Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part VI

Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Artwork by Bruce Manaka

Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Artwork by Bruce Manaka

When the Bliss Resonance begins to “bleed through” in your growing sensitivity to subtle sensations, at first the feeling may be a simple “feel good” experience. I mention this because the mind can easily get in the way with its expectations, beliefs and assumptions around the concept of “Bliss Resonance.”

The mind, in seeking and expecting the big experiences of Bliss, Samadhi, Satori, etc., will most likely miss the infinitely subtle reverberations that are entry points to the wider experience that the soul longs for.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, these “infinitely subtle reverberations” are easy enough to feel, but the mind may balk at the idea of feeling into sensations that it considers mundane and inconsequential.

The suggestion here is to simply feel the overall sensation of all that you feel in the moment, with intention to follow/track sensations to finer and finer subtlety. Understand that any resistance of the mind to simply feel in the moment will keep the mind on the surface, easily distracted by thoughts, memories and desires.

However, by going even slightly below superficial sensations, you may notice how the mind can be held in place by its focus on subtle vibrations. Although fleeting, the experience conveys the power of the feeling state (not emotions) to hold the mind in one-pointed focus.

The perspective changes from mind-centered to feeling-centered. As you go deeper into subtle sensations, this is where the “bleed-through” of the Bliss Resonance can be experienced.

It seems that by simply feeling into the fine vibrations/sensations of the body, the awareness tunes into the exquisitely subtle current of the Bliss Resonance, which is the primal/foundational vibration that permeates and surrounds the field of the body!

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