When you take the time to feel into the body while seated, the sensations are hardly subtle. The sensations are easy enough to feel because the flow of energy in certain muscle groups that are required to hold the body erect in seated posture creates vibration….which in turn creates sensation.

My suggestion here is to feel into the overall sensation of the body instead of any specific sensation. The purpose of this is to feel the overall vibration or resonance of the body…which allows you to more easily feel and connect with the underlying Bliss Resonance!

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