The Paradox of Subtlety—When Kundalini Comes Like a “Thief in the Night” Part III


To me, the “paradox of subtlety” is the mystery of how feeling into barely perceptible sensations can serve as a “doorway” into profoundly blissful states of being.

For example, take a deep breath, tense the muscles of your upper arms for a few seconds…exhale and relax. Feel deeply into the vibration that continues on in the arms. Continue focusing upon the slowly diminishing sensation to finer and finer degrees of subtlety.

Now, if you continue your focus of attention for a number of minutes, you will recognize for yourself that you can “hold” the vibration almost indefinitely, long after the initial tension/relaxation period.

There is a significant point here because it is important to viscerally “get” the experience of your Self as vibration that is innately connected with a vastly wider, underlying vibration.

As you continue feeling the gradually-diminishing vibration moving through your arms, the sensitivity of your inwardly focused mind may discover the energetic connectivity of the arms with your shoulders, with your neck, with the rest of your body.

In other words, as you track vibration to its activating center, you will begin to feel yourself as a vast vibration!

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