Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part VIII

Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, artwork by Bruce Manaka

Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, artwork by Bruce Manaka

I think of the “Cosmic Dance” as a play with subtle sensations that are always accessible when we allow ourselves to shift to the mindset that allows that there are no insignificant sensations.

With this shift in perspective, the awareness is then opened to infinitely fine nuances of vibrations that move through the body in waves, pulsations, reverberations, etc.

Again, these sensations are not difficult to feel. I believe the main “hurdle” is in the mind’s habit of discounting and ignoring what it may deem to be insignificant…unworthy of exploring. In other words, what value/purpose in exploring subtle sensations/vibrations?

The mind will do what it is “patterned” to do, to judge, define and assign relative value to all things in its environment. Why would it want to pay attention to what may seem insignificant, mundane?

My suggestion here is that, when simply feeling into finer and finer vibrations, it is fairly easy to experience what I’ve referred to earlier as the “feel-good” sensation. Initially this is very subtle, but still easy to feel. As you focus upon this subtle sensation, notice how the mind shifts, begins to quiet down.

The mind goes into “Observer/Witness” mode and the experience of the overall sensation of the body begins to feel wider and wider as the underlying Bliss Resonance begins to percolate up in your awareness.

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