Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part XV

There are many subtle sensations connected with the breath. For example, take a deep breath, exhale and keep the breath out until you begin to feel a slight discomfort. Breathe in deeply and feel the relaxation and relief that comes over the body.

Notice that the visceral experience of relaxation and relief can be followed deep into what may feel like the areas of the gut and spine. Understand that the whole purpose of this exercise is to connect you with finer and finer waves of sensations…which, through resonance, connects you with the underlying and primal Bliss Vibration!

As you begin to tune into and familiarize yourself with the inward focus on these subtle sensations, you may first notice gut feelings, intestinal sensations, perhaps similar to giddiness.

As you continue to deeply feel into these pulsating, shivering vibrations, they will guide you to what feels like an exquisitely fine “thread” of sensations vibrating deliciously in the centermost channel of the spine!

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