Reverberations of the Underlying Bliss Resonance, Part III

When sitting erect with spine straight, as in meditation practice, notice what happens to the mind’s center of focus. In my experience, there is a “lifting up” sensation that includes the lifting up of the mind. This is all very subtle, but the sensation that occurs when straightening the spine seems to also push the mind upwards.

This lifting up of the mind has a way of focusing the attention at the crown area and spiritual eye. Although this sensation is subtle, it is worth exploring because of the focus of mind that can occur as a result of this uplift of energy/life force.

To me it feels like the focus of mind is “held” in place, as though gripped by the tension of energy that is pushed upwards by the energy that it takes to keep the spine erect.

It seems that it is the sensation of the tension that holds or focuses the mind. If this does not make sense, it is helpful to slightly exaggerate the lifting up of the spine, while feeling deeply into the subtle sensations created. Now, if you hold the gentle to moderate tension long enough, the sensation created in the body is easy enough to feel.

As you feel into the sensation deeply enough, you may notice the “feel-good” sensation rising up in the awareness…and this is the particular sensation that seems to have the power to hold the mind’s focus. It is also this sensation that draws the mind deeper and deeper to what feels like “Center.”

Ultimately, maintaining visceral connection with this “feel-good” sensation creates a dynamic relationship with your experience of “Center,” or “Central Core” of Being.

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  1. I enjoy this sensation of the alignment of spine and mind. I do it often throughout the day using belly breaths to center me.

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