Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part V

Spirit Elephant - Artwork by Bruce Manaka

Spirit Elephant – Artwork by Bruce Manaka

Again, there are no insignificant sensations when it comes to the approach of following vibrations that move through the body. Every breath (the inhale and exhale), every movement, posture, body function, yawning, stretching, etc., all create subtle sensations in the body that can be followed/tracked to finer and finer points of visceral experience.

Allowing yourselves to feel deeper and deeper into these seemingly mundane functions of the body requires a shift in perspective that moves away from mind-centered to feeling-centered.

When feeling deeper and deeper into any sensation, the natural “direction” of awareness is towards the wider “field” of vibration/sensation. For example, upon awakening in the morning, as you yawn and stretch the body, the reverberations of the yawn continue on long afterwards.

Now, as you continue tracking sensations to finer and finer subtlety, notice the wider expanse of the underlying (or overall) vibration of the body. Understand that following subtlety opens the awareness to wider and wider vibratory fields!

At first, the mind may distract you away from going deeper into subtlety, but as you become more familiar with the “dance” of subtle vibrations in the body, you will find your awareness “held” for longer and longer periods by what begins to “bleed through”: the Bliss Resonance!

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