Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part XIII

“Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance” refers to the play of Life Force (the awakening Kundalini) in the body, especially in the central core of the spine. As you feel deeper and deeper into subtle sensations, the mind begins to quiet down and the focus on subtlety allows the underlying field of the Bliss Resonance to begin percolating up into the awareness.

This “bubbling up” of the Bliss Resonance creates a buildup of energy/life force that feels like (at least to me) a kind of giddiness. Now, it seems that the deeper you feel into subtlety, the more the buildup of energy occurs in the body…and when this buildup reaches a certain threshold, the body begins to shake and move as a way to manage the overflow of energies.

In the beginning, the energy buildup can be too much for the body and nervous system to handle gracefully. In other words, there might be some flailing and ungraceful contortions of the body.

However, as the body and nervous system grow in strength and capacity, the movements become more and more graceful. The body, mind and Life Force learn to dance together, surrendered to the lead of the Cosmic Dancer, the Awakened Kundalini!

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