Focusing Mind for Deeper Meditation, Part XIII

In any practice of meditation technique, there can be a tendency to miss the very subtle inner “nudges” of how the life force wishes to move in the body…if our focus is rigidly attached to maintaining the form of meditation practice.

For example, many meditation techniques begin with instructions to keep the spine erect and eyes lifted upwards to the point between the eyebrows. Of course there are innumerable variations of practice, that also include certain visualizations, chants, etc.

In our “idealized” thinking, the practice of meditation technique would, little-by-little, step-by-step, connect us with and awaken Kundalini (the dormant primal energy “asleep” at the base of the spine).

However, what technique cannot encompass or explain adequately are the infinite number of finely nuanced inner movements that are activated by the Life Force/Kundalini, when it begins to “awaken.”

Now, in rigid adherence to technique and form, it can be easy to miss the delicate inner movements of Kundalini when She first begins to awaken. It is easy to miss the infinitely nuanced “micro-movements” of how the Life Force wishes to adjust the posture of the erect spine, from moment to moment.

This is an important point here. Technique suggests keeping the spine straight, so that the energy can flow easily in the spine/body. This is wonderful guidance, but when tuning into the “nudges” of Kundalini, we will find ourselves adjusting our posture in extremely fine micro-movements, as a way to accommodate how Kundalini wishes to move in the body.

This is all very subtle but easily accessible when we allow ourselves to feel slightly deeper than what we would normally consider. Here is an explanation of the simple mechanics of this process: feel the overall sensation of the body…feel slightly deeper…and slightly deeper…notice what happens to the body/mind.

In noticing what “happens to the body and mind,” you may get a kind of “snapshot” experience of the “no-thought” state of consciousness. The experience of feeling deeply into sensation has a way of focusing the mind. Very fleeting, but it offers a perspective of your consciousness that you may never have experienced before.

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