Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part XVI

Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance - Artwork by Bruce Manaka

Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance – Artwork by Bruce Manaka

Surrendering to the Cosmic Dance

In learning to focus the mind for deeper meditation, there is a dynamic interplay of mind that occurs with the Life Force. I think of the Life Force as the underlying “Hum” or resonance of the body.

Another way of describing this process is that when the attention is placed on the overall sensation of the body, the mind is given an “opening” or invitation to follow the sensation to finer and finer points of subtlety.

The mind and body then goes deeper and deeper into meditative “swoon,” or connection with the Bliss Resonance. In the beginning, the Bliss Resonance is quite subtle, like drawing closer and closer to a rose garden…at first receiving only intimations and wisps of the sweet fragrances.

However, as you learn to navigate and feel deeper and deeper into subtle sensations, you may notice how the mind and body are affected by the “intimations” and “wisps” of the fine vibrations.

Please understand that you all have the ability to feel into exceedingly fine vibrations. It just requires that you allow yourselves to feel below the surface of familiar sensations…and then continuing to feel deeper and deeper.

In my experience, the process is very much like like learning to dance…surrendering to the lead of the fine, subtle and magnetic push/pull/play of the Life Force!

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