Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part XI

The overall sensation of the body, when followed to its subtle reverberation in the spine, is the Life Force, the awakening Kundalini.

I find that there is an interesting paradox when it comes to Kundalini, especially in terms of its connection with “subtle” sensations. What I mean by this is that it confounds the mind that sensations so subtle can have such strong effect on the body, mind and psyche!

To me, the paradox of Kundalini is the mystery of how such power, beauty and bliss can be “squeezed” through what seems to be a microscopically thin “thread” of sensation vibrating in the spine!

When Kundalini is active in the body, the effects are hardly subtle. Initially, the body may writhe and shake uncontrollably, as the nervous system is not yet able to accommodate the “voltage” of what flows through. As the body and nervous system grow in capacity and strength, the expression of Kundalini through the body becomes more graceful and dance-like.

In this “dance” with Kundalini, the mind is not so active but rather in neutral, observation mode. The sensitivity and attunement with the underlying vibration of Kundalini is at the fore of awareness. The mind is either in the state of “no-thought” or in observer mode that dispassionately watches the coming and going of thoughts, as from a distance.

The experience of “no-thought” is not a mentally “blank” state but rather a most delicate attunement with the feeling state of the “Bliss Resonance.” The Bliss Resonance is the underlying vibration, the overall sensation, the “resonance” of all that you feel in the moment.

It is the delicate sensation of Bliss that begins to percolate up into your experience the more you simply allow yourselves to feel the overall sensation of the moment.

Initially the feeling may be a pleasant “feel-good” sensation that is gently uplifting. It is important to understand and acknowledge the significance of this initial point of connection. The subtlety of the experience represents an entry point that allows you to go deeper and deeper into the Bliss Resonance.

Although the initial experience may be subtle, it is in the subtlety of vibration wherein lies deeper and deeper connection and attunement with the Bliss Resonance!

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