Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part XII

Focusing Mind for Deeper Meditation - Art by Bruce Manakas

Focusing Mind for Deeper Meditation – Art by Bruce Manaka

What is this “sublimely delicious” experience that I spoke about in the previous post? I think of it simply as “essence.” It is the subtle vibration that is just below surface sensations of the body.

It is the overall sensation of all that is felt in the moment, a distillation of vibration resolving to a point of subtlety that holds the body/mind/psyche in one-pointed balance with the Bliss Resonance.

Another way of saying this: primal gut/intestinal feelings felt and tracked to the central core of Being. In both descriptions, the important aspect is the process of refining, distilling, going below surface sensations…to the activating “essence” of what flows through the body.

Feeling deeper and deeper into subtlety is the refining process. The body/mind/psyche has the ability to track sensations to deepest points of subtlety. In the process, the awareness becomes exquisitely balanced/poised…as though balanced upon the tip of a needle…or “razor’s edge.”

As I’ve mentioned so many times before, this process is not difficult…no more so than dancing! The crux of the matter, though, is in surrendering to the lead of how the Life Force, the awakening Kundalini, wishes to dance in the body…surrendering to the subtle “nudges” of Kundalini dancing through the body, to the “push/pull” play of energies in the central core of the spine!

My suggestion here is this: you most like already know the enjoyment of dance. A deeper connection with what you already feel can be made with the intention to follow/feel deeper and deeper into subtle sensations of your enjoyment.

In other words, follow the trail of subtlety, below the surface enjoyment of what you already feel. Hold and feel just below the surface…and then go slightly deeper!

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