Reverberations of the Underlying Bliss Resonance, Part II

When you are feeling into finer and finer sensations that reverberate in the central channel of the spine, you may notice how the mind becomes deeply poised upon a most delicate balance point, listening and feeling to the finest vibrations of sound and sensation!

When the body and mind are inwardly directed and “poised” upon the finer nuances of sensations, the consciousness is then primed to go deeper yet into the subtle realms, called by the intimations and echoes of the vastly wider and oceanic Bliss Resonance!

The Bliss Resonance comes at first as an intimation…like listening to the beautiful strains of a song played in the far distance… like enjoying the atoms of a most subtle fragrance wafting in the air from a garden far away!

I believe that the body and nervous system are uniquely equipped to connect with the finest vibrations, echoes and reverberations of the Life Force that flows through the energetic field of consciousness.

It seems to require a shift in our feeling perspective. From outward focused feelings to inward focused feelings. From feelings that focus upon density (of body and emotions) to feelings that focus upon subtlety (of intuition and intimations).

As I’ve mentioned before, it is not difficult to experience the fine vibrations/sensations that bubble up in the channel of the spine and elsewhere in the body. However, when the “antennae” of your feelings are open wide enough, you will then be receptive to the deeper resonance that comes first through intuition and “intimations,” the experience of the “soundless sound!”

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