Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part VII

The focus of mind upon subtle sensations is like holding to a delicate “thread” of vibration. This “thread” creates a fine tension in the body that can be tracked to what may feel like “center,” or the central channel of the spine.

For me, the sensation of “giddiness” comes fairly close in describing the vibration…a gentle, subtle giddiness moving deliciously, like strands of silk being pulled through the spine!

It is an activating sensation sourced not in any coarse, outer stimulation, but rather in an inwardly focused attention that connects with finer and finer “currents” and “waves” of subtle sensations (the awakening Kundalini).

What I believe happens is that as the attention is inwardly focused upon fine vibrations, at a certain point, the awareness connects with the expansiveness of the inwardly directed mind…like stepping into the “slip-stream” of the Bliss Resonance that begins to percolate up in awareness the more we feel into subtlety!

The giddiness part occurs as a result of the buildup of energy (Life Force) in response to the body’s connection with the bubbling up of the Bliss Resonance. As mentioned before, initially the Bliss Resonance may be experienced as a gentle “feel-good” sensation in the spine and rest of the body.

With greater sensitivity to these subtle sensations, you might notice that the body intuitively knows how to adjust to the buildup of the Life Force in the spine and body through “micro-movements” and certain postures. These “adjustments” happen naturally and spontaneously.

At this point you will understand that what you might be experiencing as giddiness is the energy that is prompting you to adjust the body in micro-movements. The play of subtlety has begun! You have entered the realm of the Cosmic Dance!

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