Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part XIV

There are so many “entry points” for connecting/feeling into subtle energies sourced in the central core of the body (especially in the spine). Once you notice and acknowledge that you can and are able to direct and hold your attention on finer and finer sensations, then you will be surprised at how close and accessible these subtle energies have always been.

You will understand that there are no insignificant sensations, for they can all connect you with the finer sensations just underneath them. However, there are some particular sensations that I believe can more quickly impart the experience of what I write.

For example, the next time you find yourself laughing over something that hits your “funny bone,” feel deeply into the overall sensation of the body, the reverberations of what is activating you to laugh. Feel and follow to its source the subtle vibrations moving through the body.

By tuning into and following sensations to finer and finer subtlety, you may find how every sensation is connected with a wider underlying vibration or resonance…and these underlying vibrations have a corresponding sensation that feels vastly wider and more expansive than the superficial “entry point “ sensation.

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