Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part XIV

Please note that in the approach that I use for focusing the mind for deeper meditation, the sole purpose of using music and dance is to connect with the subtle currents in the spine that are easily felt when they align and move in resonance with the music.

Now, once the connection with the subtle “current” of Life Force (Kundalini) is made, I believe at some point the outer music can be dispensed with. When the inner “current” or “motor” of the Life Force is strong, then you want to feel deeper and deeper into the resonance of the “music” that plays within.

As blissful/pleasurable it is to feel into the subtleties of music/dance, understand that this approach is primarily to “get you through the door” so-to-speak to connect with the subtle currents. Once you are viscerally connected with these currents, then you want to continue refining and distilling your connection with the Life Force.

This is where I believe meditation technique is ultimately (and finally) helpful. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, in my experience, the practice of technique could not bridge the gap for me to connect with the very subtle currents in the spine. However, once the connection was made, then technique helped immensely.

I use the word “technique” loosely, as once the connection is made with Life Force (Kundalini), technique is not so necessary, but it does seem to create a way to “ground” and stabilize the energies that can at times feel too wild, primal and chaotic.

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