Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part III

Just below the surface of familiar sensations, there is a subtle “feel good” sensation, easily overlooked and usually not given much attention. However, when focused upon and simply felt for the fine vibration/sensation that it is, you may initially receive intimations of its connection with the underlying and wider energetic field (the Bliss Resonance) that surrounds and permeates the body.

At first this connection imparts a subtle uplifting sensation, perhaps akin to feelings of giddiness. Again, these feelings, although easily felt, can just as easily be dismissed by the mind that does not wish to explore such subtle and seemingly “inconsequential” vibrations.

My suggestion here is to explore these fine sensations while noticing how they affect the body and mind. At first you may feel a sense of relaxation, which has a component of the “feel good” vibration. By going slightly deeper and holding to that fine thread of sensation, that is where you will find yourself in resonance with the current of the underlying Bliss Vibration!

Understand that this subtle and delicate experience of upliftment is connected with the wider and more expansive “Bliss Resonance,” which at first may seem like an underground reverberation intimating of some cavernous space within!

With greater sensitivity to and exploration of these subtle sensations, you will find more and more a kind of “bleed through” of the Bliss Resonance into the energetic field of the body.

As you learn to “track” and “fine-tune” your feeling connections, at some point there is an inner “aha!” acknowledgement of how close you are and always have been to the oceanic Bliss Resonance!

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