Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance, Part I

Dragonfly Dance - Live in Peace, Artwork by Bruce Manaka

Dragonfly Dance – Live in Peace, Artwork by Bruce Manaka

—Feeling into the overall vibration of the body allows an opening or invitation for you to connect with the underlying “Hum” of the body. This “Hum” also refers to the “Om Vibration” that surrounds and permeates the energetic field of the body.

The overall vibration of the body is easy enough to feel. Tuning into the Om Vibration requires going deeper into the subtlety of vibration, where the “Bliss Resonance” can be connected with.

Initially the Bliss Resonance is a subtle “feel good,” pleasurable sensation, felt deep in the central core of the body/spine. For me, this resonance is just below the overall vibration or “Hum” of the body.

In feeling the overall sensation of the body, it is just a matter of feeling slightly deeper/wider. You may then notice a subtle, gentle “feel good” sensation rising up in your awareness. Again, very subtle at first.

It is important to acknowledge, to lock into your awareness, the subtlety of this sensation that has come into your consciousness. With this awareness, the invitation of the Bliss Resonance is to surrender to the lead of the Cosmic Dancer!

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