Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part IV

Feeling into the overall resonance/vibration of the body takes you to the threshold leading to the vast and oceanic Bliss Resonance. As I’ve mentioned many times before, it is easy enough to feel subtle vibrations/sensations in the body.

Connecting with the “Bliss Resonance” requires going slightly deeper, tuning into what, to me, sounds and feels like the distant humming or buzzing of a beehive…a gentle rumbling of sorts.

An important point here is that this “rumbling” is very quiet at first, more like an intimation of a vast inner space. I reiterate this because it is easy for the mind to seek and expect the large, “big bang” kind experience.

However, when feeling into subtle sensations, the suggestion here is to tune into the finest and usually ignored sensations that vibrate on the farthest periphery of awareness. This is not difficult…it just requires a shift in how we feel into our bodies, a different mindset regarding sensations that we normally do not pay much attention to.

I believe one of the most important mindset shifts is this: There are no insignificant sensations! Any sensation, when felt and tracked to its underlying resonance, can take you beyond the threshold of familiar vibrations, connecting you with the infinitely subtle and yet primal Bliss Resonance!

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