Focusing the Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part XI

The visceral experience of the awakening Kundalini is very much like a dance, in which we surrender to the “lead” of the Life Force. In this dance, the mind/body/psyche adjust in micro movements as a way to accommodate the buildup and flow of the expanding energies in the spine and rest of the body.

What usually happens when we sit to meditate? With the intention to turn the attention inside, to follow and connect with the subtle sensations, we might feel a sense of peace and relaxation. However, no matter how intently we focus on breath, on stillness, the mind inevitably seems to get distracted by thoughts, desires, memories, etc. And then it falls into subconscious dreams, etc.

What to do to go deeper? Sometimes it just does not occur to us to follow and focus upon the finer and finer sensations in the body.

In the rigid attachment and focus upon sitting still, holding to technique, it can be easy to miss the subtle “nudgings” of the Life Force and how it moves in the body. In a sense, we resist allowing ourselves to be “shaped” or “postured” by the awakening currents, and thus remain disconnected from the deeper resonance of the Life Force.

The mind and body that is in tune with the subtle Kundalini becomes “enraptured” as though electrified. This is a sublimely delicate experience, like balancing on a razor’s edge or tip of a needle. It is not so difficult, it just requires a recognition and focus upon the subtle sensations and connections with the underlying vibration or “Hum” of the body.

In this experience, the mind may continue doing its “thing” of bouncing here and there. However, there will be a perspective of watching the mind, as though from a distance, not getting caught up in any “threads” of memories, thoughts, desires, etc.

It will be more like watching embers rising and fading away from a campfire. The Self will not attach to the rising and fading away of the embers (thoughts). It will just observe/experience.

Again, the mind may continue bouncing around, as it does in “normal” waking consciousness. However, when the consciousness is also connected with the subtle sensations of the underlying “Hum,” the “bouncing” around of the mind is experienced with mental neutrality.

In other words, you do not get caught up in the endless rising and falling of thoughts, memories, desires, etc. What I believe happens is that the visceral connection with the subtle underlying vibration (the Bliss Resonance), has a way of deeply interiorizing the mind…because it is so sublimely delicious!

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