Reverberations of the Underlying Bliss Resonance, Part I

Cosmic Mother II, art by Bruce Manaka

Cosmic Mother II, art by Bruce Manaka

When feeling into the overall sensation of the body, while holding intention to connect with finer and finer vibrations, the mind goes deeper and deeper into what may feel like the central core or channel of the spine.

This process is simple enough in that it just requires what you are already familiar with: your feelings. The crux of the process though is in feeling just the vibrations…while relaxing the thinking, analytical mind.

In other words: feeling the subtle sensations without the distracting currents of thoughts, memories, etc. This need not be perfectly done…just enough to get moments of sensations/vibrations minus the “bouncing around” of thoughts and memories.

Someone recently remarked to me that she was still not able to feel the “subtle currents” in the spine. She understood well enough the concepts of being in the moment, feeling subtle sensations, spinal currents, Kundalini, etc.

Now, when I asked her what she experienced when she relaxed and felt deeply into her body, into the overall sensation of “Being,” she said she was able to feel a vibration, “like a buzzing.”

However, beyond that, she could not seem to go deeper. I mentioned to her that using the same process that led to her experience of the “buzzing” would lead to a deeper and deeper connection with the vastly wider and transformative “Bliss Resonance.”

In other words, by feeling slightly below the surface of what you feel in the moment and then continuing the process of going “slightly deeper,” you will inevitably come to experience sensations that are below the range of familiar vibrations/sensations.

Once you “get” how simple the process truly is, your visceral experience of feeling into sensations that you would normally not pay much attention to creates an open invitation for you to explore ever-more deeply.

Also, when the “antennae” of your feelings begin to tune into finer and finer vibrations, you will also receive intimations of a vastly wider resonance that seems to reverberate just below the surface of what you are experiencing in the moment.

This reverberation is the underlying Bliss Resonance!

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