Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part XII

There is no difficulty in feeling into finer and finer sensations. It just requires a slight shift in perspective, one that feels into the “overall” sensation of the body.

Of course it is fine to start with feeling into isolated areas of the body, such as the hands, feet, stomach, heart, etc. As I’ve suggested before, if you clap your hands loudly and then place them on your lap palms up, you can quickly understand and “get” what it means to follow sensations to deeper and deeper levels of subtlety.

The initial strong vibrations begin to slowly fade, but you will notice that you can continue to feel the vibrations going on and on, pretty much indefinitely. Now, this is where the mind might chime in with “So what, big deal!” It resists going deeper because of its habitual patterns of connecting outwardly with the dense and obvious vibrations (thoughts, memories, desires, etc.) in its familiar environment.

My suggestion here is to take notice of the subtle “feel-good” sensations that are very close when your mind is inwardly focused. These sensations might initially be small like a “grain of sand,” but nevertheless accessible when the “antennae” of your feelings are relaxed and inwardly focused.

For example, tense the entire body, take a deep breath, hold the breath and tension for a few counts, then exhale and relax the body. Notice that in exhaling and releasing tension in the body, there is a subtle but pleasant sensation involved…a “feel-good” sensation!

By following,/tracking this “feel-good” sensation to deeper and deeper levels of subtlety, you will experience and “get” its connection with the underlying field of the Bliss Resonance!

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